Day 72

Who doesn’t love a good uctio?

June 6th, 2010


  1. Karen Too says:

    For starters, I’m guessing that the livestock are not too crazy about a good ucto. Just a guess. Based on those clouds, I sure hope you got more secure, friendly lodging for Sunday night. Perhaps another “boot camp?”

    Best of luck on all aspects of your trek.

  2. Karen Too says:

    Whoops. Of course, I meant uctio.

  3. aufdeutsch says:

    I know exactly where that sign is too. Yay being local? Hope your trip through town went well!

  4. I am an Independent Artist and a keen walker (in fact WALKER is my second name) & i must do the walk across the USA sometime befor i die…a few yrs ago i met an American in the far north of NZ…he was just completing his walk up the lenth of NZ & had walked across America…he was planning to walk across Australia then Asia & Europe…and was hoping to get in the Guinness Book of Records for walking around the world…he was doing this project on a shoe string & his budget for NZ was just 10 NZ $’s/day…in my time i have met quite a few long distance walkers…
    What a coincidense i started a series of paintings in NZ entitled entitled UCTIO numbered 1-20 odd and it started with what was left of an advert from the word REDUCTION…i thought i would use a new word in the English language that had no meaning giving me a large latitude as what i could do as an Artist…a bit like Kurt Shwitters the German DADAIST who found a piece of a sign MERZ from the original word COMMERZ…again it had no meaning in the German language but he gave it meaning he did a pile of work including MERZ/build/art/gaphics/design…the name MERZ is now in the history books…humble beginnings…so who knows UCTIO may also end up in the history books…have a nice day! pete mcclure.

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