Day 1

Leif takes a drink

December 31st, 2011

An artesian well in New York City?


  1. Dorinda from Mentor, Oh. says:

    I’m thirsty….

  2. Joisy Jeff says:

    Is Leif a Artist? You CAN find anything in New York. We have quite a few in my area of Jersey. Unlike this one, them limit how much we can take from them. Drink on young man…for it seems the cart ..with the many juggs is not taking this walk.

  3. Tna says:

    The Long Island aquifer system underlies all of Nassau, Suffolk, Kings, and Queens Counties. While the Kings and Queens Aquifers are not utilized as the sole or principal source of drinking water for the Borough of Kings or for any other portion of Queens County, the geographic boundaries of Kings and Queens Counties are the recharge zone for the aquifers underlying the southeastern portion of Queens County. The Administrator has determined that the recharge zone and streamflow source zone for the aquifers underlying southeastern Queens County are defined by the outside boundary of Kings County (Borough of brooklyn) and Queens County (Borough of Queens) in the city of New York and parts of Nassau County. Since parts of Nassau County within the recharge and streamflow source zones of the aquifers are already under sole source protection as the result of the Agency’s prior designation of aquifers underlying Nassau-Suffolk Counties, this designation extends the area for project review to encompass projec ts undertaken in the Boroughs of brooklyn and Queens of New York City, New York

  4. Tna says:

    The brooklynQueens Aquifer System is highly vulnerable to contamination. With the exception of the water derived from the Lloyd aquifer, about ten percent (10%) of the ground water withdrawals, the quality of ground water has declined from that of pristine conditions.

  5. I thought that fountain was pretty cool till I saw you PS, Tna!

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