Day 78

Farmers Grain and Mercantile Co

June 12th, 2010


  1. Craig... (Yeah, From NC!) says:

    I found this:
    Rothsay Farmers Co-op on sound footing in 2009

    By Tom Hintgen (Contact) | The Daily Journal

    Published 12:25 p.m., April 9, 2009

    Rothsay Farmers Cooperative is an anchor in the community and plays a positive role for the well being of the entire area. This year the co-op was honored by the Minnesota Grain and Feed Association (MGFA) for 104 years of continuous service to the agricultural and local community.

    “This honor means a lot to us,” said General Manager Paul Jorgenson. “Our members are proud of the cooperative that enhances market access, economic development and quality service.”

    The MGFA also recognized Rothsay Farmers Cooperative for its role in providing community leadership and what it termed, “essential agricultural inputs” for over 100 years.

    The elevator itself was built in 1906 with a 50,000 bushel capacity. For 77 years the organization went by the name Farmers Grain and Mercantile Company.

    The organization entered into the oil business in 1935 and in 1976 the elevator became part of the anhydrous ammonia business. In 1985 the elevator became an independent company and in 1987, with changes to the articles of incorporation, the business became known as Rothsay Farmers Co-op.

    A new elevator was built in Rothsay in 1974. In 1992 the Peavey Elevator in Barnesville was purchased. During the 1980s the Lawndale and Carlisle locations were closed.

    Today, Rothsay Farmers Cooperative focuses on grain, agronomy, tire sales and service.

    Jorgenson has worked for the organization for 29 years and has been manager for 14 years. He has nine employees in Rothsay and is proud of the new office building completed in November 2008.

    At the co-op annual meeting on March 13, it was announced that $498,476 will go back to area farmers, about half in the form of an immediate dividend with the other half retained by the co-op until the mandatory retirement age of the stockholders.

    President of the cooperative board is Troy Larson. The organization has 198 stockholders.

    Larson, Jorgenson and others also are proud of recent improvements that include a new conveyor and loading system, new volume weight measuring system, new Case-IH floater-spreader and a new land rover.

  2. Jfer says:

    That would look very vintage by changing it to B&W or Sepia.

    I love getting up every morning to check and see where you’ve been and what you saw the previous day. It’s like we’re all walking with you. (Betcha haven’t heard that one before, huh?) Too bad you’re not trekking through Iowa or I’d track you down next week when we travel there to visit my husband’s side of the family. I’d make them offer you midwestern yummies and a soft yard in which to pitch your tent. Safe travels to you!

  3. Peggy says:

    I just think it is a beautiful picture.

  4. Rob says:

    The cathedrals of the plains!

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