Day 1120

Jones Walk in winter

January 23rd, 2015

If this were a summer afternoon, the stalls at left would be open and you'd see people playing all sorts of carnival games, like the bathroom-themed Stinky Feet. The stalls at right, however, would still be shuttered. The property on that side of the walkway, including the 1880s Grashorn Building (said to be Coney Island's oldest structure), has been vacant for several years now, courtesy of Joe Sitt, Coney Island's infamous "un-developer".

Looming in the distance is the Wonder Wheel. If you look closely, you'll notice that all of its cars are missing. It turns out that they get taken down each year during the off-season, and their return to the Wheel "is the first sign of spring in Coney Island. Being there to see the 24 cars go up, the Swinging ones first and then the Stationary, is like seeing crocuses bloom before your eyes."

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