Day 368

Wet Weather Discharge Point

January 1st, 2013

As we learned last January:

Most of NYC's sewers are combined sewers, meaning that sewage from buildings and stormwater runoff from the streets are collected together in the same pipes to be carried to the city's wastewater treatment plants. When it rains, however, the increased volume entering the combined sewers can exceed the capacity of the system. To prevent a backup, the excess (including untreated sewage) is dumped directly into various waterways around the city at these discharge points.
This outfall is located, appropriately enough, on Flushing Bay. You can see a boom placed on the water to capture discharged floatables, which primarily consist of street litter that has washed into the sewer system.

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  1. Sandra in Ashland says:

    I sure hope you’re right about the “floatables”…….conjures up some odd visions.

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