Day 157

Thoughts on the Red Line

August 30th, 2010

I'll need months of contemplation and reflection before I can fully and coherently discuss everything I've learned on this walk, but I think the two most obvious lessons are these:

1) Have some faith in this world. Things aren't as bad as they tell us. We may all have different political opinions and different religious beliefs and different cultural norms (I'm a liberal atheist Jew. Did you know that? Does it matter?), and many of us probably couldn't stand to be around each other on a regular basis, but most of us would, it turns out, extend a helping hand (or sandwich, or beer, or couch, or shower) to a stranger in need. I walked 3100 miles across this country and didn't encounter a single person who tried to hurt me, or steal from me, or damage my possessions. This isn't a place that needs to be feared. It's a place that needs to be explored, and appreciated, and celebrated.

2) There's beauty everywhere. Keep your eyes open, and keep your mind open, and you'll be amazed what's out there, right under your nose, just waiting to be discovered. You don't need to go to the Best This or the Most Spectacular That; just take a stroll around the neighborhood. I blindly followed directions from Google on my walk, making no effort to see anything special, and look at everything I found that I thought needed to be shared with the world!

But enough with the blabbing. Let me just send out a sincere "Thank you!" to everyone who helped me on my trip. Your generosity astounded me, and I'm extremely grateful for every bit of kindness I received. And thanks to everyone who followed along online and offered words of encouragement. It's always heartening to know other people are interested in what you're doing. Thanks for making me feel special!

Okey dokey. Stay strong, people!


  1. Dan says:

    You’re welcome Matt.
    Life is an adventure.
    Open your eyes and realize.
    Open your mind and you will find.
    Open your heart – that’s a start.
    Happy trails to you.
    Until we meet again…

    • Christopher says:

      Yeah what Matt said! And more cowbell!

    • Craig..(Yeah, in NC!) says:

      Thank you for sharing all this with us!
      All of it. The Pictures, the insights, the perspectives and a different out look on America.
      It’s kinda cool to re-think so of the fear and attitudes I have adopted.
      Also.. Giving me something else to look forward to… seeing a few of these places
      on my own someday. I really think I might with my family.
      Cheers to you and yours!
      Stay In Touch!!!
      Veni, vidi, vici!, indeed you did Matt!
      (Jeff.. you also,Festina lente)

      One of the things I’ve learned also while tagging along here:
      “A vir per a alius gelu cervisia mos usquequaque have a amicus” -Craig 8/31/2010

      • Jeff says:

        Hay Craig…nice on the Latin. Festina Lente….got it and will do. Never a worry or a rush…except when traveling.
        Peace brother. Will send a email to ya soon

    • Elaine says:

      Will miss your daily treks, was a great summer checking the web site everyday. Great pictures and a great story teller. Now, to go home to your own bed!!! When you flying home?

    • MT Walt says:

      Okey Donkey Matt and Thank you for letting all of the Hobo Planet to follow along your Journey and for all of the great Picture’s. Yes Matt stay strong, God is with You.

    • Hi Matt,

      Mary Lyn Nair here from Birch Bay, Washington. I learned about your walking journey from Rich Engelke.
      Our family just finished a journey from Brithish Colombia to Calgary, then Calgary to Montana, Idaho,
      Eastern Washington and back to the Pacific Northwest. We were amazed at the beauty of this blessed Earth and
      how fortunate we all are to enjoy this creation. Driving through Glacier National Park we enjoyed waterfalls and
      spectacular scenery and meet wonderful loving strangers along the way. We are all beautiful threads in a magnificent
      Divine tapestry. You are so right, that there is so much more good out there than is revealed in the media.
      Everyone should escape the tv, news, papers, books, thoughts, ideas… and open ourselves exploring the outside, which
      so often reveals the true potential and beauty of what is deep within ourselves. May you continue to enjoy your existence and presence on this earth. You can visit our website at

  2. Karen Too says:

    What a wonderful surprise to find this message from you, Matt.

    You are so right about everything you said here. It’s been a privilege to have been a small part of your incredible experience.

    Many thanks again for sharing it with us here.

    Wishing you all the best.

  3. Lowell says:

    Thanks for the wonderful recap, but you have left one major question unanswered: How you gettin’ home?

    • Lowell…he hopped on a plane home…

      Matt…thank you for allowing us all to follow you on your journey. I think you’ve helped many of us realize that no matter who you are or what you believe, there is a TON of good in this world…no matter what the news says. People can choose to either follow the bad, or take a look around and realize we only get one shot at this life….why not make it a good one? Why waste any amount of time with anger, hostility or hate? I’m of the firm belief that every single day is a gift and one should not waste that gift.

      I’m sorry I missed you while you were in my area, but I wish you MUCH happiness and GREAT success in whatever your next adventure will be….

  4. Chrissy Cleveland Hts, OH says:

    Thank You Matt For those Beautiful words. Its funny… even though I was just reading your words and looking at pictures that you sent, I kinda got the same feelings that you shared above. XOXO

  5. Noel in Michigan says:


    Thank you for the wonderful words. It is so awe inspiring to hear someone that enjoys life and is willing to take risks. I will miss your daily updates and I wish you much luck in your future.

  6. Julie in Cincinnati says:

    Beautifully said Matt. I’ve said for months that your journey has restored faith in people – faith that there really are good people in this world who will open their homes, families and lives to a perfect stranger. In this day and age, I think sometimes it’s hard to find honestly good people. But, if you take the time to be a good person yourself, then you’re bound to find other good people. I’ve heard the saying “to have a friend, be a friend” and it’s so true. You reached out to strangers along your journey and they reciprocated with kindness to you.

    • Dorinda from Mentor, Oh. says:

      Well said Julie, I love that. Yes we live in a great land, good people everywhere. This site and Matt’s journey are proof of that.

  7. Dorinda from Mentor, Oh. says:

    Even though I don’t know you personally, I still love you and your adventure. You made me laugh, you made me cry with your sentiments above as well as on your trip. Tears of joy, tears of gratitude, tears from laughing so hard at some of the comments. And you are a very special person to me as well as all of us on here. Thank you. Thank you for having the courage to do what you did. Thank you for putting your adventure online so we could share in that adventure with you. I’ve seen and learned more on this blog than I could ever learn or see on my own. I have enjoyed this immensely each and every day. I was so excited to see this new picture up I was like “YEAH! more pictures and comments!” Yahoo! Great job Matt and congratulations on the reaching of your goal. I’ll always remember this and hope the site stays up because there is so much valuable information in here. Has been very educational.

    • LaraPenny, CA says:

      Well put Dorinda – I’ve been checking this site every day to see what’s new – I can’t give it up!
      Matt’s journey and the tracking of his journey have made me think every day about how I treat people; it has made me want to look for the good and to teach my children the same… It is my goal to have some sort of “adventure” every day – and to “photo-journal” my adventures – no matter how plain and simple or exciting they may be… trying to teach my children to slow down, look up from their electronic devices, and revel in the awesomeness of simplicity!

    • RAYMOND in ALABAMA says:

      Well said Dorinda You hit the nail on the head.. You’re like me hate to see the end but we can stay in touch. I saved

      your email address and will be sending you notes every once in a while, as us southerners say. The first thing I done

      everyday was get on Matt’s blog and see how he was doing and if he was ok. It made me feel real good about the

      way he was treated and etc. If I find another BLOG as good as Matt’s I will let you know about it.

      Thanks Dorinda have a fine day and nice week, until we meet again, Raymond Edwards

    • jerry's kid says:

      Dorinda – my thoughts exactly. Thank you for saying it so eloquently! Thanks MAtt.

    • Gigi says:

      My sentiments, too, Dorinda. I hope this site stays up, too, and that a book will come out of this. Looking at the pics Matt share each day, we learn something new. But even after his journey, we still could learn something new each day if we only open ourselves to what it has to offer.

      We’re going to miss you, Matt. Take care and wishing you all the best!

    • Christina W.inWisconsin says:

      What a delight to take another look at your journey this morning and see your latest photo and from the heart comments! Matt it has been a real treat! Cheers to Dorinda’s comments,it is cool to look back at your journey,re read ect…What a true uplift in life to have been able to follow from [almost] the beginning,going thru the letdown of no more mornings with Matt!This was great to start the day&and check back in the eve,we will surely miss you&all the wonderful people!!

  8. Two great truths, Matt. And an awesome cake! Thought about you this weekend as I watched “My Name is Khan,” a story about another journey across the US!

  9. Matt in WY says:

    Very cool, Matt! Glad you are back home safe, and thanks for the thoughts and update. It’s been great following your story, and your message is one I will try to consider at every encounter – I’ll look for the good in every situation and every person.

  10. anonymous says:

    It was a joy following you. Not only because you helped us discovered the beauty of land but also the beauty of the people. In the heaps of bad news we hear everyday , you offered a steady stream of joyful and pleasant experiences. You have proved that people are instinctively good :)
    thank you for sharing your trip & experiences with us :-)

  11. Howard from Napa, CA says:

    After those months of contemplation I hope you come back to this site, or preferably author a book, sharing those thoughts. If you invest the time in pouring through all the comments throughout this site you will find that hundreds of us bonded with you and each other from the git-go. Many of us, of various ages, wish we had the opportunity, ability, and courage to do what you accomplished.

    I thank you for the opportunity to enjoy many hours as a daily follower.

  12. Tna says:

    Your efforts made me do further research into walking and riding bicycles around the U.S. I was happy to see that as a nation walking and bike riding are slowly increasing and the government is more inclined to view it as a “viable means of transportation” nowadays.

    I was also very interested in your feet. ; ) You went through a few pairs of boots (was it three?) but as you ran toward the pacific I was amazed that your feet looked very normal and were not a bloody pulp. Another cross country walker ( ) has gone through 11 pairs of shoes and crossed 9 states so far, but she is carrying a 35 pound pack. I think your push cart is a great idea to save “feet” on very long walks and will look into one if I ever take a long walk again.

    I have always loved to walk, run, and ride bicycles and it makes me happy seeing others out there who share this feeling. I don’t know when people became cautious or afraid of someone on foot but it’s walkers like you that are giving walking a good name again! thanks.

  13. Scot Pioske says:

    What’s next??? How about turning south. Go from NY to FL. Then to CA. Then back up to OR. From OR to AK. There’s gotta be something more, isn’t there? Take care. Enjoyed every update.

  14. Rob D says:

    CONGRATULATIONS! Thanks so much for sharing your journey with all of us. I once moved across country (NY to CA) and it was great reliving the journey through another person’s eyes. Anyone who hasn’t done it….DO IT. It’s life changing.

    Now…..ya ready to walk back to NY? = )

  15. Vivian from NJ says:

    Congrats Matt!! I have followed you since day 1! This is an awesome life experience, one that you will be able to pass on to generations to come! Thank you very much for sharing your journey with us! Your final thought written above is heartfelt, inspirational & encouraging…your journey absolutely restores my faith in people!

    So……What’s Next?!?!?! :-)

    • Mike in Phoenix, AZ says:

      Very well put Vivian.

      Matt, I must disagree with one statement you made:

      “Thanks for making me feel special!”

      My friend, you are special. And every person that has followed you, helped you, shared their thoughts and prayers and countless other things are special too.

      To all of my cyberspace road wanderer friends, may your God, spirit, ????? guide you on your special journey of life.


      • Julie in Cincinnati says:

        Very well said Mike. Every person on here is special and it starts with Matt. I’ve “met” some incredible people on here and hope we can all stay in touch. And…..hopefully Matt will publish a book of his pictures and comments. That would be a wonderful book to sit and look at regularly.

  16. Janna in Alabama says:

    I am very glad that you had a safe journey! I miss your daily photos and comments already! Good luck in your next adventure!!!

  17. RAYMOND in ALABAMA says:

    THANKS MATT there’s truth in everything you said, upon being Jew what does that matter,heck I don’t know what I really am. I go to Free Wii Church but have notice my forefathers were methodist, Church of Christ and etc.
    But really I don’t care because I know what I am. I try to treat people as I want to be treated. I have no use for all of these radical religous groups, they make me sick. When I am dealing with someone I always ask myself is this how I want to be treated. If people thought this away I think it would help a lot.

    You’re right about Beauty everywhere, open your eyes and you will see. As for the mind, it is a powerful thing just open it up and use it. I would like to think you personally for everything you have done and said, I have really learned a lot about Northern Part of United States that I did not know because I have never been there but next summer I plan on doing a motorcyle trip. Now I take that back I have been to Sturgis, South Dakota

    Raymond Edwards

    • Julie in Cincinnati says:

      Raymond, you need to head to Ohio. There’s quite a few of us Ohioans on here who would love to show you Ohio. There’s so much to see and experience here.

      • Dorinda from Mentor, Oh. says:

        Yes I agree!

      • Nick in Ohio says:

        What Julie said….I’ll even buy you a 4-way with onions and a cheese coney with mustard!! Come on up!

