Day 70

Amusing roadside finds…

June 5th, 2010

Or twisted toyland murder scene?

The poem reads:

I love you...
When you're smiling
When you're bad
When you're kidding
When you're sad
When you're playing
When you're blue
The reason I love you is because you're you!


  1. Robert says:

    I didn’t know Barbie had pink undies. I thought she went commando.

  2. La Kisha from the East says:

    I love barbie! I thought she goes naked all the time.

  3. Jeff says:

    Matts blog takes a Toy Story twist….Film at 11

    • 'gina says:

      from gump to toy story…..what will the next feature be…….we do have many more months to cover…

  4. katzien says:

    I think she’s a Barbie look-a-like, but she’s got that great hair!

  5. Dave says:

    Man! She looks good even on the pavement. I’m sure that Ken must be nearby or better yet; G.I. Joe!

  6. did you pick the Barbie?

  7. I mean didyou pick UP the Barbe?

  8. molly says:

    Are you “collecting” all your roadside finds? Would make an interesting collage when you’re done.

  9. Lucia says:

    I can’t wait for the next find:)

  10. Laurenis says:

    Someone’s childhood has been murdered!

  11. George Broze says:

    Oh, it’s a poem! I thought it was a giant IV bag.

  12. Tinker Bell aka Heather says:

    Ok this on was hilarious! Been watching and following you for weeks and this is my first comment! It had to be toyland LOL! Im proud of what you are doing for your own personal benifit. Wish I was along for the walk! Wish you were coming thru Florida so we could give you a warm welcome and a hot shower! Keep going and know you are in so many peoples thoughts!

  13. Ryan says:

    must be an omen?
    reminds me of one CSI episode…… “,

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