Day 1308

Today’s route — 3.3 miles

July 30th, 2015

For today's walk, I joined Dan Fleischer for a brief stretch of his "Manhattan thru-hike". Dan is an experienced long-distance hiker from Portland, Oregon, and he decided to spend his three-week summer vacation walking every street on the island of Manhattan. During his trek, he refrained from using any form of transportation other than walking, heading out each morning on foot to get to his starting point and returning home at night the same way. (He rented three places in different parts of Manhattan for a week each, which helped reduce the amount of back-and-forth walking he had to do each morning and evening.) Hoofing it more than 30 miles per day — and probably closer to 35 — he covered every street on the island in a single continuous trail of footsteps, hence the "thru-hike" part of the name.

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