Day 68

Another great night in the North Star State

June 2nd, 2010

Last night I was welcomed with open arms from the second I arrived. Connor and I played fetch with Bailey the dog, and Mark whipped up some dinner for me. When Cathy and Molly got home later, we all hung out on the deck talking for a while. I even got to jump in their hot tub! (I'm really roughing it out here.) This morning Connor and Molly got up early to make me an enormous feast for breakfast, and they sent me off with a bunch of goodies, too.

From left to right: Connor, Molly, Mark, Cathy


  1. Dave says:

    Hurrah for another good family. You’ve been having such good luck lately from some really good people that I’m afraid you’re going to feel very alone when fate has you in your tent again. Cheers and thanks for sharing another moment from the folks along the way! Americans are generous people.

  2. Hayden says:

    Thats a great pic of another generous family that helped you along your way!…….and I’m sure they will talk of your visit for years to come

  3. Jay says:

    As Dave said, it’s going to be a loney trip once you head out to the open North Dakota!

  4. Michael in Atlanta says:

    watching every day. More jealous every minute. I am 47 and before I’m 50 I might follow you on a southern trek. If I get fired for all the time i spend on here i’ll be there to keep you company. *grin*
    Maybe while you’re out in the nothingness of North Dakota, we all send you OUR family photos to keep you company? It could work.

    • katzien says:

      Right!?! Ask me what I’ve done at work this morning……nada. Just enjoying the view of America from Matt’s lense……so envious.

    • Kevin says:

      …boy if that doesn’t mirror my sentiments, …exactly,…and I’m 47 too :)
      Way to go Matt!,…you’re living all of our dreams…

  5. Mommy Lisa says:

    Minnesotan’s are AWESOME! Glad you are having a good time here – wish you were coming by, or I was home, you could jump in our tub tonight!

  6. Julie in the Sunshine State says:

    “The everyday kindness of the back roads more than makes up for the acts of greed in the headlines.” Charles Kuralt

  7. Katie says:

    I have been looking at this for the past month or so and these people are my neighbors!!!!! I so wish I could have met you!!!!!

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