Day 145

The Vista House vista

August 18th, 2010

I have no idea how this place got its name.


  1. Michelle says:

    What a view!…Boy I must be catching these pics just as you post them!
    Peace from Michelle in Providence

  2. John in MI says:

    Interesting history this place has–
    As for the name, I agree, haven’t got a clue.

    • Kier from Oregon says:

      John in MI ~ Thanks for the link, great information! I am a native Oregonian and I didn’t know anything about this site. Thanks to Matt for the introduction and to you for the history lesson on the origins of the building.

    • MN Roxanne says:

      thanks for the link John… I learned more about this place… I’d like to stop and see the ‘view” from the Vista House…

    • Don in Tennessee says:


      Thanks for the post. it was vey interesting. I noticed that a group known as Friends of Vista House has taken charge to see that this place stays in good repair and continues to serve visitors. We have a Friends of the Smokies organization that does a similar thing for the Great Smoky Mountains National Park in TN and NC including a lic plate where $35 from the sale of each goes to the Park. These treasures do not get the proper funding from our elected officials.

  3. Bev from Vancouver WA says:

    Welcome to the west side. Matt should have great walking weather, overcast mornings and temps in the 70’s. Happy walking~

  4. Dorinda from Mentor, Oh. says:

    Gee I can’t imagine either Matt. Great views, you’re really high up there. Again to bad it’s a cloudy day. I bet when it’s clearer you can see for ever.

  5. A GREAT photo, Matt! A bit overcast, but cool. After the past week, and sun, I hope you don’t mind the clouds. Keep away rain! (It never helps to hope for rain to keep away in Oregon!) (That is why it is so green).

    This photo is like a postcard, worth millions!

  6. Jeff says:

    Matt if this is the vista to the vista house…maybe it is behind you taking the picture or maybe it was behind you at one time……or maybe someone stumbled on thier words while naming it and it stuck

  7. Candice in Alabama says:

    This so making me want to go on a trip!

  8. charlie says:

    flicker says ‘mt pleasant, wa’. but matt’s in oregon. google maps says mt pleasant wa is on the canadian border across the water from victoria. i just dont trust flickr or googlemaps anymore.

  9. EDL in MN says:

    That is a great pic!
    The overcast sky and mist gives it a unique perspective.

  10. deanna valenti meyer says:

    Oh I am so glad Matt has gone to the Vista House…as you can see…the view is GORGEOUS! Can’t beat it…

  11. Don in Tennessee says:

    Beautiful, awesome, spectacular etc!

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