Day 112

My Hutterite hosts

July 16th, 2010

I spent last night at a Hutterite colony named King Colony. I believe there are currently 57 people living there, after their latest split sent half of the group to Roundup (once the population reaches a certain limit, the colony splits and one group moves to a new location). They were very friendly and welcoming, and Anna (right) and her daughter Lori took good care of me, making breakfast and packing me a bunch of snacks for the road.


  1. Kevin from NC says:

    We do live in a great country, don’t we?

  2. Chaser1 says:

    That’s awesome. For those who don’t know. Hutterite colonies are similar to Amish.

  3. Dan says:

    Wonderful people. See for a history. My son married a girl with Hutterite ties, though she was Mennonite (Prairileut).

  4. Michael in Atlanta says:

    Hutterites Rock!
    They are honorary HoboNation members now!
    King Colony of the Hobo Nation….has a ring to it.
    THANKS Anna and Maria, for taking care of our Matt!

  5. Candice In Alabama says:

    Wonderful to hear!

  6. Mom says:

    Thank you, Anna and Lori, for your kindness to our son.

  7. Julie in Cincinnati says:

    Hi Matt! I’m glad you had a nice place to rest last night. Thanks to Anna and Lori for their kindness.

  8. Dan says:

    I’ll wager Matt had a Very Good breakfast!

  9. Christine says:

    It looks like Matt is going to go through Denton. That is where I worked for a month. He just passed where my truck broke down. So cool. There is a nice bar that serves good food in Denton.

    • Dan says:

      I agree – lgood food in Denton – looks like he’s taking the Geraldine road to Fort Benton. May not here from him for a day.

      • Christine says:

        The picture map shows this picture being taken close to Denton, but the red line map doesn’t. Not sure now which way he went.

        • Gigi says:

          I noticed the same thing Christine. Now I’m not sure where Matt is right now. Hope he can post some pics soon.

          Anna and Lori, the Hobo Nation thanks you taking care of Matt.

          • Dan says:

            Tough to say from the red line map – but I’m betting on the Geraldine Road. Good people on that road – He’ll be fine. if he took that route, I expect pictures when he gets to Fort Benton. The red line shows where he bedded down for the night, though, so he may be heading back to highway 87 to Great Falls. — OK I admit it, I’m getting geeky about this.

  10. Debbie Wollman says:

    wow, King Colony ,my old stomping grounds, glad Matt had such a good time….This is incredible interesting, will pray for Matt safety the remainder of his trip..Wonder if he was near Roundup??

  11. charlie says:

    hurry hurry hurry folks, place your bets. will Matt take the high road and head towards
    Fort Benton, ‘the birthplace of Montana’
    will he take the low road and move on towards Malmstrom AFB, home to the Air Force Global Strike Command and ICBMs!!

    such suspense!

  12. Steph says:

    We have a colony of Mennonites here where we live in Oklahoma. Nice, nice people. So glad to read that these ladies took good care of you. Your experiences are giving me back my faith in humanity.

  13. Craig ( NC!) says:

    Hutterites (German: Hutterer) are a communal branch of Anabaptists who, like the Amish and Mennonites, trace their roots to the Radical Reformation of the 16th century. Since the death of their founder Jakob Hutter in 1536, the beliefs of the Hutterites, especially living in a community of goods and absolute pacifism, have resulted in hundreds of years of odyssey through many countries. Nearly extinct by the 18th and 19th century, the Hutterites found a new home in North America. Over 125 years their population grew from 400 to around 42,000.

    I do not care what people think about me personally bit the Hutterites and the amish, mennonites… they are a good people and we should support them. Come On guys! Quilts, Warmth, blankets etc etc etc
    these guys rock!

    • Gayle Opie says:

      I think that the Amish are the most conservative of the three. The Hutterites do use some (maybe any and all) modern equipment and tools. I don’t think the Amish would allow the zipper on Lori’s jacket. I think the Mennonites are probably the most “modern” in the sense of using modern tools and equipment. And you are right, they are good people. The Mennonite Disaster Service helps out in all sorts of disasters around the country and maybe around the world, I’m not sure about that part. They came to my hometown to help after a major flood there in 1972 — can’t say too many nice things about the Monnonites and their “cousins” the Hutterites.

      • Dan says:

        It surprises people that Hutterites carry cellphones, buy the latest farm machinery, travel into town in big vans (especially when there is a good sale) etc. – but live and dress plainly and live in communion (or community). They are what they are, good and prosperous agricultural businessfolk, honoring and serving God in their own way.