        • Jeff says:

          And when in nyc – how about a real “coney” from Nathan’s direct! Ray – well put by the way.
          Your free wii-fi church thing reminds me of my mom’s ol comment..about going to St. Matt’s when she could not get up and get to church..(st mattress…church).

    • Gayle Opie says:

      If you’ve been to the Black Hills, you’ve been where it really counts. lol

      • Dorinda from Mentor, Oh. says:

        I’ve heard about them and was hoping Matt would’ve been going that way so I could see them through this but he went farther north. Some day, that’s what I keep saying about a lot of things. But that is one place that someday I hope I can see.

        • RAYMOND in ALABAMA says:

          What I liked about Black Hills you drive down road and see the fool’s gold. The big deep gold mine and the Beauty of them, no wonder the Indians fought so hard for them, if you look around you can see also. It was their last Paradise.

          Thanks for all of the post backs. raymond

  18. young says:

    All that you say is very true. We seldom give ourselves the freedom to extensively observe, such as you did, nature and the purity and goodness of a unfettered human heart. I celebrate the path you took; it seems to have been very enlightening.

  19. Matt,
    I stopped to talked to you on hwy 14/61 between I-90 and Winona, MN. That was 20 minutes after I had just read a story about your walk across the U.S. You were sitting on a guardrail looking very overwhelmed by all the emails you had received and said it’ll take a lifetime to read all of them. Later, I learned it was also your 30 birthday. Just want to say congratulations on accomplishing your goal, wish you a belated happy birthday, and good luck with your next adventure.
    Thanks for taking us along for the ride,
    Jon Hauser

  20. Brandon from California says:

    Thank You Matt. Thank you for everything you did for all of us here.

  21. Jose in Chicago says:

    Don’t forget about us on your next adventure…my cubicle and screens savers will never be the same again!!!

    Best of luck and good wished to you, yours & all your followers!

  22. Leah says:

    Amen to all that.
    To your experience and to our wonderful country that afforded you this adventure.

  23. Linda says:

    Matt I want to thank you, Again, for taking us all on this journey with you. You sure have opened everyone’s eyes to what a wonderful country this is and how it is filled with some amazing and generous people.

    I hope you will write a book about your adventure. I wonder what future adventures you might go on.

    I hope you have a safe trip back home. I hope you saved a piece of cake for me :D

  24. JAMES FROM NY says:

    When is the book coming out?!

  25. deb says:

    Oooh! And we get to share the cake too!

    I accidentally stumbled over your blog at the same time I was diagnosed with an auto-immune disease. There were many afternoons in my office when I was not feeling well and so discouraged that all I could think about was going home. THAT is when I’d take a break and check your blog. Your quirky photos and comments (along with the hobo nation responses) made me smile, made me curious, made me see a bigger picture of the world. It distracted me from my woes long enough to regroup and make it through the rest of the workday.

    You may be a “liberal atheist Jew”, you were a God-send to me during a rough time. Thanks for taking me along on your journey, Matt. Live long and proper! ;)

    • Julie in Cincinnati says:

      Deb, may God bless you and keep you strong as you battle your disease. Keep checking this site everyday. As long as it’s here, I know a lot of us will be here too! We don’t want to lose touch with our fellow Hobos :-D

      • Dorinda from Mentor, Oh. says:

        Yes. Julie is right, I’m not going anywhere! I’m staying right here in hobo land. My psychiatrist was happy to see me so happy last week. Of course it was the day after Matt finished his awesome adventure and I was still happy for all of this. Hang in there deb, we all have something we’re fighting but with good friends and a site like this, it’s the best recipe ever!

    • LaraPenny, CA says:

      Hang in there deb…

    • RAYMOND in ALABAMA says:

      Deb try and stay strong, we will all help along the way, all you need do is send a note, I have never seen a group of loving people come together as they have on this BLOG of MATT”S. I have learned along the way there is good everywhere you may have to look sometimes, but it’s there. Matt has been a true inspiration to us all. I think that if I say we will be there for inspiration when needed I speak for all of us. Hope you are feeling better this week and my lttle 9 year old daughter says she will say a prayer for you. Get Well Soon Thanks

      Raymond Edwards

      • deb says:

        Raymond, your daughter’s offer to say a prayer for a stranger is the sweetest thing. Please thank her for me! And thanks to you, Julie, Dorina and LaraPenny too!

  26. Lori says:

    My faith in humanity is, once again, restored thanks to the experiences you shared with the world, Matt.

  27. Kelli in Mi says:

    Congrats on your journey. I myself am gonna feel lost, not seeing your daily updates and pics. They were so wonderful. I hope you keep a web site up for us followers, because I think we all came close to you through your journey. I wish you the best of luck on everything you do in your life. YOu can do anything you want, Your a very outstanding person. You are truely a hero in some peoples eyes.May god bless you on your next lifes journey.

  28. Marin Drew says:

    A most pleasant respite…merci

  29. Cybele Sandy says:

    Hey Matt!!

    You made it- WOO HOO!!!! What an achievement. You have really inspired me to think about what is truly important in life and get there.
    Thank you for the valuable lesson you’ve provided us all.


  30. Sarah in OR says:

    Aw, I’m a little bummed that I didn’t get a chance to meet you, while you were in my vicinity, but I’m glad you made it safely to Rockaway and back home.

    Anyway, Matt, carry on. I’ll put a walk with your walking group on my list of must-dos, if I am ever in New York and by the way, that is a fabulous cake. Baked at Bay Front in Garibaldi, by any chance?

    I have found another website to occupy my time with ,if anyone is interested, until the next great adventure comes along – – I had no idea Bill Gates’ brain was on the internet. Yay.

  31. Terry Chrisman OR says:

    I’ve been following your progress the entire trip and badly wanted to be there for your arrival at Rockaway Beach, OR. But unfortunately I couldn’t make it so all I can do is send a message. Thanks for making it available for the world to see that there still is good people out there, and that there is so much more to life then what just gets placed in front of you everyday. So glad you reached your goal safely and thanks again for allowing me to be part of it via the web. Take care ~T

  32. Matt…thanks for a closing statement…I’m sure you got to the place that “just getting to your goal” was not going to do it…all the people following you needed something…I’m sure you must have thought a time or two in the last few days…”Aren’t they going to leave me alone or give me some time.”…and you do deserve that time…

    Your comments are great…did we know you are a “liberal, atheist Jew”?…and did you know that many who followed you are “born again Christians”?…I think you did…and did that matter?…for either of those and many other beliefs or non-believers…it didn’t matter…we, as you, were caught up in something wonderful…and that was enough…so, thank you again…

    I don’t think in all your preparations you expected this “online frenzy”…but here it is…what I found and others too, was a simple goodness in what you did…and what you experienced on your journey…about people you met and a beauty about America that transcends politics and personal beliefs…

    That beauty is all around us…you said it well and showed it to us across this land…a simple thank you may not be enough…but it is all I can offer…thank you Matt Green…

    • Julie in Cincinnati says:

      That was perfect Jim. And, I don’t think I’ve ever told you but I love your blog. I hope all is well with you.

    • Ruthie in CA says:

      Jim, well said. I too love your blog. Glad I found the last place to write a note to all. Thank you all, Matt may have started it but we keep it going. A thought….we provided our email address each time we left a reply, is there any way Matt can utilized this info when he gets ready to take another walk, or publish a book. He has our address to notify. Just a thought…

  33. Anthony in Raleigh says:

    Thanks again for sharing Matt. I look forward to watching the interview with your Uncle if you visit for his daughter’s wedding. We’ve got to show you some “southern hospitality”, can’t let the great north show us up!

  34. Alisa 11 says:

    Thanks again Matt!! I’m so glad I checked here one more time. Hoping for just one more picture and a few words. Do tell, is a book in the works? With maybe a few more pictures?? Say it’s true!! I’d be buy many to give out at Christmas!!

  35. Jennie J. in Oregon says:

    Matt – Congratulations to a wonderful end to this journey in your life! I’m so happy to see Rockaway Chamber of Commerce welcomed you with such a fantastic cake! Rockaway, Oregon is so near and dear to our family that it was such a pleasure to see pictures and video of you there in the end. Though we may “never see you again” does not mean we won’t ever forget you!! Take care and good luck in the rest of your life adventures.

  36. Jaime says:

    Wow that cake sure looks tasty! Thanks Matt for coming back for another post to give us all some much needed closure.

    I am a person who has seen a lot and really lack faith in other people – I still don’t think I would trust staying with a complete stranger until I saw it for myself. But your journey gives me hope and inspiration to try some things I might not have tried, and not be so worried about it.

  37. Judo says:

    We look forward to future adventures from you, Matt! Happy trails and take a well deserved rest!

  38. Norwood says:

    The Road Goes On Forever, and the Party Never Ends. REK

  39. Joyce P. says:

    I followed you every step of the way, daily. Although I didn’t comment often, I thought about you every day. I’m so happy for you!

    I’ll be interested in reading your final thoughts and reflections on your journey and experiences. I would also be very interested in any book you might write.

  40. kathy says:

    Matt –
    You are already missed!! Write a book, get a movie deal!
    Do another trip!!

  41. Jennifer in Charlotte, NC says:

    Congrats on a wonderful journey! I followed it online every day – simply amazing. I’d come to your site just to see what you encountered each day, the kindness you received from people, the most beautiful landscape of the country, and of course the mailboxes. It made me realize the world isn’t as much of a scary place as some people might say (or think). Stay strong, and best wishes in whatever you decide to do next, I hope it’s just as enlightening and interesting as a walk across the country or a stroll in the neighborhood.

    and a part from my favorite Irish blessing…

    …May the road rise up to meet you
    May the wind be always at your back
    May the warm rays of sun fall upon your home
    And may the hand of a friend always be near…

  42. tom says:

    A fitting epitaph. Something tells me Matt is finished with his long distance walks as he seems to have found what he was searching for

  43. Miss M says:

    It only takes a second to recognize the differences in people; it takes a little longer to recognize the similarities. Thank you Mr. Green for giving us the opportunity to see so many of our similarities.

  44. robert61 says:

    Yes, Matt, I would have guessed that you were a liberal atheist Jew, well adapted to radically egalitarian American post-Calvinist Protestant universalist societal norms. Of course it matters. Embrace it! It has shaped you. Personally, I’m a libertarian conservative atheist Protestant. I had a similar experience of being borne up by the small kindnesses of strangers 13 years ago when I bicycled 4,000 km from Stockholm to Santiago de Campostela. It is a humbling feeling of connection to the world, or anyway what used to be called Christendom.

  45. sandy repke says:

    the cake is awesome! i thought about your book that you are going to write an maybe it should be “I’m Done Walkin” .. just kidding. you have entertained so many of us on your journey. you have confirmed my belief that there are so many good people in the world.. we just have to look around where we are.. good luck to you matt..

  46. Mary says:

    Matt, I disagree you are liberal atheist Jew because I believe during your trip you must have had a moment of there is something or someone that put all this together for you & I. Just maybe HE kept you safe, I’m just saying. Enjoyed all your posts good luck and God Bless.

    • Christopher says:

      Oh wow, tell the world who you are and all the insane Bible thumping zealots come out of the woodwork to set you straight…lmao.

      • Mary says:

        Name calling Christopher, my,my. lmao

        • GOD says: says:

          Mary, Accept Matt for what he is. Not what you want him to be. That is being tolerant.

          • Jeff says:

            Well who cares…Matt shared and I am glad. I saw God a million times on this site…. Matt is Matt. His walk, his terms, his sharing. Great pictures. Great one or ten word comments….and us hoboites filling in all the blanks.

            I personaly dont thump my bible. I use it as a guideline.

            Now Matt get on the ball and write the book.

            • Mary says:

              I do not understand what part of my post was “Bible thumping zealot”
              or “not tolerant”. I enjoyed all of Matt’s blog, he brought so many people together or maybe just “some people”. I was not trying to convert or judge, just trying to say thanks for all the beautiful photos & people that he shared with complete strangers. I still enjoyed and will look forward to any type of book he puts together. God Bless One & All.

              • GOD says:

                What do you mean by just “some people” ? Don’t be condescending. Why are so many of my children such morons.

          • Barb V from Michigan says:

            “god”: Because I can’t reply on your post below, I’m doing it here. You accuse Mary of not accepting Matt for who he is and making him into someone she wants him to be, yet you pretend to be SOMEONE you’re not or even qualified to be? Go figure. Also, sweet Mary had only kind words to say yet you and Christopher turn her kind words against her. What kind of people are you? Are you any more tolerant than Mary? I think not. Mary, what you said was beautiful and not condescending in any way. God (the real God) bless you.

  47. Jeff from PA says:

    Thanks for bringing us along. I picked up on your journey about the half way point, but still enjoyed what you had showed. I am sure there was much more than you could possibly capture in pictures, movies or words…..but those things will be left in reflection later.

    I hope to see a photo album other than this site as it is slow to load because of the javascript of the picture locations on the maps..Maybe a facebook or flikr album.

    We may have ribbed you a bit along the way, but it was all in fun.

