Day 147

Scotty welcomes Matt

August 20th, 2010


  1. John F. in CA says:

    It looks like Scotty was fairly confident about your route down this sidewalk. Thank you, Scotty!

  2. Now that’s the kind of welcome all of us would like after 3000 miles or so…and they gave it to you Matt…great…and IN COLOR too…that’s great…

  3. John in MI says:

    Great job Scotty, I love your chalk art.

  4. Gigi says:

    Way to go Scotty! Thank you for the colorful welcome!

    Does the long line above the sign end with an arrow pointing to their house?

  5. Don in Tennessee says:

    What a colorful welcome matt, or is it mat? Great job Scotty and hope you enjoyed meeting the head of the Matt Green Hobo Planet.

  6. Pedro from Belle Harbor, NY says:

    Way to go Matt… …About 100 more miles left! Then are you turning around and walking back????

  7. Julie in Cincinnati says:

    Great job Scotty!!! I love the artwork!!

  8. Laura in TX says:

    Thank you Scotty for the cool welcome sign

  9. Dorinda from Mentor, Oh. says:

    I think somebody was excited to see you?! This was his way of making sure you didn’t pass by their place and miss them. Great welcome there to Portland.

  10. Michael in Atlanta says:

    WOW. Scotty, you poured your soul out on the sidewalk. What a great thing to do! Great job!

  11. Ruthie in CA says:

    Good work Scotty, great sign you could show those people on division blvd how its done!

  12. Dorinda from Mentor, Oh. says:

    Is anybody else having problems getting the videos to come up? So far there are two of them that I saw like little black boxes and comments made on the page but the video pages won’t play.

    • Dorinda from Mentor, Oh. says:

      The video is entitled “This gloom on my soul” But it isn’t complete yet I guess. There was another one to that said that Becky and Mark played music for Matt. What’s up?

  13. Craig.. (Yeah in NC!) says:

    hehehe good work! I’m sure Matt was smilin’ ear to ear.

  14. MN Roxanne says:

    now that’s a ” WELCOME- Matt ” – that is awesome!!!

  15. Lisa Downing says:

    Too cute for words. Sometimes, kids say it best.

  16. deanna valenti meyer says:

    That welcome “matt” is E-P-I-C!!! :)

  17. Chantal in Vegas says:

    I can’t believe you’re almost THERE!!! Congratulations!! What an amazing journey.

  18. Janine says:

    Scotty rocks! This needs to be framed, along with Emma’s paper towel art.

  19. Karen Too says:

    Adorable, and how thoughtful.

  20. How about the “portLAND”…I thought that was great…wonderful Scotty…and in color…wonderful…

  21. Vickie from Michigan says:

    I love the way the peach-colored line takes a turn up the sidewalk to Scotty’s front door. I bet he met you with a big smile and hearty laugh!

  22. Candice in Alabama says:

    What a nice welcoming sign. Glad you found the right place! :)

  23. RAYMOND in ALABAMA says:

    Its nice to see that the things Matt is doing appeals to young people also, what a heart this kid has. You can tell by this that his parents do things with him as a family, when so many families do not do this anymore. NICE Job Scotty, THANKS Raymond

  24. Sarah in OR says:

    Whooo, you’ve made it!

  25. Melanie in Rochester says:


  26. Flavia says:

    i wonder how many people will be waiting for Matt at Rockaway Beach? Jeff would you happen to know?

  27. Mom says:

    Thanks, Scotty. Your art work reminds me of some chalk art by Matthew in our driveway a while back!

  28. katzien in austin says:

    What a nice surprise to have a sign made especially for you!! Remember the first carboard sign for Matt?

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