Day 68

The birthplace of Minneapolis

June 2nd, 2010

The John Harrington Stevens House


  1. JonathanW. says:

    Minnehaha Park, right? Wow… from Hastings to south Mpls in one day, you’re making pretty good time… excellent!

  2. Dionne says:

    welcome to our area!!!! enjoy your time in the twin cities area!!! continuing to enjoy your photos and captions daily.

  3. Joan from Texas says:

    Hi Matt, writing from home tonight. Can’t believe you traveled so far today. Love the pictures and enjoyed the history lesson.
    Looking forward to your tomorrows, day by day. Rest up and God Bless

  4. Nick says:

    Welcome to Minneapolis. I hope you enjoy your visit! Best of luck in your journeys; looking forward to the next update

  5. Ann says:

    Welcome to my ‘hood! Would have loved to have run into you! I’m inspired by your journey…

  6. Robert says:

    It’s nuts to me that they can pick up a whole house and move it. (several times too)

    • Michael in Atlanta says:


      Did you miss The Wizard of Oz entirely? Obviously, there was once a wicked witch standing on this spot who deserved to die.

  7. Renee' says:

    went ther on a roar trip from TX with my grandperents when I was 4. Also remember the Little Brown Church in the Vale?

  8. Renee' says:

    or was it Vail?

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