Day 140

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August 13th, 2010


  1. Nancy from Spring, TX says:

    Congratulations on crossing over into Oregon Matt. Enjoy the rest of your walk…

  2. charlie says:

    whoa. wait a minute. this photo was taken in Oregon….that can only mean one thing……he’s in the home stretch!

  3. charlie says:

    hey, did anyone happen to notice that on the map, the Boardman OR bombing range, is just shy south of the Boardman airport? now tell me, what’s wrong with that setup, eh?

  4. MN Roxanne says:

    Oregon !!! Can you believe it??? Yeah Matt… Congrats…. here comes the beach!

    • MN Roxanne says:

      So when I got the map to work < I see that Matt's still on the WA side of the Columbia…. close but not in Oregon yet… just a tease away…

  5. Jeff says:

    They made a big thing when a person half black/half white became the president of the united states. What a complete and ultimate event it will be…when a Native American becomes President of the land that was slowly removed from their possesion. And they were given small chunks to call their own when they were the origional keepers of this treasured land.

    • Barb C. says:

      Jeff hope I’m alive to see that. We really did the Native Americans a huge injustice.

    • Sarah says:

      Agreed. And what a weird thing it would have been for their ancestors to see these signs stating “U.S. GOVERNMENT PROPERTY”. I understand that the purpose is to preserve the land for their use, but it probably wouldn’t have been any government’s property if they’d had it their way.

  6. Gigi says:

    Flickr says the pic was taken in Willows, Oregon. Congratulations Matt! After 140 days of walking you’re on the homestretch of your journey. You must be both relieved and excited at the same time. For us in the Hobo Nation it’s a bittersweet feeling, we are as excited as you are but a little sad that the trip has to end. I’m still rooting for that book though. Enjoy the rest of the journey!

  7. phyllis says:

    yeah jeff i guess we were the original illigal immigrants!!!!

  8. phyllis says:

    it is truly remarkable to have traversed the usa in such a short time.

  9. I think Willows might be a triangulation marker for his GPS system..His tracking said at this time he was definitely on the North side of the river, which is Washington…the two states are separated only by the river (which is essentially cut in half by the state line) Willows (willow creek) is located South of 84 in Oregon in the middle of nowhere. At least from what google says. I followed this road last year to Nehalem (a little north of Rockaway beach) our main highway 84 took us right next to the Columbia on the south side it’s a 4 lane, while a two lane highway stretched the north side on the banks of the Columbia, in Washington. One of the pics in this set faces the sunset with the river on the left….which says he is probably still in Wshington here.

  10. Lori says:

    See the little bit of land beyond the water on both the left & right sides of the sign…? THAT’s Oregon ;-) Trust me, I’ve driven the Columbia Gorge so many times I could (almost) drive it with my eyes closed.

  11. CPinMI says:

    Wow, I can’t believe life got away from me and I missed you while you were actually in WA.

    • Barb V from Michigan says:

      CPinMI – I was worried for a moment you were my boss, following me following Matt. But your comment makes it sound like you’re actually from WA, or maybe recently visited, and I know my boss hasn’t been there recently…. whew! That or you’re really him pretending not to be… Thought I was busted creatively using my lunch hour at different times of the day. :)

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