Day 81

Awesome (self-hating) mailbox #29

June 15th, 2010

What if you're mailing a flag to the landfill?


  1. Sara says:

    I’m not 100% on the ritual, but there are rules to follow to properly dispose of a flag. Its funny that someone would want this box enough so they can make sure it gets done right.

    • Jeff says:

      funny…or how patiriotic, true american, with all the respect it deserves…kind of person. I say god bless them. there is enough flag abuse. I love the thought and give it much respect from my heart.

  2. Flags should be disposed of properly, not thrown in a landfill. That is what flag day is for and about. If you have an old, tattered flag take it to a VFW, Amvets post or the Boy Scouts. They will dispose of it properly by burning it once a year on flag day. And flag day is June 14th which was this past Monday.

    • Jeff says:

      right our local VFW had a table and a man posted at it all day. He took old battered flags and had new ones to give back.
      Dont think Matt ment harm…just a humor on the word dispose.

  3. Jay says:

    I”m sure the VFW or whom ever may of set this up since it’s a small town. It may be easier to drop them off here then they collect it later on than trying find that time to take it to the hall when they are open.

  4. selena says:

    us westerners are very patriotic! we believe in the american flag, and the proper disposal of it, we just had a flag burning for all “damaged” flags here in billings, i have also read that many american soldiers are from montana like 6 out of 10? someone correct me on the statistics, i have often wondered if that is due to the montana freemen?… / although it makes me even prouder to be a montanan

  5. Dan says:

    @selena: highly unlikely (not to say impossible). Montana has a population of just under 1 million, the US armed forces have almost 1.5 million active personnel. so 6 out of 10 soldiers would be 890.000 Montanans in the military. that would mean lots of Montanan geriatric and toddler soldiers. ;)

  6. Andrew in VT says:

    Too bad we’re not as conscientious about all the other stuff we throw away every day. See any evidence of can or bottle recycling out there in ND?

    • Janell@fgo says:

      Friday is recycle day. Leave it in the container by the curb and the recylcing truck picks it up. Not to mention areas to deposit all recyclable about every 10-15 square blocks.

  7. kim says:

    wow. very cool.

  8. Nicole says:

    I’m wondering if people actually still put mail in that box. People don’t read as much as they should.

  9. jerry's kid says:

    But painting the box that way IS a violation of the Flag Code.

  10. Roe says:

    Flags do have to be BURNED, only on certain days of the year, with ceremony. Most VETERAN associations (VFW, American Legion) are allowed to paint them (with permission) to give people a place to have proper disposal. If that makes any sense!

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