    Hope all is and continues to be well with you and we can interact virtually or in person one day.

    • Dorinda from Mentor, Oh. says:

      There are both. Click on any picture here and it takes you to the flickr page. Then you can see the whole album there. Check the last post page and there are links for several different facebook pages on there. As you’ve followed along there have been numerous postings on both these subjects so I’m sure you shouldn’t have a problem finding them.

  48. phoebe marie says:

    i will really miss you…

  49. Candace D says:

    Congratulations Matt! This has been an awesome journey and we were all glad to be able to share it with you!

  50. Well im glad your journey across the states was a safe one at 1st when i read about you in the Greatfalls Tribune in Greatfalls,MT i thought i gotta look him up…im so glad i took the time to follow you at the end of your journey your so lucky you made it out of the Rockys because we are geting snow already…I hope you keep us in touch and im looking forward to hearing about your journey later..Also are you back home in
    NY. are still in Oregan godbless

    • Dorinda from Mentor, Oh. says:

      I heard about winter weather just after Matt had gotten out of MT. You got real lucky Matt with your timing. Would not have wanted to see pics of you pushing your cart through the snow up a mountain.

      • it’s true it’s been a nutty year here, snow in may and yesterday Whitefish ski area got 3 inches of snow. Here in Great falls I was able to see my breath when I went out to check on my vegetable garden at 6 pm. We used to have 2 seasons..Winter and august…seems they are phasing out august as

        • Dorinda from Mentor, Oh. says:

          Tatjianna that is so funny, phasing out August! lol. You must love where you live though or you wouldn’t stay right? I know here on the lakes the wind chills are killer but they only are brutal for about 6 weeks out of the whole year. But out there in the MT mountains you get snow almost year round. I don’t know if I could handle that much snow. Sure glad Matt got through there though before it got to cold. He would have needed to trade in his shade hat for a parka! LOL.

          • Julie in Cincinnati says:

            LOL! I’d be in Heaven in Montana. I’m a cold-weather person. The colder, the better. And, the more snow, even better!

          • I would love to move more towards the mountain areas, But besides MT, Oregon and Washington are my loves. I spent a little time in the Great Lakes region and I find while we have snow later in the spring and earlier in the year, it’s mingled with very beautiful days so it’s bearable. We can have a 50-60 degree day in december and the next week will be -15 or lower, I guess living here, makes one very thankful!

  51. Great to see another post. I think we all hate to see the walk with Matt end. So I have a feeling it won’t. You now have an audience wanting MORE and willing to spread the word. IN other words, we can’t wait to see what you do next. BTW: Sherry and I met your friend Moses Gates’ parents this weekend. It was great talking about you and learning about him. Feel free to visit us any time. Until then, have fun re-grouping.

  52. Ann says:

    I will miss your pictures and captions on your pics, but I am also thrilled that you are home and safe. I probably will look from time to time and see if there are pictures or postings from you or anyone. I can’t help but look daily still, just maybe there is something. Thanks Matt and have a wonderful and happy life.

  53. Gayle Opie says:

    I’m so glad that your walk was safe all the way from NY to OR. You crossed some pretty rough terrain along the way and I think many of us worried about you when you were out of touch for a day or more. We breathed a sigh of relief when the next batch of pictures show up. You have touched many of us with your humor and acceptance of the people you encountered. I hope we see more from you in the future. In the mean time, have a well-earned “vacation” and enjoy time with family and friends.

  54. Gigi says:

    Can’t help but smile when I saw the new pic :-) What a nice gesture from the RBCC and I love the icing, they look like seashells or a swirling wave.

    You are special to us, Matt! Thank you for sharing your journey!

  55. Morgan says:

    Many Happy Returns!

    Been following you since day one – my boyfriend did a snowy practice walk with you on Staten Island. Thanks for opening up your journey and for your passion for the small things in it. It’s been one heck of a slow (amazing) ride!

  56. Jeff says:

    So, what will you do now, and how will you get home?

  57. Mindy Curtis says:

    I have really enjoyed checking in on your journey. Thanks for the blogs and inspiration! What simple, beautiful and optimistic sentiments. I agree with you whole heartedly. :)

  58. Darlene Keaveny West says:

    How cool you are to be able to do this with such an open heart. Don’t let fear take hostage of your heart and soul. Keep rockin’ in the free world <3

  59. Thank you for this entry Matt! It was good to read your incite, I hope that as you reflect more on your journey you will put those thoughts here on your blog! I’ll still be checking back as long as it is up, if for nothing more to go through the pictures again….Thank you again and I hope your reintegration to city life is a smooth one! Love and peace!

  60. Candice in Alabama says:

    Thank you Matt, AGAIN, for sharing your journey and for sharing your experiences during that journey.

    I think you will always live in a special place in MY HEART & MEMORY.

    You have been and are an inspiration to us all.

    Best wishes AGAIN, from Candice in Alabama!

  61. earl says:

    Now, was that so bad?

    A wrap was needed and the trolls who tried saying not were off base.

  62. Mary says:

    I’m sure your family [escepially Mom] can take a full breath now that you’re done. I know I did. I must say when you showed up at my door and asked to pitch a tent in my yard I thought, OK……he sort of looks harmless….After we visited I felt like I had some sort of “motherly” connection to you and watch this whole adventure progress. I read about some group of four, travelling across the states after you. They had a van, camera crew, taking donations for documentary, etc. I thought, Excuse Me? Where was the local news when “My” Matt went thru this area? I knew it all along but well said. There are alot of great people out there and under-neath our nose, is beauty galore. Thanks for this inspiration.

  63. Oh, so great seeing your message! Lovely words! I’m in withdrawals — like so many, I will keep checking your site just in hopes you’re checking in with all your followers. After all, we are all followers of your humor, observations and wisdom and we all feel some sort of responsibility, some tiny part of the puzzle and it’s hard to stop.
    Thank you for the adventure. Looking forward to the next chapter.
    Penelope in Boston

  64. Michael in Atlanta says:


    Welcome home, buddy. Welcome home.

  65. tim says:

    It was fun.


  66. cactus bob says:

    hey Matt, now how about walking west to east through the great southwest. We;d love to see you in Albuquerque! Congrats on your sucessfull journey, and your observations give us all hope for America and Americans!

  67. JonathanW says:

    Well said, Matt. Welcome home. Cheers.

  68. Angela says:

    Thank you for sharing your walk with us. I am a mom to two little ones and it was nice to “experience” the exploring with you. I looked forward to it everyday to see the beauty you would share. I kept telling my husband “what am I going to do when you finish your walk?” So again, thank you for sharing your journey and the kindness of strangers on your journey. It was a lesson to all of us.

  69. Lois says:

    As I always like to say, “sharing is caring”. I usually say it with a wink and some sarcasm, but this time I am sincere!

    Thanks for sharing your trip, your humor, your photos, and a glimpse across “Anywhere/Everywhere, USA”.

  70. connie K says:

    Let me say again, Congrats on finishing your trek across the country. I have been following your blog since about day 15. You have show all of us a part of the country that we probably would of never seen.

    But I am confused as to why you felt it necessary to state that you are “a liberal atheist Jew”.

    After such a trek, I don’t know how you can still be an atheist. This beautiful creation of our country, the generosity of the people, and all the prayers each night from your fans to God to keep you safe.

    But any how, I am not judging you for your beleifs, just stating a fact.

    Thanks again for the mental trip.

  71. katzien in austin says:

    When I got a reply email from Matt, I just had to check in one more time. Joy! Now to read the post and comments….what fun!

    • katzien in austin says:

      Well, we nearly got to the end without devolving into political or religious discussions. Too bad people. But thanks for sharing your observations Matt. I totally agree with you, and the best way to see those two ‘lessons’ in action is to get involved with your communities, your neighborhood associations, your local causes, etc. Many many people will amaze you. Peace.

  72. Leslie says:

    Congratulations, Matt!

  73. Candice In Alabama says:

    Hey Matt – one more thanks – Thanks for sharing your “It is complete” CELEBRATION CAKE with us!

    • RAYMOND in ALABAMA says:

      Candice I sent you Friend request on Facebook, I have started back on it, since this one has ended, I will miss it,

      had lot of fun with all of you are as me and you talk down South All of Yall Thanks Raymond Edwards

  74. Penny in TN says:

    i really enjoyed your journey and am sorry it has ended. Thanks for sharing it with all your fans.

  75. Flavia says:

    what a nice surprise coming back to the site this morning and seeing a new picture!!! thanks again for sharing 157 days of your life with us! Wishing you all the best and many more walking adventures!

  76. Stephen says:

    I don’t know about the rest of you, but last Wednesday and Thursday I experienced a real, honest ‘buzz’ from this site.

    There were so many emotions spinning around on here. The excitement of sharing the final stretch with Hobo Nation/Planet in real time, people feeling tears of joy and sadness from one moment to the next. The anticipation of his arriving at Rockaway Beach. The total joy of watching Matt plunge into the Pacific. The image of his immediate family, seen together by us for the first time, encircling the Mattmobile. The very fact that WE all were living something historical from all over the globe at the same time!

    To be quite honest… it was the first time that I actually came to understand that www. really does mean the worldwide web. I’m so thankful that today’s advanced web and phone/camera technology exists, which enabled Matt to take us all along on his journey and for us to look over his shoulder and experience his adventure vicariously (none of us will ever treat that word lightly again!). In a nutshell, we all felt the passion that you felt Matt through the images you captured. The passion for your beautiful country, its welcoming friendly citizens and your simple love of walking.

    Thanks Matt for taking us down that ‘long and winding road’…. one incredible step at a time. And thanks again for the personal, emotional ‘buzz’ last week. What a trip indeed!

    Ottawa, Canada

  77. Leigh says:

    Your amazing! Thanks so much for the update! Do you have plans now to walk back? Are you going to put together a mailbox calendar??… (please say yes). :) Please blog when you can. We have been following you for 5 months! Even though you don’t know us… we feel in some way we know you and have seen so many things thanks to you. Please keep us updated on our “friend”. Thanks…

  78. katzien in austin says:

    Hear hear Stephen! I was alone with my laptop last Wednesday as Matt was racing up the Oregon coast to Rockaway Beach….but I was not alone. I with all of you…in spirit and in my imagination, and commenting online with everyone. People from Canada, the Netherlands, Austraila, Spain, Germany, Greece, Mexico, India, Brazil, and more, as well as Americans from a bunch of states… was a close-knit world wide community for a while. And it was beautiful!!

  79. Ksagar says:

    Hey Matt,

    I have been following your journey for the past few months and I have to tell you that it has inspired me. Congratulations for making it to Rockaway beach. Thanks for sharing your pictures / stories and making all of us a part of the experience. It was great….I will still keep coming back here to check on a few pics that I might have missed or just to look at few of my favorite ones. Take care and good luck for the future.

  80. JODY says:

    i have follewed you most of the way and looked at all the pictures i would love to just take a long walk just like!!
    Good Luck on your future and hope you find your path in life!!

  81. Marianne in Concord, OHIO says:

    Thank you for bringing us with you every step of the way on this journey. We got to follow you every day and practically go on this amazing adventure with you. I have been checking each day to see if you would give us a final thought. You didn’t let us down.

    You are such a great inspiration at a time when we really need it. I hope you choose to allow us to stay connected with you in some way.

    By the way, I’m a Unitarian Universalist from East Shore UU in Kirtland, Ohio. Liberal Atheist Jews are very welcome there, so if you ever find yourself in northeast Ohio, please stop in and say hello! We’d love to meet you!! Until we hear from you again, take care…

  82. karen428 in POPE co. AR says:

    Matt, thanks for the final follow-up note—we all appreciate your thoughts & experiences. We should all remember how short & precious life really is……Carpe’ Diem.

  83. Ang from Utah says:

    I am sad that my journey with you has come to an end…but it was marvelous!! A silent observer until now!! Angela

  84. hks says:

    Matt, Thanks to you, I noticed during our recent vacation in the Canadian Rockies that my 2 boys were paying lots of attention to the lakes, mountains, flora and fauna that we encountered everyday. Through this blog, you really showed them how to appreciate nature and to be willing to take some risks in life. With lots of bear warning signs in many of the hiking trails that we visited, they even asked me if you had come across any bears during your walking expedition.
    Hope you write a book soon or continue posting on this blog about your daily adventures.

  85. Peggy says:

    So nice to see a message from you, Matt! We have all been having Matt withdrawal! Since you ended your journey ahead of schedule, why don’t you trek it from Oregon to Mexico now? Do you REALLY need to go find a job and settle back into the real world? Come on, do it for your fans! We live vicariously through you!! Keep us posted! All the best to ya.

  86. Lori says:

    Thanks Matt! I hope you write a book someday and include all the beautiful photos you took. I am going to miss checking your progress. I am in awe of you and your insight, we should all think that way. I am inspired.

  87. Lacy says:

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I admire your positive attitude, and willingness to dream big, plan, and execute the plan. You are an inspiration to many people. I want to put in another plug for you to write a book. Keep us posted.

