Day 148

Statue in front of Harvey Marine

August 21st, 2010


  1. John in MI says:

    Looks kinda creepy. I don’t know if it’s the eyes or the human hands.

  2. Kherri CLT via PDX says:

    I grew up seeing waving at Harvey every time we drove by.

    I see Matt decided on TV Highway instead of Jenkins Rd/Main. No seeing Nike’s HQ after all.

  3. Alisa 11 says:

    There is a peg in the palm of his hand you can just see. At Christmas he holds a Christmas tree and at Easter it’s an egg or basket, I think. He’s a very old local landmark.

    • Jeff says:

      Thanks I actually thought it was a dental cleaning tool. I’d be afraid of that dentist if it where, (wipe sweat from my brow) what a relief.

    • Kherri CLT via PDX says:

      How funny, we must have been looking this up at the same time. Great minds think alike. :-)

      • Alisa 11 says:

        This is just around the corner from our place, we’re just off Cornelius Pass. I’m so disappointed I missed Matt today. I went out looking this afternoon, but I was looking on baseline and he was on TV.

        • Kherri CLT via PDX says:

          That sucks. If I still lived in Oregon I would have been out looking for him, too! lol I was just telling my husband if we were still out there I would sooooo go to Rockaway to be there when he gets there. So sad it’s coming to an end, but yet so happy for him.

        • Dorinda from Mentor, Oh. says:

          Aw darn. You should have emailed him he would have answered back. But I don’t know how soon, but it might have worked who knows. You can still email him to see where he’s at and go to where he’s at. Give it a try if you want. You just might get to meet him.

        • MN Roxanne says:

          Do email him Alisa… he’s good about answering. He’ll let you know where he’s at… he can’t be that far away… go look him up! Bummer you missed him…

  4. MN Roxanne says:

    I’m sorry, I think the rabbit has a creepy look on his face.. rather scary to me. The link was fun to read about all the “stuff” that’s happened to him over the years… I’m sure there are generations that have grown up playing pranks on the giant rabbit.

  5. Christine says:

    Those ears look like they are made from Fan blades!

  6. Joel Archer says:

    That’s really kind of disturbing…

  7. The real redeeming value…is the reference (there is that referencing again, Matt)…is the reference to the movie “Harvey”…with Jimmy Stewart…great play, great movie…B/W but a wonderful movie…

  8. Candice in Alabama says:

    Oh – is that Harvey’s 6 foot tall – invisible rabbit?

  9. Don in Tennessee says:

    What’s up doc!

    Ole Harvey sure has an attention getter for his boating business. I guess this guy came from rabbid land! –

  10. katzien in austin says:

    Harvey’s cool, and has had quite a history. Doesn’t he dress a bit like the rabbit from Alice in Wonderland?

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