Day 83


June 17th, 2010

Can one mutilate something without damaging it?

Of course, the bigger question is: What events precipitated the construction of a sign explicitly prohibiting mutilation?


  1. Karen Too says:

    To me, as an eyesore, that sign is definitely maiming the place.

    I’m guessing the sign is meant to imply “No firearms, motorcycles, horses allowed,” but it could be interpreted as “No firearms. Motorcycles, horses allowed.”

    • Jeff says:

      eyesore yes. I’ve only seen a peaceful place. Guess anywhere in the world where there is a park….there will be some form of vandilism……. Guess the sign is needed and posted. But what a picture if it was not.

  2. Maybe it’s where the Toy Slayer started out?

  3. Barbara Kiviat says:

    I think it’s pretty clear that motorcycle-riding, firearm-carrying horses are at fault.

  4. Anna One says:

    When I lived in Sacramento from 04-09, there seemed to be a rash of playground equipment fires. Disgusting. I guess because they are built of plastic they can be “mutilated” easily (makes me just as sick to see graffiti)…Matt, I emailed you earlier today to inquire why you were heading so far north instead of more of a straight shot from MN to OR. I realize now that there are a lot of tornadoes in SD area and just today some type of freak “wind” thingy destroyed a house in Billings, MT. Yikes! I hope you will be able to find shelter on your journey ahead. This is truly a once in a lifetime adventure for all of us. It has become my daily journal to read and reflect upon. Be safe… P.S. Thank you too, Jason; site is awesome.

  5. Lori says:

    I wonder if folding, stapleing and spindling are ok?

  6. Kevin from NC says:

    They start out folding and spindling their standardized test sheets and the next thing you know they’ve graduated (bad word choice?) to playground equipment.

  7. Dennis says:

    Judging by some of your photos, people have been known to mutilate the English language…but I don’t think they render any permanent damage :-)

  8. Sarah says:

    And horses!

  9. Janine says:

    Is it redundancy? Or are they just saying the same thing over again?

  10. Peacenik in Oregon says:

    The Dept of Redundancy Department stikes again…

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