1965 Westinghouse Time Capsule
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| Space | Other |

Articles of Common Use
50-star U.S. flag
Credit Cards
Electronic watch
Automatic camera
Contact lenses
Freeze-dried food
Plastic wrap
Bikini bathing suit
Long-playing record
Rechargeable flashlight
Ball point pen
Transistor radio
Tranquilizer pills
World's Fair guidebook
Electric toothbrush
Pack of filtered cigarettes

Atomic Energy Film badge Pocket radiation monitor Sample of Carbon 14 Fermi reactor graphite Nautilus film history Calder Hall film

Scientific Developments Antibiotics Synthetic fibers Pyroceram Computer memory unit Plastic heart valve Supercomputing wire Ruby laser rod Normal and irradiated seeds of grain "Fresh" seawater Permanent magnet Birth control pills Molecular blocks Sequoia wood sample

Space Re-entry heat shield Vanguard I parts Echo II material Fuel Cells Fiber-reinforced metal Tektite

Other 16 mm. microfilm Sounds of our times

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