Day 74

The Ding Dong Cafe

June 8th, 2010

Sauk Centre, MN


  1. Scott R says:

    I may have to steal this picture. One of my favorite words to use! I hope you ate there.

  2. Gopherguy says:

    Way to go Matt, you made it to my home town of Sauk Centre. The Ding Dong Cafe has good food (i’m told) and is a favorite hangout of some of the local retired guys who spend hours playing cards and reminiscing about their days on the farm. I’ve been following your trek since you entered MN and haven’t been able to avoid your blog since. Central MN was really a great area to grow up and I hope your enjoying it. Keep up the good pace.

    • Michael in Atlanta says:

      Hi. My name is Gopherguy, and I can’t avoid Matt Green’s Blog.

      HI GOPHERGUY!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Is there any help for us? I think we are doomed and need to admit that we are powerless. Step 1.

  3. Karen Too says:

    The old dinner bell here reminds me of a triangle an aunt and uncle used to call everyone to dinner. I visited them often when I was a child, and got a kick out of it when I got to ring the triangle.

    My aunt collected antiques, and using the triangle was a lot easier, and more pleasant, than calling out for everyone to come to dinner.

  4. Jp says:

    Are Ding-Dongs on the menu?

  5. CJ in MN says:

    I’ve eaten here. The favorite coffee and donut shop for some of the locals. Sitting right next to the Lake Wobegon trail that Matt is walking

  6. rhonda says:

    Hey Matt! It’s Rhonda from Rogers again! Sauk Centre is where Kurt’s parents live..the Ding Dong is one of their favorite spots! Hope you enjoy!!

  7. SaukGirl says:

    Yay. You’re in my hometown! I used to love the Ding Dong cafe. Hope they treated you well!

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