Day 69

The Star Tribune headquarters

June 3rd, 2010


  1. Jason Eppink says:

    The name changes to this paper are fascinating (by which I mean tedious):

    1939: Minneapolis Daily Star + The Minneapolis Journal = Star-Journal
    1982: Star-Journal + Minneapolis Tribune = Minneapolis Star and Tribune
    1987: Star Tribune
    present: colloquially Star Trib or Strib


  2. Ben says:

    My uncle used to work here and it’s a very beautiful gothic look inside

  3. Dennis Salb says:

    I think we will one day explain to our grandchildren that before the internet the daily news was actually printed on paper and delivered to our driveways. They will look at us in amazement that news wasn’t delivered in real time.

  4. GardenStater says:

    Make sure to let James Lileks ( know about this one!

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