Day 129

Kellogg: City of Fire Hydrants

August 2nd, 2010


  1. Candice in Alabama says:

    And a beautifully painted fire hydrant it is! What! No Awesome mailboxes?

  2. Gayle Opie says:

    I like that — we should do that to all fire hydrants as a nationwide beautification project.

  3. Candice in Alabama says:

    What is that building. Looks like 50s/60s architecture. Is it a church or a school?

  4. Margaret says:

    Just found your site yesterday and have now read through it all (not all comments though!!). What a fantastic journey and what wonderful people. As an Australian, it has opened my eyes to the US, moreso than what we see on TV. I was indifferent about visiting, but now I’d love to travel around the States. Well done on your journey and look forward to reading more each day. What an inspiration you and your countrymen are!

  5. Gigi says:

    Awesome view of the mountains!

  6. MN Roxanne says:

    Who knew fire hydrants needed glasses???? Love the idea of this… very sweet!

  7. deanna valenti meyer says:

    This sort of looks like one of those nesting dolls. How cute! I deem this Neato Fire Hydrant #1.

  8. AND CARS!!! Anyone from a 300-400 mile radius of this town has heard of the infamous DAVE SMITH MOTORS and can’t help but to say LOW LOW LOW prices at least 16 times while passing through it!

  9. Jeff in Joisy says:

    A R T

  10. Barb V from Michigan says:

    Awesome Fire Hydrant #1!

  11. Jeff says:

    awesomist fire hydrant in the whole wide world of

  12. Dorinda from Mentor, Oh. says:

    Love that they were allowed to “dress up” their fire hydrants. How adorable.

  13. Don in Tennessee says:

    What a way to FIRE UP the hydrants. Hope they keep her and the flowers well hydrated!

  14. Roe says:

    What a great idea for an Eagle Scout project, Even to do a few!

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