Day 128

Splendid Isolation

August 1st, 2010


  1. Jeff says:

    Splendid indeed.

  2. Uncle Sam says:

    Honestly, are you worried about bears? I should would be.

  3. Ei says:

    Looks wonderful. Be careful out in those woods!

  4. Steve in WI says:

    This will be a very peacful walk, nothing but the sounds of mother nature. Enjoy !!!

  5. Nick in Ohio says:

    Far cry for NYC! Keep on rolling Matt!!! Stay safe.

  6. Bill W. says:

    Bears, don’t worry about them… But the setting is oddly reminiscent of “Deliverance”

  7. Candice In Alabama says:

    OH wow – looks like peace and quiet!

    • Candice In Alabama says:

      Matt – stay safe – I hope you are wearing some kind of repellant for ticks. We don’t want you getting Rocky Mt. Spotted fever!

  8. Greg says:

    Looks wonderful. Wish I was there right now, but two’s a crowd.

  9. Mark says:

    WOW! That’s got to be just Amazing!

    I’ve really enjoyed reading about your trip! What a great and wonderful experience you must be having!

  10. deb says:

    Wonder what the mosquitoes are like? A place like this looks perfect for giant ones!

    • Lori says:

      Have a few mosquitoes here, but not as bad as you would think. This year a few more than usual due to a wet Spring & early Summer. A little bug repellant would take care of them.

  11. Barb C. says:

    Where I live I am surronded by the Shawnee Narional Forest. This looks just like some of the places around here.

  12. Janet says:

    Looks like a lonely road. Too many scarey things could happen in those woods. Be careful and don’t forget your New York attitude. It’s funny I just read a book called “The Walk” and it was about a man who did the same thing you are doing but for a different reason. He walked from the state of Washington to the Florida Keys. You should read it I think you’ll like it.

    • Dorinda from Mentor, Oh. says:

      There’s some kid out there right now doing that. There was a link on here months back about him. Wonder if he’s walking in this authors foot steps recreating the walk or what. Hmm…where’s that link to that story? anyone?

    • Barb V from Michigan says:

      Janet, I discovered Matt right after reading that book back in May, and emailed him about it. Great book, but now we wait for the sequel from the author (Richard Paul Evans). And maybe the first of many from Matt?

  13. Stephen says:

    Reminds me of an old logging road that I take when visiting a friend’s cottage just north of here (Ottawa, Canada) in Quebec’s Gatineau Hills. A great place to ski in the winter and canoe in the summer. Matt, I’m so glad you can appreciate the ‘splendid isolation’ and make it a positive thing.

  14. Gigi says:

    Love the pic .. I could almost hear the rustling of the leaves and a bird song.

  15. Adis says:

    Somehow – the cosy view :)

    The path with the destination, I’d say :)

    Seen many in my homeland, too.

  16. Dionne says:

    we use to take our camper on roads similar to this all over the Northern/Central Idaho Mountains–then camp under the stars. We called them “Dennis Get Lost Roads” for my dad because even though we weren’t lost it always seemed as though we were. You can be on these roads for only an hour and it feels like way more than that. Plus you always feel like the nearest town is days away but in reality it is only 20 miles! I miss Idaho and the mountains

  17. Vivian from CA says:

    I bet it smelled wonderful!! All that piney, mossy, ferny loveliness :)

  18. SIR RICHARD says:

    I admire your true, American moxie, young traveller. You have successfully abandoned the Corporatocracy, the corrupt American plutocracy, and the collective corporate greed, wage slavery and corporate welfare that has decimated the American middle-class standard of living, and quality of life that for nearly half a century sustained its hardworking citizens with freedom and democracy. As for modern life today, it’s all about beggary, obscurity, quiet desperation and all the terrifying social ills of social engineering (Facebook, Twitter, Utube), conformity, subjugation and mind control. Yes, that life affirming tool known as technology which in my correct and esteemed opinion has devolved civilization and destroyed the American pension system, as empowered idiots like Bill Gates and Larry Elliason of Oracle accept their dishonest positions as robber barrons. I wish I knew about your cross country walking tour; I would have gladly joined you to explore this great American Earth, helped out with expenses and simply lived in comlete freedom while taking it all in stride. I welcome your feedback so please respond. Also, the next trip you plan on taking please keep me apprised. I have always dreamed of officially dropping out of this vile, vapid and vacuous society we call progress. BRAVA to you!

    • marcus says:

      hmmmm. can the moderator/creator of this blog remove comments such as the one posted by ‘sir richard’. seems like we’ve been invaded by a blowhard. would hate for comments such as that to spoil the whimsy and serendipity of the adventure.

      anybody know who to contact?

  19. kheavner says:

    Beautiful, absolutely beautiful! Peace and quiet, no car horns or road rage here!

  20. Jim Davidson says:

    Hope you’re wearing bear bells out in that splendid isolation. Keep moving on and take care of yoursself! Jim

  21. Karen Too says:

    This looks like so many of the roads around here, including one a stone’s throw from my front door. Love it!

  22. John says:

    Yep, you have arrived. This IS the Great North West. I’ve traveled all over the US, but have live my entire life in the Great NW and in my humble opinion you can’t beat it.
    Enjoy this last leg of your journey Mat!

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