Day 149

Let’s all wish Dennis a happy trip!

August 22nd, 2010


  1. Kier from Oregon says:

    Dennis was in a hurry to leave, he closed Friday at Nood….the camping gods must have been honking their horn to hurry up and get out of town!!

  2. bullcitymama in NC says:

    Have fun Dennis and family!!!

  3. Ruthie in CA says:

    Dennis and family getting the jump on Labor day weekend!

  4. Gigi says:

    Maybe Dennis and family should extend that trip to include stopping by Rockaway Beach next week and join in cheering Matt as he crosses the finish line.

  5. I notice also Dennis doesn’t like to pick up cigarette butts either…

  6. Jeff says:

    Dennis you should have waited…you could have met Matt…..but hope you have a great camping trip.
    Bon Voyage from Us at Hobo Planet.

  7. Don in Tennessee says:

    My guess is this is a family owned business. My father had one for 35 years. Vacations are few and usually short for a business owner. I think we only had 3 or 4 vacations when I was growing up.

    What I like about this is quality time camping with the family!

    Congratulations Dennis and family. Hope you have a great time outdoors!

    • deanna valenti meyer says:

      Agreed Don…quality family camping time is THE BEST! We did that a lot when I was a kid and there is nothing like it. Maybe that’s why I love being in the outdoors so much…especially the forest areas. We spent a lot of time in Yosemite and Sequoia National Parks…places that should be on most everyone’s bucket list of places to see in the world. Amazing.

      Dennis & Family…hope you had an AWESOME time!!! :)

      • Don in Tennessee says:


        Have not been to Yosemite or Sequoia yet, but they are on my bucket list. Got to get back to work for a few years first. Some of my best memories are also camping with family growing up.

  8. Roe says:

    I see an arm and more, Matt! Keep on trekkin’.

    • Candice in Alabama says:

      Armoire? Oh arm and more! Yes – I see Matt! Hope Dennis and family has/had a wonderful camping trip. Hoping the rest of Matt’s trip is a safe one!

  9. John in MI says:

    Who wouldn’t give a bye to the guy taking his family camping? You better believe I would. Great job Dennis, and I hope you enjoy your trip!

  10. jay MN says:

    Wish big retail takes a “break” and close for a few days for us to go camping!

  11. MN Roxanne says:

    Wouldn’t that be nice Jay?? Retail stores used to have days off but hardly do any more… you can shop any day, anytime! I’m glad to see Dennis and family are gone camping… wish them well.

  12. Janine says:

    They should be back to business as of this morning. Hope your family had fun, Dennis!

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