Day 68

Uncle Tony

June 2nd, 2010

Do you think he's funny kooky or creepy kooky?


  1. katzien says:

    I’m betting for funny kooky. Do let us know which one it is when you meet him!

  2. Craig (Yeah..from NC) says:

    Hastings Bierstube (HEY they have free internet Matt!) Your there on a good day! Yummy.

    This Week’s Specials
    Everyday All Day
    Great New “Catch of the Day” appetizer:
    Jalapeno & Cheddar Stuffed Shrimp for only $7.99!!!
    You have to come and try these!

    Upcoming Events
    Sat, 6/5/2010
    Summerfest Tent Party with live music from Kooky Uncle Tony. If you missed our Oktoberfest tent party you can make up for it by showing up to this one. We are kicking things off at 6pm.

  3. Marty says:

    If he’s from Hastings, I’d say drunk Kooky so it could go either way.

  4. Ry Co 40 says:

    a saturday night tent party that starts at 6 with “uncle” tony… definitely creepy!

  5. kelli says:

    IM GOING WITH CREEPY…….could be fun

  6. Justin says:

    haha that’s the best sign so far! Matt, I think you know better.. but, don’t be sharing a tent with kooky uncle tony! or you may have to change your site to

  7. MikeB in MN says:

    My question is when is 6 PM ever not at NT.?

  8. Paul Dekker says:

    I’m going with drunken kooky and funny, all at the same time. The music will be good, if you like oompa bands….

    Funny, my cousin used to work at a Bierstube in Northern Thailand. German food and drunken germans…there’s a joke in there somewhere.

  9. Art says:

    Not sure of your exact plans, but the Minneapolis Marathon is being held this Sunday, June 6th starting and ending near the Guthrie Theatre in downtown Minneapolis. Quite a spectacle and lots of people around.

  10. Janna in Alabama says:

    I wonder, is if he’s related to Captain Crazy?

  11. Kaptain Krazy’s cousin…

  12. Looks like it might be raining, hopefully not for long…

  13. Cheryl says:

    I live just up the road from this sign…Matt I hope you got in out of the rain! Good food at the ‘Stube, but never got to see Kooky Uncle Tony. Probably just as well.
    Art, half my family is running that half-marathon (but not me!)
    Jeremy, thanks for the link…good interview!

  14. Timothy Kowalski says:

    I bet my bottom dollar he will start off as creepy KOOKY, till the beer google effect kicks in.. then he transforms to KEWL KOOKY !!!!!!!

  15. Jeff says:

    I bet you will be 75 mile from there on Saturday…..Just walking…away from kooky Saw the rain in the photo’s! ahh and i was rooting for sunshine all the way..! woops…back to work I go.

  16. Joan from Texas says:

    Don’t know much about MN except it’s pretty and cool. Went to Rochester once to the Mayo Clinic so can’t say much about Kooky Uncle Tony except KEEP ON WALKING. this is so much fun….

  17. Joel H says:

    I think they’re a cover band, and not a good one if they are playing a tent party starting at 6…

    • NJ keyboards guy says:

      Not necessarily a bad band; it’s hard to get work these days and such an event would be a good way to stay in shape and troll for paying gigs. I’d do it (once) just to be able to add “tent party with uncle kooky” to my calendar!

  18. Patty in MD says:

    here’s a link to what I believe is their facebook page, which actually doesn’t help answer the “creepy or funny” question:

  19. Lindsay says:

    I’m from Hastings and I have never hear of Uncle Tony. I think it is safe to assume he is as creepy as any Bierstube tent party probably is which is very creepy.

  20. Red in Minneapolis says:

    Hey Matt, hope Minnesota is treating you well. Have a safe trip up and through the Cities!

  21. Craig (Yeah..from NC) says:

    Sorry to Post again!
    But YOU Matt Green, I wonder how many people mistake you for the OTHER MATT (Matt Gregory) that has a walk
    going himself?

    Walking from Washington to Flordia Keys!
    I am so serious you guys look kinda alike!

    You guys may pass one another one day!

  22. OK, now Im worried, no more pics since Kooky Uncle Tony…

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