Day 1118

An intimate mascot

January 21st, 2015

If you look closely, you'll notice a wine-colored bra fastened to the front of this garbage truck. Is this an indication that a female sanitation worker operates the vehicle? Or is it just a new take on the old chicks-dig-stuffed-animals approach to truck decoration?

From an excellent NY Times article about the "grille-mounted cuddle object[s]" often found on the front of big trucks:

Robert Marbury, an artist who photographed dozens of Manhattan bumper fauna for a project in 2000 . . . said he had once asked a trash hauler why he had a family of three mismatched bears strapped to his rig.

''He said: 'Yo, man, I drive a garbage truck. How am I going to get the ladies to look at me?' ''

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