Day 589

Nice hat

August 10th, 2013

In the foreground: the men-only Racquet and Tennis Club, "home to some of the most arcane sports in the world". Rising behind it: Park Avenue Plaza, whose developers bought the club's air rights for $5 million in the late 1970s after "perhaps the biggest game of real estate 'chicken' ever played in New York." The biggest, sure, but certainly not the most hilarious.


  1. Tom Kelly says:

    I just wanted to let you know how much enjoyment your blog brings to my day.

    It’s great to have this documentation of an amazing city. And your curiosity is delightful. As is your humor and photo selection.

    Congratulations! And thanks!

  2. Salzigtal says:

    Thanks for the referral. I’ve heard the term “lawn tennis” but never seen “real tennis” before.

  3. Chris Hedick says:


    I’m a NYC nerd, I know a s**t ton about this town and it’s history. But you manage to school me one at least one thing every time I visit the blog. Thank you. I’m awed by your awesomenessitude.

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