Day 78

Ol’ Pete

June 12th, 2010

Number 68 on the list.

And thanks to Pete, I now know the meaning of the word "supercentenarian".


  1. Michael, From Florida says:

    I hope i am never 110.. but it is awesome that he will be remember for a long time to come though this tree… Great job Pete….

  2. Tesla says:

    That’s a pretty cool list.

  3. Martha says:

    I was tempted to comment earlier this week when I saw the flat landscape of the prairie – I just finished reading a book, “Giants in the Earth,” by O.E. Rolvaag. It is about early Norwegian settlers to the prairie west of Minnesota – that flat landscape can do funny things to a person – or so the story went. But I had to write today! Two of the secondary characters in the book are brothers Henry and Sam Solum! Peter here is just the right age to be one of their sons…

    I hope you are finding the landscape inspiring and welcoming.

  4. MONA says:


  5. Kathi says:

    Matt, really really enjoying keeping up with you daily. What an adventure. I would really like to know how many miles you travel each day and how many miles you have traveled so far. I sure hope you write a book about your travels!

    • Jeff says:

      MATT FACT: give or take a 100 miles……

      Miles traveled ~ 1458, time by car…25hrs
      Time by Matt’s Timbeland’s and sandals: 78 days. Time spent enjoying america by foot…..Timeless…I mean priceless…..
      He has got to have averaged about 20-25 miles a day that I can plot out….
      But hay I am a armchair follower.

  6. Scott R says:

    Almost to Fargo. Better watch it or else ya could end up like ol’ Pete here. Avoid the wood chippers. Keep up the amazing adventure!

  7. Rod Norris says:

    Thanks again Matt. More and more information about America each day.. keep on trekking!

  8. Janine says:

    God bless Pete.

  9. CJ in MN says:

    My great-uncle is on the list…..that is awesome

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