    What a great journey with one step at a time/one day at a time!!

  88. Robert says:

    You’re a good man Matt. It was fun following along while I was pretending to be working. The kindness of strangers surprised me too.

    In the words of that follower in the Forrest Gump movie…….

    “Now what are we supposed to do?”

  89. Sarah says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your journey! I have really enjoyed following your travels. While the message is obviously open to interpretation of the reader, my interpretation has truly inspired me to enjoy the beauty in everyday life. I have you to thank for that.

  90. Nicole says:

    Thanks for your thoughts! I won’t lie I keep coming back hoping there will be another update, another crazy mailbox, or some great story! Thanks for making my day :-)

  91. Scott R says:

    You made me cry a little! Thanks so much for sharing your journey. It was something that I looked forward to many a days when I got home. Where is he now? What did he see? :) I needed every little bit of it!

  92. Laura in TX says:

    Matt, after reading thank you after thank you there’s nothing more to say other than you’re the best teacher we have all had. You showed us how this great land we live in is the greatest, how people we don’t know can open their hearts to all without a doubt in the world, and how a picture of something so simple be go grand. May the rest of your life be as fulfilling as the past 5 or so months. I have truely enjoyed every minute of it. Take care and may the walking force be with you always.

  93. Carol says:

    I never commented during these months of “walking alongside” you on your journey, but now I must. Thank you for sharing your beautiful experience of walking across our country. And thank you for the reflections you shared in this post. You have enriched so many lives.

  94. Julian (from Spain) says:

    Enhorabuena. Sin duda, el tuyo es un Gran Pais

  95. Rick Orrell says:

    I always looked forward at the end of my day to living vicariously through you, visiting places I’ve never seen before and exploring with you. I wish you well in your future endeavors!

  96. Benjamin in NC says:

    Hello Matt, I have followed your whole trip since about but I thoroughly enjoyed every single step of the way… one day I’ll hopefully make a trip like yours!! Thanks for making us aware of what else is out there!! Cheers brother!

  97. Lynn says:

    Hi Matt — I don’t even remember how I found your site, but once I did I backtracked and caught up on your journey and then followed it every single day. I will miss your daily pictures. What a wonderful journey you completed. You have done a wonderful thing and I thank you for sharing with us all.

  98. Laurie says:

    I look forward to the book that will most surely come from this experience. Well done sir. :)

    And if anyone has met on the comment boards here and ends up getting married, we need to hear about that too!

  99. Johny the Book Planter says:

    Thank you Matt for inviting us along on your walk……it was truly inspiring. You created a nation, the Hobo Nation.

    Your walk was very inspiring. So much so that I am launching a Walk of my own. I will be walking and planting books into young hands as I go. My walk will be much like Johny Appleseeds’ was. I will be reading stories to small groups of young kids and distributing books to them. The goal is to get books into the hands of young kids and inspire them to read. I have begun by walking around my community and reading to kids at the bus stops as they wait with their parents. Most of the time I am unable to finish the book so I hand it over to their parent for them to finish. I gather the books from yard sales because I can get a lot of books for next to nothing.

    I’m putting out a call to the Hobo Nation to recommend inspiring books. What books were read to you as a young kid that inspired you? Please help me in choosing good books to read to young kids. Send me an Email with your recommendation.

    Thanks in advance
    Johny the Book Planter

  100. Melanie-Rochester, NY says:

    Thank you for sharing your time on the road! It was a bright spot in my days! Here’s wishing you peace-filled, happy days ahead! Life is truly an adventure which I hope you continue to enjoy!

  101. Robert says:


    You have inspired me to just get up and walk. In your paragraph you eloquently put all the words together and it is like a poem. A simple but straightforward poem about how life should be. How we should not be afraid. Your a brave and adventurous young man and I wish you the best in your life and I hope all your dreams come true.


  102. A. C. Stran says:

    I loved witnessing your incredible journey Matt. You have encouraged many along the way, myself included.
    You are right about one thing. The world is not as nasty as the news tends to make it out to be.

    Your walk has rekindled in me a long-time desire I’ve had to take a nice walk somewhere. I may still do so some day down the road. :-)

    Thanks again Matt!

  103. Michelle says:

    Been a pleasure and much happiness to you Matt!

  104. Michelle says:

    OMG…I forgot to sign it…Peace, Michelle in Providence!!

  105. Portland Sam says:

    Thanks for the journey Matt. It’s really been an amazing experience watching your progress. Thanks for doing and seeing what not enough of us can or should.

  106. Montana Susan says:

    Hi Matt, thanks for sharing your journey with us!! I really enjoyed seeing your pictures and it was especially exciting to see you walking along the highway in Montana and even though we were going opposite directions and did not get to meet in person I feel like you are a friend and it was nice “meeting” you via this website. Best wishes to you for the future and wherever that takes you. Take care!!!

  107. Stephen says:

    There’s a wrap-up story on Matt in yesterday’s Tillamook Headlight Herald. Worth a look for Matt’s quotes on his future:

    • Lacy says:

      Thanks Stephen for posting the link to this article about Matt. It was a good read.

    • Dorinda from Mentor, Oh. says:

      Thanks Stephan for that link. Nice story pieced together there. Nice photo’s on there too.

    • Gigi says:

      That was cool, Stephen, thank you for the link, great pics, too!

      I’m happy to read that Matt will eventually write about his journey. I’m hoping for a book though, not just an article. Go Matt!

    • deb says:

      Thanks for sharing that link, Stephen. Do you suppose Matt was joking about wanting to be a walking mailman?!

      • Anna One in CA says:

        thank you stephen. the story offered a little clue: finding out that he stayed with 80 families along the way. if you’re reading this, thank you all for taking matt in…

  108. Craig from Iowa says:

    Bravo, Matt! Bravo! You’ve re-affirmed what I experienced driving a VW bus from NY to L.A. back in ’88- people are good-hearted, generous, and will help you out. Media focuses on the negative and fearful for better ratings, I think. Thanks for sharing your trip with us all, here in computerland. It was very enjoyable. You have a great eye, and a witty sense of humor. I hope our paths cross, at some point, and we can share stories around a campfire. Enjoy the rest of life’s journey!

  109. Tim in Texas says:

    A walking postman! The above link indicates that this is Matt’s plan for a new job. To me, though, it means he has not lost the love of walking, and thus it is only a matter of time until he heads out again. We will be waiting!

    Seriously, though, thank you for the diversion and the detailed look at this fine country. I for one would buy a book if you choose to write one.

    • Vickie from Michigan says:

      A mailman! Perfect! My husband works for the post office. He says the best job of his life was delivering rural mail — “Like taking a drive and getting paid for it.” He says he would have done that job for free.

  110. Kristin in California says:

    Every morning since mid-April I started my day with your blog and listened to DMB’s “Where are you going” while I looked at your updates. I laughed out loud. I dropped some tears. I made some time to squeeze in some walking in my busy life. I considered writing something quite a few times, but just read what the other folks wrote instead. My Mom lives up in the northern part Oregon and I really encouraged her to go find you when you came through. . .I would have had you come that close to me. I have checked the blog since you finished hoping you’d keep adding, uh anything and I see you finally did. Thank you. It is kind of a nice wrap up. Tears rolled down my face when I watched your last video on the beach–partly because of the awe I felt of what you had done and also because I knew it was done. Anyway, didn’t think it was right I got so much out of your journey and you didn’t even know I existed. So job well done and thanks for sharing.

  111. mindy says:


  112. Lizette says:

    Congratulations on a very cool achievement. It made me smile to check your progress. I’m so glad you made it across our beautiful country safely. God Bless you.

  113. Hayden says:

    Matt I missed the end of your journey as I was on a journey of my own (Vacation). But I have watched you progress from way down here in New Zealand and have enjoyed keeping up with your reports.

    Amazing how kind everyone was to you….a very heart warming feeling to know that most people will do what they can to help a stranger.

    Like you said Matt…Stay Strong,….our NZ Maori equivalent is Kia Kaha. So Kia Kaha Matt!

  114. CP in MI says:

    Thanks again Matt for sharing your journey with “us”. You are correct, that it mattered not your religious or political views, it was your journey that brought us all together.

    I am glad to hear that you only saw the best of our country. I hope to read in the future more about your journey, either here or in print.

  115. kheavner says:

    What a pleasant surprise to log on and see another post! Best wishes for your future! Thanks again for taking us all along on your trip. May each new day surpass the last!

  116. bob says:


    Congratulations and Kudos

    I would commend you to Peter Jenkins in Tennessee who wrote of his “Walk Across America” in 1973.

    He met his wife Barbara in New Orleans and they both went for “The Walk West” in 1976 and was completed (in Oreganin 1979.

    I believe Peter and Barbara would be able and willing to help you gather your thoughts as well as lend guidance for the book that you will write.

    Dream Big


  117. Karen also says:

    Look at us… we just can’t say goodbye….
    What a beautiful thing.

  118. Lisa in Ca says:

    I’ve read this since i stumbled on it in June and i want to say congrats and I will miss reading about you adventures, thank you for sharing your experience it fun to live vicariously through you.

  119. Shannon says:

    Very well said, Matt. Thank you for sharing your journey with us, you’re someone worth knowing and learning from!

  120. kim says:



    • Dorinda from Mentor, Oh. says:

      Uh Kim, he did go through PA. Maybe you didn’t go back to the beginning? Matt met some very nice people in Pennsylvania. I would suggest going back to his first month and see for yourself. To bad you missed him.

  121. Ramon Castillo says:

    Congrats, Matt! Thanks for letting me share with your journey. I enjoyed following you in the Internet. I wish I could do the same. But I’m tied to the daily rigors of life which are work, work, work, and more work! My dream is to do same (in Europe, no less), just to see and marvel at places foreign to me and meet people of different backgrounds. I am as curious as you are how they would treat a stranger like me around them. That’s an amazing feat you’ve done; quite an accomplishment! You did it very fast too. Again, congratulations! Well done.

  122. nancy says:

    Way to go Matt, you did!!! We could all take some lessons from you. What a wonderful few months following your story.

  123. Abby from MI says:

    Keep on walkin. Enjoyed the journey!

  124. Rodrigo Castillo - Los Angeles, CA says:

    Congratulations!! What a your journey! I’m going to miss your nice pictures from places across America. You taught me something that, in this time and age, people are not all bad as I thought. We just need to learn how to trust each other… Keep me posted in your new Adventures! Enjoy life.:-)

  125. Tina says:

    Thanks, Matt! We all enjoyed journeying with you! What’s next for you?

  126. Chip in PA says:

    Congratulations Matt!! I’ve been following you since the beginning and it has been a blast. You have inspired all of us (hobo nation) to try and see the good in everyone, the simple beauty that surrounds us each day and to sloooooow down and take it all in. In todays world we all seem to be in such a hurry that the basic beauty of each passing day seems to slip through our fingers without notice. Well, not anymore! Thanks for taking us on this wonderful journey and best wishes to you in the future. I like everyone else am going through Matt withdrawl and will keep checking back for any updates and just to look back thru the photos and comments. Take Care…..

  127. Garrett in Salt Lake says:

    Thanks for the memories…. play it again Matt…

  128. Catherine says:

    Matt it’s been amazing watching your journey across our beautiful country! Many places I’ve never seen and I thoroughly enjoyed all the pictures and the insight you provided.

    I too have watched since the beginning and was sad and happy to see the end. Glad you made it safely, accomplished what you set out to do, and what you shared with all of us!

    You’ve given all those that followed a bigger gift than you can imagine!

  129. Kel says:

    Wow…inspirational. Congratulations on finishing your adventure. It’s definitely a nice surprise to hear that everyone was nice and no one tried to cause you harm or steal from you. It just shows that most of us fear things we shouldn’t.

  130. Paul Chapman says:

    Excellent 2 point summary. I’ve come to the same conclusions after cycling (slowly!) around south eastern Australia as a Mormon.

    Well done and all the best!

    And I reakon ‘half the country’ would be thrilled if you walked back ! Ha ha.

  131. Beck says:

    Nicely put Matt I like your outlook other than the atheist part. I am surprised you are still an atheist especially after all you have seen that HE created. I enjoyed the photos and your story GOD bless.

  132. Terry in Edmonton says:

    Thanks for including all of us on your journey. Happy Trails, Matt.

  133. Oh, you’re still here???…well, I must confess to coming back from time to time to read and remember…as author Willa Cather said so well, “Life began for me when I ceased to admire and began to remember.”

