Day 783

Good ’nuff

February 20th, 2014

I saw a paper delivery guy pull up to this house in a car with "" emblazoned on the side, take one step out of the car, and lackadaisically chuck a copy of the Daily News in the general direction of the yard. It landed right in the middle of one of these bushes, making it almost invisible (close-up). The guy contemplated the situation for a moment before deciding it would be best to just move on to the next house and refrain from doing any extra work. Odds are he was just lazy, but perhaps he had realized that these people would undoubtedly be better off not reading the Daily News. (I ultimately decided to leave the paper hidden in the bush for that same reason.)

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  1. Karen Too says:


    While I am always happy to see print media, this newspaper leaves a lot to be desired.

    What a fine word, lackadaisically, and with a good use for it in a story well told. :-)

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