Day 75

Toilet paper?

June 10th, 2010

For miles I passed over hundreds of sealed cracks in the pavement, covered with what looked like toilet paper.


  1. Karen Too says:

    My guess is that it’s something like asphalt repair tape, but it does look like toilet paper.

  2. Sera says:

    That is toilet paper, they use it to cover the crack seal. Apparently, they used to use some special commercial brand of covering, but found that toilet paper works just as well.

  3. Timothy Kowalski says:

    Man o’ Man !!!! And I thought road repair in WNY was SH*TTY !!!!

  4. patty says:

    This is hard to comprehend and alll so funny!!!!

  5. Neil says:

    Agree with Sera, it is toilet paper. They use it to cover the crack sealant and once the sealant hardens the rain/traffic wear it off. Its biodegrades easily, so they don’t have to worry about coming back to remove it.

  6. Dora (Explorer Wannabe) says:

    So who knew??? Ingenius, and very McGyver. Being from Dallas Tx, they couldn’t make enough toilet paper to cover the tar and asphalt road patches we get down here in the summer time – however, without the patches, we would lose the suspension in our vehicles very fast. Big rigs, heat and asphalt are the food processor in the road world.

    I found your website through a brief news story online and after my first visit I was hooked. I am drawn to your adventure for the wonderful view of grassroots America. I come to your site beat up by the stress of the day working as an office manager in a small company who must wear many hats and multitask to get the job done. I leave your site refreshed, lighthearted and at peace – grateful for the glimpse into a lovely world where people are usually genuine, caring and outgoing. Even in Texas, that can be a rare thing – especially in the urban areas. Thanks for the view…it is unique and inspiring!

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