Day 82

Grain Belt Beer

June 16th, 2010

That's a new one to me.


  1. Paul says:

    Matt … you’re literally walking through the “grain belt” of America … in Montana you’ll see signs for “Moose Drool” beer … you’ll be in moose country then! No need for a map … just check beer signs …

  2. Brian O says:

    How did you get through the twin cities without seeing the giant Grain Belt sign downtown?! :)

  3. Carson E says:

    Like those above, I’m amazed you made it through MSP without seeing it somewhere. Also kinda surprised its that far west!

  4. Jeff says:

    Who cares about the sign…This place has “corner Keggs”. Finally a new Kegg design that is room friendly. Now you can have 4 keggs in a room and it wont take up the whole place….YeeeeHawwwww.

    Id like to see a old frothenslash sign…but that probably won’t happen since you are out of Pittsburgh.

    PS moose country ahead.. Hope you get us some Wildlife shots…and I dont meen beer pubs, Matt.

  5. Perry S of Minneapolis says:

    Suck one down sometime if you like a beer with blueberry taste.

  6. Craig Anderson says:

    I once heard Pete Townsend tell a radio interviewer that 85% of us were concieved while our parents were under the influence of alcohol. I asked my parents if they remembered, and my dad claimed they were drinking Grain Belt. I remember being fascinated with Grain Belt beer cans as a child, because each can had a different nature painting covering it, such as a northern pike breaking water, or a big buck, looking majestic.

  7. Craig Anderson says:

    Hamm’s had a similar advertising theme- “From the Land of Sky-Blue Waters”.

  8. Craig Anderson says:

    I did some internet research. Turns out those nature scenes were on Schmidt beer cans, not Grain Belt.

  9. Mike Weepie says:

    It goes by the name “Grain Belt Premium” these days, and actually is not bad, compared to the Bud/Miller/Coors swill the majority of uninformed “beer” drinkers like.

  10. The Wiki!

    Grain Belt is a brand of beer brewed in Minnesota, United States, by the August Schell Brewing Company. The beer has been produced in Three varieties: Grain Belt Golden, the original style introduced in 1893, and Grain Belt Premium, first introduced in 1947, and the brand new Grain Belt Nordeast, introduced to Northeast April 7th 2010 and nation wide April 8th. It was originally produced by the Minneapolis Brewing Company which formed with the merger of four smaller brewers in 1891. Soon after introduction, Grain Belt became the company’s flagship product. It was brewed at the original Grain Belt brewery in Minneapolis, Minnesota until 1976. A series of other owners followed, and Schell took over the product line in 2002.

  11. kent says:

    I always picked up some Grain Belt whenever traveling through Minn.

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