Day 73

The view from the trail this morning

June 7th, 2010


  1. Amanda in WA says:

    Amazing! I love a good cloudy sky!

  2. Tna says:

    R Kelly sang it well……

    If I can see it, then I can do it
    If I just believe it, there’s nothing to it
    I believe I can fly
    I believe I can touch the sky
    I think about it every night and day
    Spread my wings and fly away
    I believe I can soar
    I see me running through that open door
    I believe I can fly!

  3. katzien says:

    I’m just a little speechless….this is so beautiful. I love the V-shaped angle of the clouds. They draw your eye in from the top of picture down to the bottom center to the far-away structure on the hillside. It’s fantastic!

  4. Karen Too says:


    There must have been many times when you have wanted to stop walking, sit still, and take in the wonder for as long as possible.

    Lucky for you, there are countless moments like this one awaiting you on your journey.

    Lucky for us that you are sharing so many of them here on your blog.

  5. Linda in Michigan says:

    I love looking at your pictures and pretending I too am walking with you. I am in awe of your adventure. Praying for you and hoping you have a safe and enjoyable journey. Thank you for taking the time to post these. It means a lot to me! Best wishes!

  6. ABBY FROM CALI. says:

    what a wonderful looking day. i hope the weather is just as nice for your walk today.i look forward to seeing your pictures each morning.

  7. Saun in Ohio says:

    I love looking at your pictures. Awesome sky

  8. tim says:

    “It’s such a perfect day……” Lou Reed

  9. Laura Madison says:

    big, big sky!

  10. Jordan in Chicago says:

    I just discovered your site today, and I am in awe of your amazing journey! Keep the info/pics coming, I will be checking daily now! Good luck to you!

  11. yitzchok says:

    looks like a gr8 day for walking please email me at

  12. Dave says:

    This picture first made me think “Big Sky Country” and the only problem with that is that you’re still in Minnesota. I would say that the picture is perhaps a first glimpse of a gradual transition into the wide-open great western states.

    Travel light… travel safe.

  13. Sarah says:

    You’re definitely inspiring me to try a shorter version of your adventure, if I get some time off and money saved up. I’d settle for across the state of Oregon, or maybe from the southwest corner of Oregon to the northwest corner of Idaho, passing through a bit of WA. Anyway, travel safely!

    Beyootiful photo, too!

  14. Kim says:

    I can not wait to read your book when you get that offer.

  15. Timothy Kowalski says:

    God’s Countery, I don’t care what religious affiliation you are!!! Go Matt Go ….. see you in Oregon!

  16. Anna says:


  17. Pat in CA says:

    Gives a whole new understanding to the expression: ‘The sky’s the limit.’ What limit?! There are no limits to the sky. Beautiful pictures. Have always loved blue sky and white clouds. It’s fun to know that so many of us are virtually trekking with you. The Internet has such great opportunities. Thanks for sharing.

  18. colleen says:

    This is a perfect picture to remind us…..we walk IN the sky! I tell everyone about your site….”he’s a Prophet”….in a way you are… the simplicity of your journey, we are all awakened to the beauty, joy and FUN in all the simplest and grandest of things……… share it so well…i too imagine myself walking with you each morning as I step outside my door……..

  19. Caroline says:


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