    • Craig ( NC!) says:

      They are human beings. Because we don’t see eye to eye with them don’t mean we can’t respect what we do not like/or do not understand about them. Think of what they must think of us?!

  14. SandyM says:

    There is a lot of types of Mennonite, Amish, and Hutterites. The Mennonites have Mennonite Brethen (the book Mennonite in a Little Black Dress – refers to these) Conservitive Mennonite and Mennonite (Mennonite Church USA), The Amish have seven different church groups (at last count) the include Old Order, New Order, Beachy, Dan Church, Swartzentruber. I am Mennonite (part of the Mennonite Church USA – so drive a car, have a cell, follow blogs – obviously) it is good (and refreshing) to hear positve comments here. MDS is one of our best things I think, so glad to hear appreciative workds from someone who experienced the outreach way back in the 70s. So thanks for the liftup.

    • SandyM says:

      pardon spelling and grammar – always a struggle :-) (Also, I know I only mentioned 5 of the 7 Amish – I can’t remember the other two – or maybe they are a figment of my imagination and I know less about the Hutterites, though I stayed with a Hutterite family in Kansas for an evening on a road trip.)

    • Gayle Opie says:

      The MDS and all the people who showed up through that organization were very much appreciated in Rapid City, SD, after our 1972 flood. I think that Mennonites were there for almost a year. I’m not sure how it all worked but I think the people were all voluneers and they came for various amounts of time but there always seemed to be a bunch of them there all the time. Great organization and great bunch of people.

  15. SandyM says:

    oh and most Mennonites don’t live in colonies – that term feels weird to me, not sure why maybe because it envokes insect imagery. Oh Sandy stop posting!!! Sorry

    • Dan says:

      In the Northern Plains – Hutterites are distinguished by living in Colonies – the Mennonites don’t. Still can’t figger out how my son met his wife future wife, though – they definitely ran in different circles!

    • MN Roxanne says:

      Don’t be sorry… I enjoyed what you shared… we are learning so much about all the folks in this big country through this “walk” it’s awesome!

  16. Don in Tennessee says:

    Anna & Lori-

    Thankls for taking great care of Matt and showing him love that people like you do. We would all be better if we lived simpler lives and thought about others more than ourselves.

    God Bless You Both!

  17. Dennis in So Cal says:

    Thank you ladies for taking care of Matt. May god return your kindness a hundred fold!

  18. MN Roxanne says:

    Thanks Anna and Lori for feeding Matt… by the looks of the stove behind you- there’s good cookin’ here….

  19. Jeff, where are you? You missed posting today on this one. That’s unusual for you. Must be busy being a dad and husband. Hope all is well.

    • Jeff says:

      Dorinda the psychic, I am here. Busy day at work. Wife went away and just me and the girls. Busy doing the chores and stuff. I checked in throughout the day…but it (the day) got out of hand.

      I thought it was cool how there were postings about the King Colony before the picture showed up. I read the comments down the page. Interesting but kept my comments to myself.

      Been to Amish country, Had my plane in Dayton Ohio delayed because the Menonite spiritual leader was heading home from a trip to the Holy Land. And the Airport was crowded with this group of such happy people. They had peace and balance with God and family. They eliminate certain nature. SO it is not surprising the Generosity and care they showed The man..matt.

      What I did find funny was the comment, here or on the page before…about the interview… He featured Matt on his live show without interview….it was just funny how do you present, introduce talk about …without a interview…then I got it…Matt was not there…though it seeemed he was…so how could he interview.

      Would like some more pictures to enjoy the trip. As of this mornings cup of Dr. Perky…(candice) Matt has arrived and left Houston, not Texas Katzien…….

      Peace to all…

      • Candice in Alabama says:

        Jeff – I apprehended the “Dr. Perky” from someone else (I can’t remember) a few days back – the page with the picture of the Mountain Dew clone (Mountain Maze). They commented that Dr. Perky was the weirdest ripoff soda/cola name they’d ever heard. I’ve since adopted the name Dr. Perky for my morning coffee! :)

      • See I knew you were in there somewhere Jeff. Busy being the “domestic goddess” along with the one who “brings home the bacon” and then you cooked it all up? Oh so many clich├ęs to use. Glad to hear you were at least checking in. I thought that something happened to you, you are always there. This time you were the invisible man! Super dad abounds around every corner! Watch out! Here he comes! : )

  20. Chantal in Vegas says:

    That’s so cool! I thought they were only in Canada.

  21. Raquel Montalvo says:

    Wow this is awesome to read…..I have been following you all along but had not comented on your journey. I sure hope all is well and that if you are ever in Columbiana Ohio I would love to meet you and perhaps share a good home cooked meal with you. God Bless You.

