Day 780

Welcome to Warnerville

February 17th, 2014


This forgotten little fork of a neighborhood, along with nearby (and equally obscure) Meadowmere, is hidden away at the eastern edge of Queens, cut off from the rest of the city by water and marshlands. The two tiny communities didn't even have sewers until just a few years ago. (To get a better understanding of the crazy city boundary in this area, check out today's route map and zoom in on the lower right part of the map. The shaded areas are Nassau County, while the rest is NYC. The border is a little crudely drawn, but it gets the point across.)

The treed property visible on the other side of Thurston Basin is part of JFK Airport, which explains the two otherwise out-of-place-seeming signs mounted on posts in the water, visible midway through the video. The signs read "KEEP OUT SECURITY ZONE".

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