    Okay this is something very mundane (matches my personality)…but I think you will like to ponder…Tillamook…some of our fellow travelers from Oregon told us about Tillamook cheese and ice cream (Tillamook, Oregon, a town Matt passed through)…

    So I went to my local Kroger cheese department…it took me a while to find it…(it is a huge department)…but there it was Tillamook cheese…they had about 4 kinds…so I bought one to see if was as good as those stalwarts of the great state of Oregon said…

    It is very good…no, it is wonderful…I tried the medium cheddar…and it was great…it is a firm cheese…I tried it various ways…but one way was on “cheese-toast” (a wonderful breakfast)…a great bread, toasted…then melt the Tillamook cheese on the toast…(with a little chopped onion, some Mancini’s fried pepper “Longhots”, okay, all my favorites) and a slice of fresh tomato on top…anyway, it is a great cheese…and a great breakfast…

    Kudos to those from Oregon…for the great way to remember Matt’s trip every time I have some Tillamook cheese…(so life again began for me, this morning…because I didn’t just admire…I remembered)…

    • Julie in Cincinnati says:

      Thanks for the recommendation Jim! We have Kroger here too so I’ll definitely get some Tillamook cheese when I do my grocery shopping tomorrow. I shop there every week but didn’t think to look for Tillamook cheese because I thought there’s no way it would be all the way out here. I’ll definitely look for it. Sounds yummy!

  134. Gayle Opie says:

    OK, I’m official lost in the mornings with no Matt to check in on and no pictures to admire. What do I do now? I’m having withdrawal pain.

  135. MindyfromNYC says:

    Hi everyone. I have always been a lurker. Since this is the last pic on this blog, I think it’s the best time to post a comment. First, I want to say congratulations to Matt for a job well done. I knew about Matt and his journey from yahoo news, when he was halfway thru. Every day, I would check his blog for daily pics of funny mailboxes, tar bubbles, bridges, tunnels, crunch up cans, signs, toilet paper on the highway, old shacks, hills, roads, lakes, mountains etc, etc,.(which there are better pics on the discovery channel and traveling websites.). It is silly, if you think about it logically. 6 months ago, if anyone had told me that I will be wasting my time reading a blog from a person, who quits his well paying job in this hard economy, to walk across America for no real cause only to post pics of garbage. I would have said, “No way. I am not that stupid”. I will be eating my words. From Matt, I had learned more from him than any class I have taken in school. Every pic he posted, I felt I was right next to him walking besides him. He not only opened up my eyes, but his created a community on his blog. If you think about it, without his blog I never get to take part in this HOBONATION. I just want to thank him for that. He made people realized that there are more out there than the zombie cycle we go thru day in and day out. We people often do things safe in life, never take risks or chances. We go to school, graduate, go to more school, get a job, get marry, buy a house, buy a car, have kids, have a dog, quit job, get another job, midlife crisis, buy more junk, retire. It’s the same cycle. We had become zombies in life. It takes someone like Matt to wake us up and take a chance in life and show us we all can have a life again. So anyone who criticize Matt’s journey, take a good look at your life. Are you truly happy with being a zombie? How many lifetimes do we have? So the next time you feel the urge to do something , but often come up with excuses, tell yourself to SHUT UP and, just do it already. Sorry for rambling. Since I have never posted a comment before, this makes up for it. As for me, I’ll be partaking in my first camping adventure in two months. Go out there and found your own adventure. Peace.

  136. Andrew in VT says:

    Thanks for a great trip, Matt. I discovered your blog back in April when you were near Cleveland and I feel like I traveled with you from there to the Pacific. The day I found your blog I sent the link to my spouse with the comment “This makes me smile.” And it did, every day, for the next four months. Your observations at the end of your journey neatly capture exactly what I marveled at every day that I visited your site. Thanks for passing along the joy of discovery and for finding the best in everyone you met (I suspect you just have a knack for that). I especially enjoyed your (slightly skewed) engineer’s perspective – so many good observations on road signs, crosswalks, pavement markings, etc. that could only come from walking with your eyes and your mind wide open. Those pictures – and your comments – often turned my smile to an out-loud laugh.

    Whatever comes next for you, I wish you continued good fortune. Maybe we’ll meet somewhere on the road, someday.

    Andrew Albright
    Jericho, Vermont

  137. 92nd st. jim says:

    Hey Matt, I live down the block from where you started.(Bells Beach is named after Steven Belson/FDNY retired 9/11/01)He was an awesome guy who would have been breaking your balls,making you laugh,about your trip.He might have given you a head start,….but he would have loved what you did.If he could have,(left his beach or protecting the nyc people)he would have been your best friend.I just want you to know that you started from a famous beach.Props for the march jump in the mother ocean.Peace,…92 jim

  138. Todd S from Tracy, CA says:

    What a time it has been following your walk across the country. I am not sorry that I was excited to check your page very nearly every day. I have loved the pics and that you never had to comment on them but for a fitting title and strangers came together because of it.

    I’ve never commented because I don’t have much to say but that has not stopped me from looking at your many pictures and wondering how it would be to spend even a few minutes walking with you. So, and I am not the first to say it, thank you. I enjoyed your journey very much. I wish you so much peace and joy in your life and may you always have the strength and courage to put one foot in front of the other.

    That’s all.


  139. Moe says:

    Thanks for reppin’ us Liberal Athiest Jew contingent proper!

  140. Brandon from California says:

    Happy Labor Day Matt!!

  141. Ed in Mich says:

    Well Brandon I had wondered if anyone would still come around here. Have a great day.

  142. Robert says:

    Congratulations! Your “conclusions” are certainly true. They are seen in your photos and comments throughout the trip. Is it possible that your trip shows us that in this fast paced world, one needs to slow down to see it’s beauty and what it has to offer us?

  143. Don In Tennessee says:

    AHH – The Mayor is back!!! I have missed everyone including Matt. I have had issues with my computer and had to replace the hard drive. I believe Matt’s venture wore the thing out.

    Anyway-Happy Labor Day to all and go VOLS!!! – It is Football Time in Tennessee!

    By the way i just can’t say –

    • Dorinda from Mentor, Oh. says:

      Welcome back Mayor Don! I was wondering where you were. I just have to laugh at your comment about your hard drive being worn out by this adventure! I guess this would wear out ones computer, especially in the last few days how we were all refreshing and trying to keep up with Matt on the last day. Glad you got the problem fixed and hope to see more of you on here.

    • Julie in Cincinnati says:

      Mayor Don!! Welcome back! We’ve missed you! I know what you mean about the computer. Mine’s been smoking the past few months from all of the use…….and I just had a new hard drive installed in February. Glad you’re back! Now don’t leave us again mister, I mean Mayor…… And, great song – very appropriate.

  144. Hope says:

    Thank you for sharing your journey. I looked forward to sitting down at my computer each evening to see what you had been up to that day. As someone who has lived on the east coast my entire life, I saw a lot of new and interesting things as you crossed the midwest and then the west coast. I hope that you decide to share any more reflections you have.
    Thank you!

  145. :j says:

    you made it! {of course} well done. thank you for sharing your adventure with the rest of us. best to you and yours.

  146. Mary says:

    I loved taking this journey with you, Matt, and I loved what you found. The friendliness of the folks you met (despite differences) and the beauty you observed and shared really reaffirmed my own views of the world.
    Many thanks, and best wishes for you in all your future endeavors.

  147. e says:

    liberal atheist Jew? That’s half of new york….

  148. Jimmy Thomas says:

    You made this summer great for a many of us. Will never forget you. What you did I have wanted to do for the 60 yuears of my life and thanks to you I have been able to do it. I want you stay in touch and find what else you are going to do. You prove to all of us that the world is not as bad as it seems sometime. Don’t ever give up on your dreams

  149. Dorinda from Mentor, Oh. says:

    Wow one whole day with no comments. Amazing. That hasn’t happened in months probably. Has everyone left the building? Or just busy celebrating the weekend? Hope our Mayor is okay there in TN and his teams won. Our Joisy guy Jeff should be gettin’ back soon if he didn’t wash away on that island of his. And I’m sure Norwood is lurking around out there somewhere waiting to scream “LAST”! LOL. (not that anyone will listen, but he can scream it anyway). Peace people.

    • Don In Tennessee says:


      Yes my team won 50 to 0 against TN-Martin, and well we should have. The next 2 weeks are Oregon who won 72-0 and then Florida the following week. We will know more about our eam then. The whole offensive line and QB are new this year so time will tell!

      Beautiful here again in TN today. Walked 4 miles at 7:00AM with temp about 58. Going for a picnic and to chill out then back home to grill some chicken breast on the charcoal grill for supper-Labor of Love-on Labor Day.

      Hope everyone is safe and enjoys Labor Day!

      Mayor Don

      • Dorinda from Mentor, Oh. says:

        50-0 ?? 72-0 ??? Are you kidding me? I can’t imagine scores like that. Was there another team on the field with them? For heavens sake that just sounds crazy. I’m not a big football fan at all but that score is nuts. Glad your team won though.

        Your walk and picnic sound like fun. My walk will be in Home Depot and around the house. he he. That store is huge so that’s gotta count for something right?

        Hope your days are bright and a little cooler now that the hot summer weather is passing, at least here it is. Enjoy your day.

        • Don In Tennessee says:


          Many college sports teams play a (patsy) the first game or 2. The team that gets beat bad gets a big fat payday from the host school for playing so it helps their athletic department. Not good for the fans as I would rather see a more competetvie game. Just the way it is in college sports.

          This week is Oregon ranked 11th, next week is Florida ranked 3rd and then we have LSU, Georgia, and Alabama starting October 2 ranked 16th, 21st, and 1 respectively. Not an easy schedule for a very young TN team.

    • Julie in Cincinnati says:

      Hi Dorinda and Don!
      My girls and I were busy most of yesterday (and today). I was wiped out by last night and couldn’t drag myself to the computer. I hope everyone had a good Labor Day. We had a cookout here. It was great weather for it. Congrats on your team winning Don!

      • Jeff says:

        yea probably watching camp rock 2 like the rest of us!!!

        • Julie in Cincinnati says:

          How did you know?? Yes, actually we did watch Camp Rock 2….. but only once. My girls are 18 yrs old and believe it or not, they still like a lot of the shows on Disney.

      • Don In Tennessee says:


        Glad you were able to spend time with your girls! We also had a family get together on Saturday with my 2 brothers, sister and spouses, nieces, nephews and our 92 year old father. It was so good to have everyone togehter and to have more fall like weather. Hope you have a great day!

    • Jeff says:

      I am back and no washing away…at all. Weatherchannel just makes everything worst case scenario. Beaches in Turks and Caicos….what a place. Matt can’t walk there…but I thought about his walk as I walked on the beach (when you could) still awesome to think about! Dorinda thanks for caring. Karen you too. Now I will be sending some emails to a bunch of you with emails of your friends. Matt got back to me the other day too…and enjoyed the Shutterfly photo album done up by Keir in Oregon. I only shared it with people who got in on the pool….so if you want a copy just email the and I will forward it on. Nice to see and read all the comments.
      Kind of feeling lazy today…just not ready to quit work for a good ol walk…. Oh sorry Matt…been there done that…yadda yadda…

      • Don In Tennessee says:


        Glad you are back safe and had a good vacation. Stay in touch!


      • Dorinda from Mentor, Oh. says:

        Well there’s our “World Traveller” lol. Welcome back buddy. Glad you had a nice time. The weather channel is my favorite channel to watch. My family and friends think I’m nuts but it’s so very generic and informative. It’s not just the forecast for the day. They have so many different little “shows” on there and I find them the be quite educational. And there’s no swearing, violence except for natural violence from the weather, no nudity, no sex, no vulgarity. Just clean. I like that.

        So, back to you Jeff. Glad you made it home safely and are getting busy back to work(for us! he he). I know some of us can’t wait to get the others emails. And the photo’s that Kier did I thought got posted here somewhere because I know I saw them. She did a very nice job too.
        I will be expecting my email soon with new addy’s and details on your vacation! Peace.

      • Julie in Cincinnati says:

        Welcome back to our Big Kahuna!!! I was worried about you with the hurricane but figured you wouldn’t be checking your email from the beach :-) I’m so glad you and your family are back safely. That photo album from Kier was wonderful!! You’ll have to send us some pics from your vacation too!

        Don’s back, you’re back, Dorinda’s here (thank goodness she never left or I would have been completely lost!!!)…….the world is upright again! Have a good evening guys!

        • Jeff says:

          The waves were surfable that is for sure. Thanks all…I did check my email when I was away. Dorinda and Karen both sought me out to see how things were. God Bless the internet. Dorinda – I sent you the Keir link…but none the less my wife has put our vacation pictures on facebook. I will get the disc and send some of me and the kids and the beautiful blue skys and sunsets. Too bad Matt did not take the plunge down there. the sea was at 83 degrees.

          see ya on the other side.

          • Dorinda from Mentor, Oh. says:

            Oh okay, my bad memory for sure! I get lost in a round room. Thanks Jeff.
            I look forward to the pics and 83 degree water sounds just wonderful, amazing, awesome. And it’s natural, not a hot tub! lol.

        • Dorinda from Mentor, Oh. says:

          Aw thanks Julie, that’s so sweet. I’m glad I could be of help and that you are safe. : ) Always glad to help out a fellow hobo in need! Smiles! (glad you are still here too you know!).

