Day 72


June 6th, 2010


  1. Craig... (Yeah, From NC!) says:

    …esp a ambulance chasing injury attorney!

  2. Craig... (Yeah, From NC!) says:

    ohh she did at the word “utmost”, while saying the same thing twice.

  3. Janine says:


    This sign is hurting my brain.

  4. caro says:

    OK my friend Janine, just enlightened me on this sign. I trust this man with no one or anything !!!!

  5. caro says:

    p.s. love the spelling and repetition….. haha on his reputation.

  6. Janine says:

    Went to the website. Still wrong, but in a different way. Omg.

  7. caro says:

    leave it to Matt and Janine to be on top of this….Good eye Matt Man !!!

  8. JonathanW says:

    there are so many things wrong with this billboard, i don’t even know where to begin…

  9. JB says:

    Maybe I would prefer an attorney who could spell or hire someone to proof read… especially their “primary” duty to their client.

  10. Dianna In Arvada, Colorado says:

    Trying to read this billboard while driving just might cause an accident … then who do you call?

  11. tim says:

    There is a strategy here. he really isn’t looking for the enlightenedones to respond to his ads. If they respond and are confused that is okay. He can confuse them more with his high bill.

  12. George Broze says:

    That’s Elmer Fudiciary to you, Mister!

  13. George Broze says:

    To his credit, “fiduciary” is spelled correctly on his website. The misconceived semicolon, alas, is still there.

  14. Janine says:

    But George, “fiduciary” is used in the wrong context on the website. If they had just stayed with a 6th grade vocabulary we’d be none the wiser.

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