Day 75

An odd little park

June 10th, 2010


  1. Jeff says:

    Yea but in reality we (on the east coast/nj/nyz) can look at “my lady” every day if we choose..but the farther west you get…for some it never happens. I think I understand this one. Liberty/in god we trust I will always remember my cruise on the hudson when a group of Non-Americans saw the lady in the harbor for the first time, they hugged and bursted in tears. Then they just stared.

    Thanks for this one Matt. Without you, this trek, that AP article…I would never had known this existed.

  2. katzien says:

    Any park is a good park! ;-)

  3. Nicole says:

    We have an exact, but 1/8th size replica of her in our town.

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