Day 69

Downtown Minneapolis

June 3rd, 2010


  1. Great picture. Looks like coffee brake……..

  2. Kirsten says:

    Oh, is there a farmers market today? I think it’s usually Thursday, but might be too early in the season.

  3. Mitch Host says:

    Welcome to Minneapolis! I’m glad you’ve decide to come this route and would love to help out in any way possible! Beer, food, bed, more beer?

  4. Krystal :0) says:

    Great picture!

  5. Peter says:

    How many phone guys does it take to stand next to a manhole? my count is 10. Great pix, looks like a rock and not a building in the reflection! Thanks for sharing, I follow everyday from Fond du lac WI.

  6. Michael in Atlanta says:

    Conversation overheard at a manhole:
    “Did you see that guy from New York…Funny cart he’s pushing”
    “Yeah, he’s a mama’s boy, she’s just arrived today”
    “He’s headed to Oregon you know. We should go talk to him. See if he needs anything”
    “Nah, really busy day. We gotta keep our eye on things by the truck”
    “Yah. True. Oh well. We may never see him again.”

  7. Tesla Russell says:

    Man, those men sure are working hard… I think they might need a break. :)

  8. Emily says:

    Welcome! There is the farmers market today, right on this road which is quite an experience. Please let me know if you need anything… I actually work a half block from where this was taken. I’d love to help out. Reading about your trip has been inspirational, so thank you.

  9. Dan B says:

    Welcome to Minneapolis! If you get a chance, I’d like to recommend exploring the Skyway system. Most of the buildings downtown are connected on the 2nd level by walkways (as you’ve seen, but the readers may not know). It’s its own little trail/maze up there with shops, fun places to eat, and really is a lifesaver during our long, cold, brutal winters.

  10. Scott M says:

    Nice photo!

  11. Stephen H says:

    Can you stop at the WJM Studios and say hi to Mary Tyler Moore for me? LOL

  12. Donna says:

    cool photo! I enjoy your photos and stories. Thanks!

  13. JonathanW says:

    If you’re downtown Mpls today, you have probably already checked out the Farmers Market on Nicollet Mall… if you like outdoor live music in a low-key and fun, casual atmosphere, you should check out Peavey Plaza (in front of Orchestra Hall on 11th and Nicollet) for their concert at 5:00pm. Good excuse to enjoy the weather, the downtown after-work crowd, and have some decent local brews…

  14. Saun says:

    Awesome pic!!!

  15. Steve says:

    Though you can’t really see it, the guy in the middle of the pic has a box of Dunkin Donuts!

  16. Ed T says:

    Anytime I drive by a construction site or a public worksite, I either see no one working, or one person working and more standing around watching. Enjoying my getaway each day walking with you.

  17. Dianna in Arvada, Colorado says:

    I heard about your quest last Friday through my yahoo home page. I’m a believer that life should be enjoyed when you are young and while you can. Retirement will happen and by that time you “might” have one foot in the grave. I’m 62 now and when I was younger I wanted to travel but couldn’t.
    I’m so excited for you. It was like reading a novel last Friday, catching up to you as I started at the beginning. I started reading at work and couldn’t wait to get home and pick up where I left off. I love reading you captions under the pix and know that you would “whit it up” with my step-son and son-in-law. Together they are a head-banging riot and the three of you would have to charge emission … quite entertaining.

    I choked up at all the wonderful folks that have opened up their hearts and home to you. (Generosity always makes me cry.)
    Your parents are wonderful people to support you and even join you on your journey. I wrote and told my grandson about you. He goes to college in Missoula, MT. But you are going to be North of there. He loves the outdoors and roughing it.
    We may never meet but I wish I could be on your list of people that you “May Never Meet again”.
    Looking forward to the rest of your journey.


  18. Dionne says:

    stephen h–in downtown minneapolis there is a statue of mary tyler moore throwing her hat in the air! on the nicollet mall! :)

  19. Elizabeth in Sac says:

    Finally a chance to catch up with you again — dropped an 8 ft board on my computer in mid-May, and have been without your great pics and comments for several weeks. Glad you’re doing so well… and that your fan club has grown so large! Regards from Sacramento — and do stop by!

  20. Terry Rainwater says:

    Are you going to see the biggest ball of twine while in the area?

  21. Terry Rainwater says:

    Highway 12 down County rd. 14 is the location of the Biggest Ball of Twine…

  22. Dave from Atlanta says:

    Looks like all is well Matt. Keep it up bro. Dave out.

  23. Wingnut says:

    Hello from Germany, via Portland Orygun. I am digging your posts, keep em coming. I still think you needed to pack a fly rod but whatever. You should think about going through Absarokee MT and Victor Ideeho. Never give up a chance to see the Absarokee range or the Grand Teets. Life lifting views.


  24. Mike says:

    Great picture of the ids center!

  25. Will says:

    Its a safety meeting, or at least thats what I tell my boss when we’re just screwing around.

  26. tim says:

    Don’t try what they are doing in January.

  27. Deb says:

    That’s an amazing photograph!

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