Day 89

Upon further reflection

June 23rd, 2010


  1. katzien in austin says:

    That should be titled ” A Pond Further Reflection.” Ba ha ha ha!

  2. Brian's Fortherecord says:

    And a penny 4 your thoughts. Or a pound, if you can haggle me!

  3. Melanie says:

    wow thats incredible

  4. scott mac says:

    an obvious tear in the space – time continuim.
    perhaps a worm hole to another dimension.
    I wonder if the manufacturer of your camera phone (?) is aware of all the good P.R. you are giving away?
    An opportunity is nothing less than recognizing a hidden door….. a portal if you will
    Miss your comments on this feedback site.
    reconsider your position of not looking back?

    • katzien in austin says:

      Yeah, Matt used to comment early on, but now I guess he’s just trying make it through. I wonder if it’s getting tought right about now…at the half way point.

      • Jeff says:

        I heard from Matt on this….he finds it hard to check on the website as much as earlier on. But he will email back now and then. That is actualy another Matt Fact…..
        I am sure he will read these and if he does a book (oh please do) then these blurbs should all find a home there too…dont you think.

    • Carolyn in Chitown says:

      Great pic! I wonder if Matt single handed promote the camera phone…have you noticed this year usage?

  5. Michelle says:

    Lovely picture! I’ve enjoyed following your adventure!

  6. Kristi Logan says:

    Awesome photo- love the reflection.

  7. You sure have a knack for these reflection pictures, I really like them, I’m using them for my computer backgrounds…….thanks.

    Patrick B. Goodman MD
    Bismarck, ND

    Welcome to the Bismarck-Mandan area…….time for a mailbox picture

  8. Janna in Alabama says:

    You show us such an unique prospective with these water reflecting sky photos. I love them!! I found your site about a month ago. I visit every day to see what’s new. Happy trekking.

  9. Pacis says:

    “The sky is always bluer on the otherside of the fence”

    Safe and happy travels.

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