  150. Pam says:

    I’m so very proud of you Matt! What you did is such an inspiration to people from all walks of life. Funny isn’t it? All WALKS of life. Maybe we all should find our walk and take it before it’s too late. We are here now and now is the time to walk. Thank you Matt!!

  151. Lori in Ohio says:


    Some of us keep popping back in to see if anything new may happen to post. When Jeff gets back have him forward my email to you. Everyone have a glorious day, I have to work today, no grillin, no family except my fellow co-workers.

  152. Clark says:

    Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

  153. Sharon P says:

    As the old song goes, “Thanks for the memory…” You accomplished much for yourself, but perhaps even more for the renewal of faith in our people. In the media scramble, it is often the negative that we see and after a while, begin to expect. Don’t know what is ahead for you, but I’ve been delighted to be a witness to your journey across America. Hope our “paths cross” again somehow.

  154. Mike in Phoenix, AZ says:

    I haven’t had withdrawal like this since I was, well a long, long, long time ago doing ???. I’ll certainly keep checking back in from time to time. After so much inspiration from Matt and all of you here, I’ll take a cue from John Lennon – “Life’s what’s happening while your busy making other plans” – and get my own life (goals, dreams and aspirations) moving forward.

    Till we meet again my cyberspace friends, I wish you all to enjoy your individual gift of life.

    Shalom and may your God, spirit, ??? bless you all.

  155. Camille says:

    Matt it was such a pleasure to follow you on your journey even if it was through some pictures and descriptions. but they were just enough. When i first heard about you in Yahoo News i was so suprised and curious with your plans and i knew i had to follow along. It was great coming to your web site and descovering all the new places and meeting all the people who helped you. I congratulate you on your goal and wish you the best in life. Thank you for giving yourself and the followers a new view in life. Hope all is well and hope to see more adventures from you!!

  156. Scott says:

    I am glad Matt gave us one more post, I have been feeling empty without the closure. His trip was probably the greatest thing I have ever witnessed, and participated in, and feel blessed. Matt have a great life. Write us a book, filled with lots of pictures, so we can re-live this again, and again. I want to look back years from now and feel that joy of seeing this great land, through your eyes, and remember how incredible life can be. You did something very special, something magical, and I am glad you passed some of that magic on to the rest of us. Later, and congradulations!!!!!!!

  157. donna says:

    Congrats Matt!!! What is my husband gonna think now that “the other man” is out of my life?? And my family is gonna be so sad not to hear about where you are and what you are doing. I don’t know how I learned of this journey, but this is one trip I would not have missed. I found out about you on like day 45 and I stayed up until almost 3 am reading about you. (I have to be at work by 9, thanks) Sometimes I would read the blog and think of the movie “Pay It Forward” (sad ending but amazing story) You have met some wonderful people. Black, white, brown, Christian, Jewish, Omish, Munks, rich, poor. It just shows that WE are an amazing country and all are our mothers, fathers, grammies, grampies, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles. ONE BIG FAMILY. I wish I could had your courage and just put on the Nikes and go. Good luck to you in the future. If you are ever in Pasadena Texas and need to rest your feet, you can count on me. You don’t know, “WE MAY NEVER MEET” Thank you for allowing me to walk beside you. Donna

  158. Jesse in Austin says:

    Thanks Matt!

    Everyone else posted such great sentiments that I can’t think of anything that hasn’t already been said or say it in a more profound way. It has been a terrific journey to watch. Thank you for sharing.

    Maybe you can make it to Austin sometime – there are many interesting and unique things to see walking around here.

    Until the next journey – peace.

  159. Matt Bomboy says:

    Your story reminds me of the part in Forrest Gump when he just felt like running, well you just felt like walking and people like you make the world go around. I think it’s good that your walk wasn’t for anything more then you just wanted to. Sometimes people should do things just to say ” I DID THAT “. After reading what you said in the end, maybe your walk did more good then just getting from A to B. Maybe you should everyone that the world isn’t such a bad place and something as simple as a walk can bring people together. Good job and I hope your walk inspires others.

  160. MN Roxanne says:

    So here I am in Seattle…. drove some of the same route you walked in WA and wished I was here a little earlier but it wasn’t meant to be. It was a great drive west and I thought of your walk often along the way… we took many scenic routes leaving the freeway behind. ND, MT, Idaho and finally WA all in 5 days compared to your months…
    You inspired me to look for things that aren’t put in front of tourists faces… there is such beauty along the way in our everyday lives. Matt thank YOU for sharing the journey… mom got your post card and passed along the message to me- we were so happy to be a small part of this adventure. Take some time getting back into “life”…
    Everyone we met along the way has been so friendly and helpful… there really are no strangers- just friends we haven’t met yet. Take care Matt Green- you continue to inspire.

    • Dorinda from Mentor, Oh. says:

      MN Roxanne! Good to hear from you. Sounds like you had a nice drive out into WA. Glad you made it there safely. Hope you continue on your journey and find lots of really neat things along the way like Matt did. Enjoy.

    • Julie in Cincinnati says:

      Hi Roxanne! Glad you had a great trip! And I really like when you said ~ There really are no strangers – just friends we haven’t met yet. That’s perfect!

    • Dennis in So Cal says:

      “there really are no strangers- just friends we haven’t met yet.”…I love that statement. It’s a nice summary of Matt’s trek. Major kudos to all that helped Matt along the way. You make me proud to be your fellow countryman!

  161. Tim in Raleigh says:

    Great job Matt! I will miss the daily updates and great photos too.

  162. “You’re still here???”…a little “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off”…”It’s over. Go home. Go.”…but you know we keep coming back, thinking something may show up…and it does…you’re still here…all you people…with comments and reflections…well, I will keep coming back once in a while to see how you all are doing…

    • Dorinda from Mentor, Oh. says:

      LOL ! Jim you’re so funny. You’re here too. If you weren’t I wouldn’t be writing this in response to your comment. We all want to stay connected, the regulars that is. I’ve been reading through some of your blog. Nice read there. Thanks Jim for checking in on us. One day someone will finally turn the lights off on their way out and that will be all. But for now, the lights are on and I still comment. And I’m glad for it too. Keeps me connected with my friends I spent my summer with. Ah yes, the summer of 2010. Remember it well. ha ha. Glad you were a part of that. Peace.

      • RAYMOND in ALABAMA says:

        I come by this blog at least once a day and I caught you again. You are like me cannot resist seeing if anyone has been by. It’s hard to just abruptly end something as this since we stayed on here for over 5 months. Later Raymond

    • Julie in Cincinnati says:

      Ok, how can we go home when you won’t go home?? LOL!!! I think we like staying connected to the people we’ve gotten to know over the past 5 months. And, maybe one day Matt will join us. I’m sure he’s taking quite a bit of time off to regroup and reconnect with family and friends. He deserves a good vacation. By the way, I still love your blog! You have some great insight.

    • Saun in Ohio says:

      Same here feel a little silly for checking in. It’s like you said Go home It’s over. I guess I ‘m hoping for some more pics kinda selfish you think?

    • Dennis in So Cal says:

      LOL, nice reference. I was thinking the same thing. When does Matt leave for Peru?

  163. Liz in San Diego says:

    Wow! It is complete! thank you so much for sharing your journey and inspiring the lucky people who found you on the web! All I want to know is: WHAT’s NEXT? I’ll be waiting to hear about your next venture-(-a book? a movie? ) and wish you all of the love and happiness the world has to offer!

  164. Don In Tennessee says:

    This blog now reminds me of this song, without Matt to give us “fodder” to ponder on-

  165. Anna One in CA says:

    Just checked in to see who was saying what! Jeff, please send me anything new or relevant. You have my email address. Plus the Oct pix of you and Matt if you hook up. Thanks. Good night John Boy. Good night Jim Bob. Good n….

  166. Todd Jackson says:

    Thanks, Matt, for sharing. I enjoyed traveling with you. I especially appreciate your conclusions and advice to us. I agree- it really is a beautiful world with beautiful people in it. And look at how many of those people you have brought together on the web. Thank you. Well done.
    (Learned of your trip only a few weeks after you passed a couple of miles from my house. Next time.)

  167. Barbara says:

    Wow, Matt what an adventure you had. I hope more people take a moment to look around and see what there is to see wherever they may be or be lucky enough to go. Godspeed on your future adventures and hopefully we’ll all meet out there someday!

  168. Saun in Ohio says:

    Just dropping in to see what’s going on and say Hello to all of you( Jeff, Dorinda, Don, ect.). I’ve been out of town My husband and son’s band played at a biker rally Labor Day weekend. The weather was great we camped out so to speak in my husbands semi ha ha. While everybody else slept in tents. Good times Be safe :)

    • Dorinda from Mentor, Oh. says:

      Oh I’m still here. Can’t get rid of me. Someone will have to kick me out the door before I leave! ha ha. Turn out the lights behind me when they do or I’ll find my way back in! ha ha.

      Camping in a semi is cheating! ha ha. But if it’s wet outside it sure beats being in a tent. Glad you had a good time. Jeff just got back from his adventure in the waters south of here. And Don’s team won Sunday by a landslide! Still boggles my mind.
      Hope you keep in touch Saun. Keep checking in. I’m still lurking around.

  169. Dorinda from Mentor, Oh. says:

    Shout out to Jeff for connecting me with other Ohioans. Awesome of you to do that. And a huge shout out to Matt and Jason because without Matt’s adventure and Jason setting up this webiste I’d never have these friends here and have seen the great USA like I did. I spent my summer vacation, the whole summer, here with Matt and all of you. What a beautiful summer and love the mailboxes. I miss the mailboxes. Matt, please post one more!

    • RAYMOND in ALABAMA says:

      Thought I would drop in and see who’s been back. I noticed Dorinda that you are like me cannot resist going back. Like you said we all had a great time and it’s hard to just quit. I plan on coming to Ohio next summer on motorcycle ride, will email you and look several of yall as we say in south up. Also I will be lurking around here till they take it down. Keep my address Dorinda

      • Julie in Cincinnati says:

        Hi Raymond! I can’t quit coming back either. It’s so hard to let go because there are some great people here. I still check in every day. That would be great if you come to Ohio next summer! We’d love to have ya! That would be an incredible trip – Alabama to Ohio on a motorcycle. Several of my friends have bikes and I love riding with them. It definitely helps you clear your mind and just enjoy the scenery.

        • Lori in Ohio says:

          Hey Julie
          It must be check in time for those of us in Ohio. Maybe we could all get together and give Ray a welcome to Ohio party

          • Dorinda from Mentor, Oh. says:

            Okay, can’t let the other Ohio girls show me up and not comment. : ) Ray I don’t ride and don’t have a spare room but you’re welcome to come over and say “Hey” any time you’d like.

            I’ve been checking in all day long but didn’t comment until now cause like I said I can’t let the other Ohio gals show me up! Glad to see some are still hangin’ out. I keep hoping as we all do that Matt will post one more message. Oh well. I’m sure Matt by now is off on another adventure. I think there’s a wedding soon he’s supposed to be going to. Uncle Bill’s daughter is getting married from what I remember. And Bill is supposed to interview Matt for his column. Can’t wait to read that.
            I’m sad to see his journey end as it was so exciting! Each day a new adventure really for us as we couldn’t wait to see what Matt would post next. The one and only part of the whole trip that I couldn’t handle was the dung beetles. That was just gross!!! My favorite parts as I think so many people loved were the unique mailboxes. I would love to see a page on just the collection of mailboxes Matt captured. Some people are so creative and artful with their boxes. Mine is just plain old white attached to my house. I don’t think it would look good with my house to “dress it up a bit”.
            What I think I found most interesting were the differences in the landscapes of the states. I thought Minnesota was beautiful. But don’t think I could handle the winters up there! And Washington shocked me as to the terrain there where Matt was. The greenery in Oregon and the waterfalls were breathtaking. And that BIG SKY in Montana sure is true, it is some BIG SKY out there!. The Amish family Matt came across and the culture there was nice I like things like that. Oh and I think it was Gloria’s(?) house, the country home and garden with all the shelves with all the glass collectables in the front windows. I love that! I like old country charm like that and glass too. All these things are some small part of what I’ve gotten out of this. Along with all my new friends! : )

            • RAYMOND in ALABAMA says:

              Hello again, if we come thru it will proably be 4 to 5 of us. We alwys stay in motels on back roads, usually they are so charming and nice. We all hate to ride the big roads on motorcycles, they are hot, lots of traffic, especially truck traffic. You see more country on 2 lane highways, takes longer but the views are worth it, I have found out. You can go on facebook and look me up and see all pictures of kast ride we went on, I finally got around to posting them yesterday. I think I would like the big sky country in Montana, theres nothing like riding a cycle in open spaces as Montana would be. and the amish sometimes I wish for a life like they live. everyone have a nice weekend

              Raymond Edwards

              • Saun in Ohio says:

                If you come through Ohio Labor day weekend. My husbands band plays at a biker rally everybody camps out.
                They do the usual biker stuff. Its called Rumble in the mountains but its not in the mountains ha ha. They have a facebook page you can check it out there. My husband band is Linden Davis Group you can check them out on You tube. Have a great weekend

            • jeff says:

              sniff sniff…need anothe tissue right about now. But Dorinda…the dung beetles …I just never knew they were here on our continent. Gross…yup….but to learn that was priceless…. Hope all is well.

