Day 95

Richardton’s Little Opry Land

June 29th, 2010


  1. Portland Sam says:

    Looks like Opry really draws a crowd in ND…

  2. Jeff says:

    WOW…no one can think of anything to say? Ok..I’ll try…is there a sandwich shop nearby to get something to eat at the picnic table.

  3. Chuck in florida says:

    Well it’s no tar bubble but…….

  4. From what little bit I could gather from a google search they have a festival in August called “‘lil Opryland”. It’s some kind of music festival with games and such. I just didn’t find a good enough description to put a link here to it.

  5. Karen Too says:

    It looks like a Hollywood set, and the place, and the surrounding streets, are spotlessly clean.

  6. 'gina says:

    reminds me of the town in fantasy island amusement park (buffalo ny) where the have the gun shows…..

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