  22. Jeff says:

    If anyone reads this post down here….to date….we have 30 selections for Matt’s Arrival Date. The pool is up to One bazillion dollars of fake monopoly money. All net proceeds will go to Matts foot massage the day after completeion.

    soonest date….August 10th (Mike in Atlanta). Best Date…cracked me up. 10/10/10 at 10am or pm. (karen too was first, then Saun chimed in when December wasn’t looking good)…so If I eliminate that as the furthest date out…then furthes date now is November 11th (GiGi)..and Matt will be home for thanksgiving.

    I will post this again on a newer page for those that don’t read past 30 some comments.

    Peace to all and to all a great, great weekend

    • Thanks for the update on dates Jeff. I read and go back through to see what else was added in each day up to a point. So I read all the way through several times. Not every post, but skim through to see what’s new.
      That 10/10/10 date at 10am/pm is a good one although I don’t think it will take him that long. He’ll be in sometime in Sept. for sure. Matt isn’t going through the toughest parts of the Rockies so I think he’ll be fine with that. Yes it may take him longer than flat land but 3 months from where he’s at now? Who knows, he may even surprise us all and make it in in August.

    • Kelly from Day 102 says:

      My guess: Matt will finish by 9/17 – he filled us in that he has a family event he is going to try to attend that weekend, I think. It may wholeheartedly depend on how he does over the mountain passes! He has some challenges ahead.

  23. Candice in Alabama says:

    Anna and Lori – sweet expressions – Thanks for taking care of “our” Matt. What do Hutterites consider as snacks? I bet they were tasty!

  24. Thomas says:

    Thanks to Matt I am now all read up on Hutterites. I knew the term and vaguely knew what they were but once again he has been an educator as well as a source of inspiration.

  25. Lois says:

    Interesting stuff here. I have never heard of the Hutterites. I live in Delaware currently. There are a lot of Mennonites and some Amish around here. I have to say that the most bizarre thing I’ve seen was a guy in the ‘typical’ clothing: dark pants, blue shirt, suspenders, straw hat….on rollerblades! Live and learn.

  26. katzien in austin says:

    Thanks for all the interesting reading folks! And thanks to Anna and Lori for helping Matt make it another day.

  27. don mccorkle says:

    Interesting how many responded to this image. I think those following, do so with a little envy. I do.The numbers responding to this picture must be meaningful.Hope the Hutterites know. Don in AL

  28. Jim in AR via MN says:

    don mc…I assume your are right…no matter how satisfied we are with our own lives…when we see people surviving, enjoying and living their lives in, seemingly, a simpler way…I think I always feel a little bit like I was born in a wrong century…or the wrong time…or the wrong place…

    But I only feel like that for so long…knowing how lucky I am to be where I am…and have live my almost 70 years…with all the things that have been around me…almost 50 years married to a beautiful woman…in all ways beautiful…my family…all that…it has been a wonderful life…but all of us do yearn for something simpler, less cluttered…and it is alright to dream…Matt has helped us to dream dreams…I love that…

    Lets do so for a while longer, okay???

  29. Donna in MI says:

    Here are some more Hutterite websites that you might enjoy reading about.
    I hope these links work for you.

  30. jerry's kid says:

    I live in Northern CA, in the Central Valley. We have a lot of Mennonites living in our area. Several years ago we had a freak tornado which almost obliterated a barn in someone’s field. Shortly after the storm passed many Mennonite men arrived and helped pull down what was left of the barn and clean up all the debris. The barn’s owners weren’t Mennonite, but the community knew there would be a need and they responded out of neighborliness – with no other motive. It was a great thing.

  31. tim says:

    wow the things you learn on the road. This commune story is really good stuff.

  32. BrandiB says:

    I love that I am learning so much through another’s journey. I had never heard of the Hutterite before this post. Thank you to all who shared your wealth of knowledge!

  33. Janine says:

    Lori has the sweetest little face ever! Thank you ladies for being so good to Our Matt!

  34. joe says:

    hutterites are great folks

  35. Dorinda from Mentor, Oh. says:

    I know this post is 2 years later from this trip but I was watching a show named “American Colonies: Meet the Hutterites” on Nat Geo channel this past month- July 2012 and knew I had seen these ladies and heard of them before. I kept thinking that I have to find the post on Matt’s blog because I was almost sure he went through their colony on his trip. And sure enough, here it is! I knew it. I just had to remember to come here and find it. What a small world to me this is. How wonderful. I loved the show and learning about them and love several aspects of their way of life. Thanks ladies for your kindness always.

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