Day 80


June 14th, 2010

A remnant of this program.


  1. Chaser1 says:

    Thats ummmm, one colorful buffalo.

  2. MN Roxanne says:

    Love this- our local Buffalo, MN did a similar project a few years back with business’ creating their own themes. Several of them still adorn the streets. I like the grasses and purple cone flowers on this guy. I hope you get to see some of the real thing on your way through ND.

  3. Jeff says:

    I got one of the Bulls they did for New York City, valentines one…. This is actualy sweet. Wonderful look at the animal all dressed up in the american Indian themes… Love the sun…and ironically purple coneflowers are just filling out in the NorthEast this weekend….. Loving ND already…

  4. Dione says:

    in houston, we had cows!

  5. Barbara Kiviat says:

    I’d prefer a wild boar baby.

  6. The other Barbara says:

    Why is he crying?

    • Kris in MN says:

      Because someone stole Joseph’s Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat and made him wear it? ;-)

      In St. Paul there’s Charlie Brown and Snoopy statues that were done in homage to Peanut’s creator Charles Schultz. I think it’s a neat idea and the artwork on the Bison (you are in Fargo, after all, home of the NDSU Bison) is beautiful.

      • Karen Too says:

        Though the population is bouncing back to some degree, my guess is the tear is for the loss in numbers of bison, and loss of habitat.

        I love the artwork on this one.

    • Jon says:

      Check out the buffalo silhouettes. I think the tear is for remembering the past.

      What’s really interesting is the cattle skull and horns on the back leg. I’m not exactly sure what that’s doing there.

  7. Andrea W says:

    Hey friend! Wanted to let you know that I check in on you from time to time! I can’t believe you’ve gotten so far already! Congrats on such a successful journey! I’m so proud of you! Have a great day out there!

  8. Carol says:

    Are you still up on Main Ave in Fargo? If you want to see bison in the “wild” make sure you go through James town. On the edge of town, right along I94 there is a herd. That herd has a few white ones as well — maybe 3 — and they are quite rare.

  9. katzien says:

    Aww ,he’s sad like Eeyeore. Poor baby.

  10. Laurenis says:

    This is ridiculously beautiful…my goodness…thanks for posting this!

  11. Brenda Senne says:

    I think this animal art is a trend. In Billings, MT. you will find horses painted by different artists. In Helena, I think it is bears.

  12. tim says:

    Much prettier than the Richmond fish

  13. 'gina says:

    Buffalo, Ny has these.
    San Fran has painted fiberglass hearts.
    Cleveland Ohio has guitars…..wondering…
    what other cities have what…..

  14. Lucia says:

    Hey Matt, I am catching up after many days. It’s always fun to follow you on your journey through your pictures. Take care:)

  15. Karen Too says:

    Here is a blurb on the one here:

    Here are the others:

    The “Gogh-Bison-Go” entry made me laugh.

  16. Michelle says:

    This is a really beautiful piece. They had some in a region of Utah (Antelope Island area) that were really stunning.

    But…is that a tumor on its front left leg or what? :)

  17. Angelica says:

    This is beautiful. I like how it has a message, and resembles the place it comes from. I remember in Garden City (Long Island) they had a similar project, with cows, maybe ten years ago.

  18. Janell@fgo says:

    Wait to you get to Bismarck. They did horses ~ beautiful!

  19. Rick, Clovis Ca. says:

    What a great tattoo Mr.Buffalo (flowers) hahaha

  20. Stephen says:

    What’s the chance of painted statues of Matt and his cart showing up in Rockaway Beach? That would be a trip!

  21. Rick says:

    I didn’t know this was a nationwide thing. They did mules in Bucks County, PA. I think they were chosen because mules used to be used to pull barges along the Delaware river canal (which borders Bucks county).

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