Day 81

Buffalo Cemetery

June 15th, 2010

The most flowery cemetery I've ever seen!


  1. Doris says:

    Wow, that is the nicest cemetary I have ever seen! N D ‘s peonies are in full bloom, mine was gone a month ago. Those sure are some pretty flowers.

  2. Janna in Alabama says:

    This is nice! So, much better than fake/silk flowers.

  3. MN Roxanne says:

    Love, Love all those peonies!!

  4. Karen Too says:

    That is one of the prettier cemeteries that I’ve seen, too. Peonies around here just bloomed; they don’t last long at all, but they are a pleasure to see in the garden.

    Peonies as a metaphor for life, perhaps?

  5. Mom says:

    That is a wonderful cemetery. Peonies are incredibly long-lived plants, making them ideal for cemeteries. 100 year-old plantings are not uncommon.

  6. Jeff says:

    Yea aren’t they now advertised as “lifetime” peonies. they will last for generations to come.
    PRetty cemetary Matt.

  7. Michelle says:

    That is indeed a very cool sight. Thanks for sharing with us!

  8. Tesla says:

    I love this. It’s nice to see that someone takes time and cares enough to do something like this.

  9. Darene says:

    Such a beautiful place to be buried!!! Very well kept & meticulous:)

  10. Molly says:

    What a lovely cemetery. More of them should do something like this.

  11. Angelica says:

    This is the prettiest cemetery I’ve ever seen!

  12. Nicole says:

    What a beautiful cemetery (never thought I’d be writing that).

  13. karen428 says:

    Very nice way to honor someone’s life….live flowers! sweet!

  14. 'gina says:

    great idea!!!!!

  15. Norwood says:

    I wonder how many buffalo are buried there?

  16. Candice In Alabama says:

    Wow – I’ve never seen a cemetery like this one! The LIVE flowers are beautiful.

  17. Kerin says:

    What an honor it must be to rest there. Looks like it’s lovingly maintained, too. How nice to see!

  18. RACHEL LARSEN says:

    Oh, those beautiful peonies!!! One of my favorite flowers in the midwest.

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