              Had to have a fix. I just couldn’t do it….I am so ashamed…

              My name is Jeff….and I am a mattaholic. it was a couple weeks since my last posting…now I have to start again……alas.

              • Julie in Cincinnati says:

                Hi Jeff! My name is Julie and I’m a Mattaholic too……. These meetings really aren’t helping much are they? We can’t seem to quit. :-D

              • Dorinda from Mentor, Oh. says:

                Jeff it’s okay, we’ve all been there. We know how you feel and what you’re going through. It’s alright buddy, we’re here for you!
                I decided to look back up through some posts to see if anyone added something in and lo and behold I find you Jeff, sneaking in where you thought no one would notice you. But alas, our Julie in Cincy found you first and now I have. We’ve foiled your dastardly plans now. Now I know to look through, maybe even on other days perhaps? Where you’ve been sneaking in and getting your “fix”. Shame. tsk..tsk..tsk. Keep coming back buddy, we love you. : )

  170. Janine says:

    I can’t believe I’m more than a week late! I feel like such a bad Hobo Planeteer. Or is it a Hobo National?

    Thanks for the red line thoughts, Matt! It was so much following your adventure, seeing the sights, meeting the kind people, learning about the places you visited, and joining this community of fans. It’s still hard to let the adventure go…I can’t imagine how YOU must feel! but I look forward to finding out. Thanks again for letting us tag along.

    All my best,
    Los Angeles, CA

  171. Krissy in WA says:

    We were so happy when you finished your journey.. I wished so much you had arrived on a weekend so we could’ve driven down there to meet you.. Thank you for taking us along on your journey, we really enjoyed it and miss checking in on you!

  172. Melissa in FL says:

    Matt I know everyone is saying this, but I also want to thank you for sharing this journey with everyone. It was such a great experience to just see everything that you have seen. Not many people have the courage to do what you did in taking on this journey. I was so happy and amazed at all the people that you met and that helped you. I know you had to take away so great memories and of course pictures. I hope you accomplised everything that you set out to do and that is was exactly what you wanted it to be. I along with everyone else will miss their daily Matt fix because we all got used to looking on here to see what you were doing and where you were visiting. Please let us know how you are doing and what you are planning next. Good luck in all you do. You are a very special person and again thank you for taking me on such a great journey with you.

  173. Tahia says:

    So glad you made it happy and safe! Thank you for sharing your journey.

  174. Dennis in So Cal says:

    Congratulations on finishing your trek. Thank you for taking the Hobo Nation along for the ride. When do you leave for Peru or Mongolia?

  175. Karen says:

    Hello….yes I can see what you are saying…..there are wonderful people out there and most of us are too busy dwelling on negative or bad situation! Live your life positive and we will be fine! Thanks for your wonderful message and photograhps.

  176. Norwood says:

    We’re all like a bunch of people at the end of the concert holding their bics up in the air.

  177. Brandon from California says:

    Keep check back everyday to see any new pics. Have a good weekend everyone.

  178. Mike says:

    Thank you for taking the time to meet me when we did and I am so glad you made it safely.

  179. Dorinda from Mentor, Oh. says:

    Well Mayor Don, how did your teams do this weekend? My son is a Steelers fan and that was a good final play to win. But that’s about it for me and football. I was raised on sports watching, football, wrestling-” Oh yeah! It’s good, it’d damn good!” -that’s for you Jeff. Soccer is another one, favorite in high school. But I thought I’d ask you Don as I’ve not heard much out of you this week. So, here’s to Don’s teams “Go Team!” (whoever they are!).

  180. Dorinda from Mentor, Oh. says:

    2 days since my last comment and no responses. I’m turnin’ the lights off then cause I hate leaving them on when no ones in the room. *flip* there. Night all.

    • Lori in Ohio says:

      hey Dorinda don’t forget to leave a nite lite on for me

      • jeff says:

        Damm it anyhow….that hurt….hay who shut the lights out ??? Dorinda…….?

        wow….just wanted to say hi. Hi!! Goodbye ….miss ya all…..

        • Julie in Cincinnati says:

          Hi Dorinda!! Hi Lori!! Hi Jeff!!! Anybody got a flashlight??? I can’t see!!!
          I miss you guys too!!!

          • Saun in Ohio says:

            lights out night night …….

          • Dorinda from Mentor, Oh. says:

            LOL ! I guess I turned the lights out to soon before everyone had either a night light on or flashlight in hand. Sounds like Jeff stubbed his toe and Lori got scared in the dark. I have a flash light you can borrow–here—…..did you get it? I’ll leave the door cracked open a bit then huh? Will that help?

        • Dorinda from Mentor, Oh. says:

          Sorry Jeff, did you stub your toe? That always hurts. Gotta try to watch where you’re going. Hopefully the night light will help.

      • Dorinda from Mentor, Oh. says:

        Oh sorry Lori didn’t mean to leave you in the dark without a night light on. Here let me help you— *turning night light on* there now, is that better? Just a crack of light coming through. Okay?

        • Dorinda from Mentor, Oh. says:

          There now, is every body settled and tucked in? Anybody need a drink of water before going night night? I’ve turned on a night light for Lori, given Julie a flash light and left the door open a crack for Jeff so he doesn’t stub his toes any more. All in now? Have a good night and email me in the morning. : )

  181. Todd Forrester from Minneapolis says:

    Congratulations. I have been watching your journey since you hit Minnesota. It has been entertaining and insightful.

    • Anna One in CA says:

      Welcome Todd. If you have time, go back to the beginning and check out those photos too. Yeah, the conversation is really peetering out now. I hope if Matt ever does write a book, I’ll find out about it. Anyone know how long this site is going to be up? Ciao…

  182. Lori in Ohio says:

    Hey Dorinda,
    We are still hangin in here. Did you get the email with the pics of my large furry friends.
    Give us a 10 minute warning that it is lights out time please. Julie, Jeff and Saun Im echoing a HELLO to you guys also

    • Saun in Ohio says:

      Hello Lori what kind of large furry friend are we talking about?

      • Lori in Ohio says:

        Hi Saun. I sent Dorinda a pic of my horses. What is it with us Ohio folks still hangin in here? Must be because its getting dark earlier

    • Dorinda from Mentor, Oh. says:

      Yes I did and may I say “hrrrr “(?) oh how do you type out the sound a horse makes? Two very nice guys hanging out eating what’s left of the grass-looks like more dirt there than grass! lol. They ate it all! Sorry about not giving a lights out warning. I never thought of it. I just figured because no one had commented in 2 days that everyone had quietly gone to sleep and I’d shut the light off rather than leaving it on all night. I promise next time I’ll give a 15 minute bedtime warning. Hows that?

    • Julie in Cincinnati says:

      Hi Lori, Dorinda and Saun!!!! It must be something in the Ohio water that keeps us coming back. Hi to Jeff too!! He can be an honorary Ohioan since he keeps coming back with us! Anyone heard from Mayor Don lately? He’s missed!

    • Jeff says:

      hello hello hello hello……from me and my echo too!

  183. Brandon from California says:

    I’m still here. Don’t know what to do next.

    • Dorinda from Mentor, Oh. says:

      Hey Brandon,
      well out here in Ohio my leaves have been coming down little by little since August. Dry with little rain some times makes for early fall colors to come. So I will be getting busier with raking and mowing leaves. I have 4 very big, tall old trees with lots of leaves! Keeps me busy right up until Christmas just about. This here site gave me something fun to do this summer during the heat wave and being inside. Keep hanging out Brandon. Keep out of those fires out there too! ouch.

      • RAYMOND in ALABAMA says:

        Well Dorinda I see you, Lori, Saun and the Ohio group are still at it, as I, I cannot resist comming back to see who’s been on. I guess I will till they take it down, hard to leave a nice group of people. Yall can come over to Facebook and send me a friend request, see Raymond Edwards, Hamilton, Alabama if cannot reach me email me at or one of these will get mail to me. Good to see that everyone does not want to quit though. It has been fun, and made summer months pass off rather quickly. everyone have a nice day, it is still hot here in Alabam, supposed to be 98 today and next week also.

        • Dorinda from Mentor, Oh. says:

          Yeah, just like cockroaches, I turned out the lights and they all came running out! LOL. Just kidding-I’m not calling anyone a cock roach because you’re not. You’re much more special to me than that. It’s just an analogy.

          Sorry to hear it’s still so hot down there. I thought by now it would be much cooler than that. Up here we went from 85 to 65 in a matter of a day. Glad it’s cooled off. One of the reasons fall is so nice up here along with all the colors. Here’s to hoping you get some relief soon down there.

        • Julie in Cincinnati says:

          Hi Raymond! We’ll make you an honorary Ohioan too! There’s something about us that keeps us coming back. It’s hard to let go of such a nice group of people. I’m sorry to hear it’s still so hot down there. This weekend’s going to be nice here in Cincinnati. Only 78 today and mid-80s over the weekend. I’m ready for winter though. I love cold weather!

  184. Dwayne says:

    Matt!! Wow You made it!!! Hopefully you are well on your way to finding what it is you were looking for. I’m sure that it will take you a long time to actually process what you’ve accomplished and try to make sense of your trip on so many different levels. The Journey is what matters most and you have shown a lot of people that it’s possible to stop and smell the roses even if we never think we have the time to do so. Our world is but a tiny spec in the grand scheme of things and we are even smaller than that if you really open your mind to what’s beyond your line of sight. Here’s to a great future ahead for you and may you have many more of life’s “journeys” that turn out as positive as this one! See you on the Today Show (No, I don’t know anything about you being on the Today Show, but this is the Information Age!!!)!!

    “Live Long and Prosper”

  185. Eugene Honor says:

    Hi Matt,

    Eugene here from Philippines, you are so determined for you to finish your journey. I was following you through your website. You are one of a kind person in the world. And lastly, I wanna thank you for sharing your journey, you’re great!

  186. Don In Tennessee says:

    The “Mayor” is back, but I have been trying to “wean” myself from coming back. It is good to see Dorinda from Mentor, OH, Lori in Ohio, Saun in Ohio, Julie from Cincinnati and Jeff from Joisy and everyone else.

    I have been fighting a sinus infection since last Firday. I am so lucky to get one or 2 of these every year! It just has to run its course.

    Dorinda-my team did great the first half last Saturday. The game was halted for over an hour due to heavy rain and thunderstorms. Since we were playing the Oregon Ducks-it gave them an advantage!!! -Just kidding, no excuese. The problem is there are 2 halves to play. Three coaches in three years and defection of players for various reasons has depleted our depth. It will be a long and difficult year for us. This Saturday is Florida-OUCH!!!

    Has anyone heard about Matt in any articles,etc? If so, please pass along.

    For now, all I can say is –

    Mayor Hobo Don

    • Saun in Ohio says:

      Hey Don sorry to hear your sick. I think I have the same thing. I’ve been back at school for a month and I’ve caught something from the little ones already yeah. I hope this is not what the year is going to bring. Can’t help myself I keep checking back. Matt is probably saying get a life. Take care hope you feel better…..

      • Jeff says:

        yea me too…one week back and Corrie got a cold…then me….then all my mates at work…….ouch. And they want to make school years longer. I wont make it.

        hope all is well Saun!!

    • Julie in Cincinnati says:

      Hey Mayor Don!!! Great to hear from you! I just asked in a comment above if anyone had heard from you lately (I guess I should have looked a little farther down before asking). I’m sorry to hear you’ve been sick. It’s so hard to wean away from our Hobo Nation. There’s such a great group of people who keep coming back and staying connected. Feel better soon and have a good weekend!

  187. Dorinda from Mentor, Oh. says:

    Did anybody email Matt to find out what he did with the Mattmobile? I wonder if he brought it home with him or not. I’m sure he did as he can still get some real good use out of it. Matt is an adventurous soul as evidenced on his burnsomedust site. The man has had some travels already before this one. Wonder where Matt will go next?

    Hey you guys remember the picture Matt posted of the little American flags along the roadway? The man was running from Oregon to Maine and placing a little flag with a name for every soldier killed in Iraq so far? Well he made it here to my area this week. The beginning of the week he was about 1/2 hour away. I didn’t know until a day or so later when I read the newspaper. But it was weird and wild seeing him on the front page of my paper and having seen his handy work here on Matt’s site way back. The man is still going strong, has gone through 15 pairs of shoes though so far. Just thought I’d share that will ya’ll.

    • Julie in Cincinnati says:

      Do know what’s strange Dorinda? There was a man who came thru Cincinnati last week who is running from the West Coast to Washington DC to raise stroke awareness. He’s a 3-time stroke survivor himself and he’s only in his 50s. This must be the year for people to do cross-country runs & walks. I think it’s great that people to it to raise awareness of certain issues, such as lost soldiers and health issues. But, I also think it was great that Matt did it for no reason at all. Instead of raising awareness of a specific issue, he raised awareness of the good that still exists in people.

