Day 51

Correct me if I’m wrong

May 16th, 2010

But doesn't this mean something like "Villa of Sorrows"?


  1. Jonathan says:

    Indeed! “Our Lady of Sorrows” (according to 5 seconds of Googling) was one of the names given to the Virgin Mary. Addolorata Villa was actually the first listing to come up when I searched for Addolorata, and there was a line in there about “life-enriching activities” that I accidentally misread as “heart-wrenching activities.”

  2. Cristian says:

    haha yes indeed it does lol

  3. Carolyn says:

    what? too honest for you?

  4. Rob says:

    Ben Stiller works there, from what I hear. Be careful about complaining, lest you pull landscaping duty.

  5. Jamie says:

    Lol! Of course!

  6. Kenny says:

    You can have a warm glass of shut the hell up! Look at the nametag. You’re in MY world now gramma!!

  7. Beth says:

    i remember when i was about 14, i went to great lakes, illinois for my brother’s graduation from basic training for the navy.. we rented a car. my father who is horrible with directions got lost somewhere and i saw a sign that said, “garden of memories” with this huge stone gate and tons and tons of flowers. it was really pretty. then i realized it was a cemetary.

  8. Eleonor says:

    No, not in spanish at least… I think in italian it does, anyway…

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