Day 75

Toilet paper!

June 10th, 2010

I finally stopped to look more closely, and it really was toilet paper! I could see the imprinted pattern and the perforations between squares. Weird!


  1. Jeff says:

    I’ll say. keep the potty humor to my self.

  2. Sarah from CA says:

    So I guess these cracks needed two-ply?

  3. Karen Too says:

    That is weird. How is it staying on the ground, and how has it not disintegrated? Are you sure it’s not some kind of tape?

    Maybe it was some kind of fraternity prank?

    • Laurenis says:

      My guess is that the cracks were still “wet” or sticky and toliet paper is natural way to prevent the tar from sticking to people’s tires… is a buffer of some sort. Just my hypothesis!

  4. Tonia says:

    a little charmin ultra gets the job done!

  5. Joan says:

    I think paper has something to do with protecting users while mixture sets. I first saw it on my grocery store parking lot. Get ready for wide open spaces.

  6. Deborah says:

    I agree with Steph…. WHY? Enjoying your pics and videos! Be safe!

  7. Thomas says:

    I’ve heard of putting paper on the seat, but not putting paper on the crack.

  8. Sera says:

    The paper disintegrates with rain, this must have just been done.

  9. Donna says:

    I just want to know how long you have been walking with that toilet paper on the bottom of your shoe and you just now noticed it? lol :)

  10. Sandra says:

    … the budget for road repairs must be down to the last few bucks… so the foreman of the construction crew decided to by the best thing on the planet to fix anything that is broken… but lo behold, he couldn’t afford the duct tape with the budget that he had for supplies. so he opted for the next best thing… toilet paper…

  11. Tim says:

    They do that all the time in the northern states…we do it here in Michigan too. after they tar all the cracks after winter, they roll the TP over it. I think it must help keep the tar on the roads and not on the cars that drive over it…why it is on a trail i have no idea :)

  12. katzien says:

    Grab some in case you run out.

  13. Sandy says:

    Up north here, we get a lot of cracks in the roads from the freezing and thawing, so we need to do a lot of road repair. The toilet paper keeps the tar from sticking to car wheels, bike wheels, feet, whatever until it sets. Then, the toilet paper biodegrades in the rain! It’s cheap, does the job, and comes in handy rolls.

    • Mark from MN says:

      “the toilet paper biodegrades in the rain! It’s cheap, does the job, and comes in handy rolls.” Exactly!

  14. Renee' says:

    WOW you learn something new every day!! Love all your pics Matt!

  15. Jenypher O. says:

    Apparently they use toilet paper for blotting, as found on this PDF document:

    On page 3.11 of the document it says “Blotting protects the uncured crack treatment material from tracking under traffic. Blotting material is typically used in areas where traffic has to travel on the material before it has had time to cure. Blotting material is also frequently used in areas of stop-and-go traffic and where there may be traffic turning on the material.

    The blotting material should be applied immediately after the material is placed and finished. Toilet paper, talcum powder, lime, sand, and limestone chips are commonly used as blotting materials”

    There’s also an image (Image 3.13) of someone applying toilet paper into an asphalt crack using a paint roller thingy. Hahaha! Very curious indeed. Again, Matt, you never cease to enlighten me!

    • Kristy says:

      Thank YOU Jenypher,i was going over in my head how i would google this occurrence…hahahahaaa.I love how your name is it a common spelling where you live?

  16. Jay says:

    I find it intresting seeing it must not be a common thing! I’ve seen it done on highways many time for repair.

  17. Robert says:

    hmmm. the term “ass fault” comes to mind, sorry.

  18. Someone says:

    TP is cheap, porous to allow the tar to “dry” and the paper biodegrades very quickly. You can get commercial Scott TP in a 12 pack at 1000ft/roll. That is 12,000 feet (2.72 miles) for about $80. Likely more than enough to put a layer on each sealed crack along that pathway…..well in the budget.

  19. Yep. Don’t they do that in NYC??? Funny. Glad you share this wonderful experience. I can’t believe you walked right by my house in Wabasha, MN and in my hometown of Lake City! I have a hundred questions for you but will leave it at just watching you site. Thanks for sharing my friend. You are always welcome here if you do it again.

  20. Keith says:

    @Thomas – “I’ve heard of putting paper on the seat, but not putting paper on the crack.”

    I use paper on “The crack” all the time, what do you use?

  21. Janine says:

    Keith I was just about to type that! *ROFL* I wonder if store-brand is good enough, or do they need to use a cushiony name-brand paper?

  22. Jimmy zook says:

    When you get to Idaho, go to Idaho City. They too have a genius in their road department. Patch potholes in the city streets with cardboard and blue masking tape. Absolutely one of the best ways to fix a road……………..

  23. Craig... (Yeah, From NC!) says:

    lmfao.. I’m pinching myself!!! ( this is just a dream.. this is just a dream )

  24. Elise says:

    with cracks like these, I think 3 ply should do the job :)

  25. Nicole says:

    Another thing I learned yay!

  26. Rosemarie says:

    This is hilarious. Getting caught up again, from being away. Agreed Nicole, I have learned so many little things. Interesting. Matt, hope all is well and continued safety.

  27. bob says:

    Cheaper than painting lines and better ecology

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