Day 77

There’s something strange in this photo

June 11th, 2010


  1. Rebekah GIlmore says:

    Is that a light-up palm tree I see?

  2. Michael D. Morton says:

    What’s wrong with the picture? Anyhow, congrats on the distance, you’re almost to Fargo! ;)

  3. katzien says:

    Is it the ADA ramp up to the house that has no door?? heehee

  4. JN says:

    No that is a cellar door. The bike sign without a rider?

  5. Jeff says:

    Nothing strange…just the Matt Green 3000 next generation push cart … to me !

  6. Chris says:

    A truck…hawling a trailor…hauling an ATV… hawling a suitcase. Brilliant!

  7. JN says:

    Looking close the trailer is not hooked to the truck.

  8. Marissa says:

    What is it?! I’m dying to know!

  9. Old Geezer says:

    I’m with Rebekah. It’s the light-up pa;m tree near the front passenger side corner of the trailer.

  10. Rhea says:

    Is it that the trailer used to be a wagon and is now a trailer??? =)

  11. Linda says:

    At first I thought the oddity would be the wagon wheel, then I looked closer and saw the palm tree. Maybe it’s the two together that makes the whole thing strange!?

  12. Chaser1 says:

    Is that a guy staring out of the window in his underwear?

    • katzien says:

      Oh my god, I literally LOLed at your comment Chaser!!!!!!!!! Yeah, I see him too. A ghost from the 19th century. Oh lord, I”m laughing all over again…tears in my eyes…really! Thanks!

  13. Janine says:

    I feel like I’m playing one of those Hidden Object games. “Find: the number 9, a riderless bicycle, a palm tree, something strange, and a birdcage.”

  14. Yvonne Martinez says:

    Is it the brand new ATV in a trailer full of junk???? I’m dying to know!!!!!

  15. Steph says:

    Yeah, I’m going with the fake, light-up palm tree.

  16. Anna One says:

    I’m intrigued, but I give up. Great house too!

  17. Camogal says:

    I think the point is that there are several things that are strange 8)

  18. Karen Too says:

    From what I can tell, there is more than some “thing” strange in this photo!

  19. Sue in NY says:

    My guess is the palm tree is the strange thing. But I’m really bummed that I can’t find the guy in his underwear – I have been single for too long I guess!!! LOL

  20. Saun in Ohio says:

    Ok I think its the palm tree and wagon wheel too. And I can’t find the guy in his underwear! Where is he? Its like finding Waldo……LOL

  21. Gary B. says:

    Settle down, Sue, Chaser should have said “hee-hee.” I’m with the group that says there are several “strange” things in the picture. I’m surprised no one mentioned the carriage wheel in the front of the trailer. I figure this ios the guy’s last load, coming or going. Now he needs to figure out how to get the loaded trailer on to the truck’s trailer hitch.

    • Sue in NY says:

      I’ll try to settle down, best I can, even though I am still checking windows – LOL.

      As for hooking up the trailer to the hitch, it’s simple – usually there are cranks on the trailer hitch bar to raise and lower it, and to balance it when it’s not hooked to a truck. Maybe that’s just common redneck knowledge.

      Oh, and Linda called it a wagon wheel, right before she noticed the palm tree.

  22. mari says:

    I think it is …that the truck’s trailer is full of old worn items made of iron or steel, then you see three items that are not of the same material, a suitcase, rear lights of some vehicle and cardboard-perhaps items that belong to the driver that he or she hauls along with the metal it collects to sell for cash.

  23. Sarah says:

    Hmmm… I guess my vote is for the palm tree, too.

  24. Jp says:

    The items in the trailer do not appear to be secured. With no back to the trailer, if it is driven off the items would likely slide out the back.

  25. lyndercc says:

    Something about the bicycle sign? I don’t see a marked bike lane…

  26. Anna One says:

    Matt, toss us a bone here. Did you just think the collection was odd? Or are we supposed to be looking for something?

  27. James says:

    um….I think it’s the fact that there is junk in the trailer like the ladder that is obviously UNDERNEATH the ATV. Who the heck would pile an ATV ON TOP OF the rest of the stuff?

  28. Alex T says:

    Is that a small coffin on the ATV seat?

  29. GeckoDad says:

    I think it is a tombstone. Who moves a tombstone?

  30. Hayden says:

    What looks odd to me is the funny angle of the house and trees. The right hand side of the house seems to lean right and the other side to the left. Is it just some weird perspective or what?

  31. carolyn says:

    is it the wheels on trail are in the middle together?

  32. Vickie from Michigan says:

    The luau obviously was a bust. The Hawaiian lights still visible under the eaves are a mockery of what could have been. She got the lights. He got the palm tree.

  33. Brian says:

    I can see ‘faces’ in the windows, sort of like when you see them in the clouds.
    Click on the photo to go to flickr, then click on ‘All Sizes’ and ‘Original’ to see what I mean.

    • Bekah says:

      I too see at least two faces… the first window on the second floor (front) … the second in the window below him …
      In the upper window is a bearded man wearing a rain coat and holding a bag over his left wrist (his hand is in the dead center of the window under the wood). He, however, is looking away from the camera (his head in the left corner of the window).
      The window below him holds a woman with a pointy chin, she almost looks as it she is looking at the camera, but I see no body on her.
      There is a possibility of two other faces in that same window, depending on how you look at it (two men, one bearded, one not – they make up the woman), and the front door’s window perhaps holds the face of a clown with a bow tie, but with the glare it is hard to be certain on any of those.
      However, there is what looks like a one dimensional statue of a cherub in the bottom half of the top left window.
      Truly strange!

  34. Vicky Sifuentes says:

    Come on Matt!!! I keep checking back to see what the “strange” thing was… Let us know ;)

  35. Candice in Alabama says:

    What is that blue and red rod like thing with the white cylinders on it, sticking up in the very front left corner of the trailer?

  36. El Grego says:

    Cant see a palm tree anywhere here, but i’m old and nearly blind. My best guess is the weird yellow bamboo ladder that looks like its going up to a tree fort or something. it just looks like it extends over a long distance and wouldn’t be stable.

  37. El Grego says:

    are we allowed to send you a Rorschach Test while your out on the road?

  38. JuJu says:

    It must be one of three things:
    1) There are no blocks behind the wheels of the trailer to keep it from rolling down the road
    2) For this configuration to work, the trailer needs a few bungee cords and more duct tape
    c) The bicycle crossing sign has been hacked off and wired in place PLUS it is missing bullet holes

    Is that a cat napping under the break-less trailer? Ewww…

  39. Bernd says:

    Big rock on the ATV

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