      • Dorinda from Mentor, Oh. says:

        Yes, I agree and I know. So many have walked this summer for one reason or another. I think why I liked Matt’s so much is because it wasn’t for any cause other than he just wanted to walk. And walk and walk! lol. I truly enjoyed this trip of his and didn’t feel guilty at all about it. I love Matt’s eye and all the unique things that he caught. All the things that many wouldn’t give a second glance to-like garbage along a road, and we all went nuts over it! LOL Who would have thought that an empty can of pop/soda or beer would create such a stir. But we did. Crazy.

        Glad to see some others still hanging around. I keep hoping Matt will write some more about his trip on here but maybe he’ll do it on another place. Or not at all. Would really be nice to see a compilation of his pictures with a little more to them than what he could write on here with his phone.

        • Jeff says:

          Amen sister. It was done for the sake of doing it. Although of all others..the guy with the flags…gets all respect for what he is doing. It is equal in my mind as going to Arlington Cemetary to visit my Uncle’s grave. Everyone gathers at the “known sites” but you walk “into the fields” and it is just you and the gravestones. So, so many of them.
          To place a yellow flag, every single mile, across the united states and have a fallen soldier in one war alone to attache to each flag..that is big and a true “cause” for doing so.

          but matt had himself and the “world”. I will get back to you all in a few weeks. Just wanted to Buzz by and say hello.

          I miss all of you that hung out here…I miss my daily laughs and learning from y’all. {{{{}}}} !!!

  188. GoingGreen says:

    it has been nice to follow you on your pictorial journey and see all those wonderful things that are a world away from where i live.

  189. Brandon from California says:

    Have a great weekend everyone!!!

  190. Mike in Phoenix, AZ says:

    another record breaking high temperature day here in Phoenix. i miss those great pics of cool places. guess I’ll go back and reminisce.

  191. mindy says:

    September 20th. on the board. Yay, almost fall (autumn).

  192. Norwood says:

    umm, I don’t know how to break this to everyone so I’ll just spit it out. My best friend’s sister’s boyfriend’s brother’s girlfriend heard from this guy who knows this kid who’s going with this girl who saw Matt hitchhiking outside a 31 Flavors in Portland. I know! Sounds unbelievable right? But i am confident about my sources. I’m just saying. Don’t go shooting the messenger. He was supposedly picked up by 2 girls in a pickup just getting off work at a Hooters down the street. If anybody can corroborate this story PLEASE speak up. We all deserve to know the truth.

    • Dorinda from Mentor, Oh. says:

      Hope he got the Rocky Road !!!

      Norwood, you’re too funny…. Matt was at his Uncle’s daughters wedding last week. I guess that makes it Matt’s cousin’s wedding. Anyway, Matt wouldn’t be hitch hiking, he’d be walking. Come on, he walked 3100 miles, what’s he need to hitch hike for? Seriously.

      • Jeff says:

        cause his thumbs were sore from pushing the cart….and he was exercising them and it looked like he was hitching…and he said … freak this I aint walking no more…….

        How’s that sound??? Book him Dano???

        I tried….. : {

  193. Janine says:

    You guys are adorable! *L*

  194. Mandy in Phoenix says:

    Matt (if your still reading) – I lost my brother Matt to testicular cancer in 1996, he was 31. When he passed I promised to live life as if (and I believe he does) he can see life thru my eyes now. I started running marathons, hiking Grand Canyon, mountain biking…..and you give me inspiration as another “Matt” to continue to do just that – live life like your dying, never fear the unknown, and make sure the ones you love KNOW it. Thanks for the ride!

    • Dorinda from Mentor, Oh. says:

      Email Matt your message and then he’ll be sure to read it. His email is at the top of the home page.

  195. alan of cedar rapids iowa says:

    I miss the daily updates !!!

    • Dorinda from Mentor, Oh. says:

      I know, so do I. I miss the anticipation of what’s next? What will Matt see and show us next? What’s around the next corner for Matt? All the fun. Was so exciting to see. And all the facts and researching people did. What an education! Miss it all.

      • RAYMOND in ALABAMA says:

        Dorinda I noticed you missed a post on the 22nd , you are slipping. Thought I would drop by see who’s been on lately, and you Ohio girls can say one thing for yourselves, yall are dependable. Never seen group hang in there as yall do.

        Dorinda I miss all of the times we had, come over to facebook and look me up and send me a friend request. It’s not as much fun as this was but it passes the day off. Miss all of you Thanks Raymond Edwards

        • Dorinda from Mentor, Oh. says:

          Oops! I am slipping. Didn’t realize it either. Thanks Raymond for keeping me on the straight and narrow. Somebodies got to watch me, I get lost real easy! LOL.

          I am not on facebook and don’t want to be on facebook either. Prefer not to be. Sorry. Email will have to do or just keep an eye on here and you just might find me lurking in the shadows ready to pounce.

          • RAYMOND in ALABAMA says:

            Caught you on today though. Hope you are doing ok. I noticed there has not many been on here since yesterday evening. But as you can see I am like you I keep coming back to check on everyone that comes by. Have a great day may catch you tomorrow or Monday.

            • Julie in Cincinnati says:

              Hi Dorinda!! Hi Raymond!! I haven’t been on here for a couple days and I miss you guys!!! It’s been so busy at work and at home.

    • Brandon from California says:

      Me too.

  196. yeah me 3! Michael R Cary on fb
    Miss all ya’ll! Hope everyone is doing well!

    • Dorinda from Mentor, Oh. says:

      Hey Michael in Arkansas! Haven’t seen you in awhile. You really must come out to play more often. : )
      Is it still burning hot down there? Any cooler weather at all? Hope you guys find some relief soon down there.

    • Dorinda from Mentor, Oh. says:

      Nice shot of the harvest moon there. I thought that’s what I was seeing last night. I was driving on the freeway so had to be careful and watch where I was going and not stare at the beautiful harvest moon. All you others shots on your flickr page are great too.

  197. Flavia says:

    HI All… I check in on the site once in a while and it’s nice to see people are still posting. Hope everyone is doing well!

  198. Lori in Ohio says:

    Hello all, we seem to just checking in in trickles now. I sure do miss it.

  199. Julie in Cincinnati says:

    Hi everyone!! Just checking in. Haven’t been on here for a couple days. I’ve been thinking – we really need an update from Matt. I wonder how he’s doing and how he’s readjusting to a “normal” life. I really miss him, his pictures and his insight. I hope everyone’s having a good weekend!!!

    Hey, has anyone heard from Jeff or Mayor Don lately?? I miss them too.

    • Dorinda from Mentor, Oh. says:

      Hi Julie !!!!
      I’ve “spoken” with Jeff via email. He’s fine, just really busy. Hey Jeff ! If you can hear Julie and me hollerin’ how about givin’ us a comment here? Let the nation know you’re still alive and kicking.

      As for Don haven’t heard a peep out of him lately. I know he said football was starting and that he’d be watching that. I think what we need is some researching from our librarians. How about it ladies?

      It’s been 1 month since Matt finished. : ( boo hoo for us, Yahoo for him! I would imagine he’s adjusted to sleeping in his own bed by now. Better than a tent on the ground. I keep checking his NY walking site to see what might be there. Whoever took some of those shots on that site has a good eye too. Some are really awesome. Must have been Matt that took some of them, they look like his “photographic eye”

      • Jeff says:

        Peep, Peep, Peep…..

        I am alive….Dorinda is right. quite busy being a dad and home owner right now. Grass died because of trying to cpr that back to life. Kids gave me a cold but other then that … I am alright. Can’t believe it almost jack-o-lantern
        time….. I posted a few days up from here to give some shout outs….I have not met with Matt just yet. I am emailing in a couple of days. Will come back here and share what I can. But as some is about shaking a hand and breaking bread… and saying thank you from a Nation of Hobo’s. So that is my update. Corrie is a second grader, Mikala is a 5th grader…and my facial hair has 5 more gray hairs……I better get my cross country walk in order..before it is too late…well maybe…..or maybe grecian formula….hmmm…I digress…..

        Dorinda.. I will find out what happened to the cart for you. I promise. Peace my Friends. Hope all is well. God be with you all!

  200. I guess I will comment this time…I check from time to time but haven’t left any comment…but maybe to answer some questions from above…yes, it finally cooled off here in Little Rock, AR…first time to turn off the A/C since May…it is beautiful today…

    And as for Don…if he is into the “Football Fever”, which we all know he loves, it is “hot” here in the South…I come from MN…and football is alive and well across the country…but down here…WOW, it is big stuff…yesterday Arkansas had a home game in NW Arkansas…but they turned the lights off here in Little Rock when they all left…I’d like to know how many “from here went up there”…it was noticeable…most that had not gone “up” there were listening or watching on TV…amazing…So we must give Don the benefit of the doubt…I mean, it Football Season…

    And right, Jeff is doin’ just fine…as my Mom used to say: “he has a good head about him”…in other words he thinks right and has some idea where he is goin’…and I think that is right about Jeff…

    Sorry, that turned out too long…but maybe makes up for the times I said nothing…

    • Dorinda from Mentor, Oh. says:

      Jim’s back from his trip! I bet it was loads of fun. Glad to see you commented. And glad that the heat broke for you down there.
      And don’t worry, your comment wasn’t long it was just right. : )

  201. Don In Tennessee says:

    OK- I could not resist-I MISS EVERYBODY!!!

    Yes I have been watching college football. Jim in AR-I was pulling for the AR Razorbacks to uproot the Rolling Tide on Saturday. Close but no cigar!. As far as my TN Vols go – well it has been very ugly so far. 3 coaches in 3 years, player defection, all new offensive line, new QB, etc are killing us. I mean, we had to go to double overtime to beat UAB-University of Alabama Birmingham. We play LSU this Saturday and then the GA Bulldogs, ALAbama and then South Carolina. All away except for Alabama and that still will not help.

    Look-I miss everyone of you guys and hope we can continue to communicate and stay in touch. I am on facebook under Don M. Watson but do not use it much or e-mail at

    I am still looking for employment but things are rather bleak for 60 year olds right now. I sure have a much different perspective on life and things in general after being out for 14 months! And I am glad I have been a conservative person with my money all my life. Things could be real ugly if I had not been a penny pincher! I keep connected with friends, church, family and try to be positvie. Thanks to many of you on this blog – you do not realize how uplifting some of you have been with your comments.

    Hope everyone is well-Jim in AR, Lori in Ohio, Julie in Cincinnati, Dorinda in Mentor, Ohio, Raymond in Alabama, Flavia, Michael in Arkansas, Jeff and everyone else.

    It was still 85 here yesterday and humid but rain has moved in and it did finally feel like fall today!

    Mayor Don

    • Dorinda from Mentor, Oh. says:

      Yeah! We finally heard from our Mayor Don! Yes we miss you too and some were wondering where you were. Glad to hear your okay as okay can be for you. Sorry to hear you haven’t found any employment yet. That’s gotta be hard.

      Your team there Don sounds almost like the Browns. I am not a Browns fan even though I live here. I used to every now and then years ago route for them. But no matter they just stink. Sorry Browns fans.
      In our home we have a mixture- Green Bay and Dolphins fan, STEELERS fan(the best of course), my Dad was a ’49ers fan and then for college, the Ohio State Buckeyes for sure. That’s for football. But I LOVE the WWE the most. Jeff knows all about that one don’tcha Jeff?!

      In others news, I’m glad the heat seems to have broken. At least here it has. We set 2 record highs this past week, Thursday and Friday near 90. And now, it’s a low so far of 56 this evening. Wacky weather in the fall but I love it.

      Stay in touch Don. We miss you. And hey! You didn’t give us a song this time?! What’s up with that?

    • Julie in Cincinnati says:

      Wooo hooo!!!!! Our Mayor’s back!!! Ok, do you remember when I was going thru Matt-withdrawal? (Side note – the Mattaholic Annonymous meetings aren’t working…..). Well lately we’ve been going Don withdrawals! We’ve missed you! I love football too, but we have the Bengals…..need I say more? They’re hot, they’re cold and they’re never consistent.

      I’m so sorry to hear about the employment situation. That really stinks. I’ll definitely keep that in my prayers for you.

      The temps here have finally fallen. We were in the upper 90s last week and breaking records. Over the weekend it cooled down and this week, the highs are only in the upper 60s to low 70s. And, it’s finally raining here!!! We’ve been in a drought all summer so needless to say, all of the news stations were all over the fact that rain was coming today and tomorrow.

      Take care Don and don’t be a stranger.

      P.S. Dorinda, I didn’t know you were a WWE fan!

      • Dorinda from Mentor, Oh. says:

        Oh Yeah! Big time fan. Email me and we’ll talk about that one. Jeff knows I’m a fan, right Jeff? Like Kurt says “Oh it’s good, it’s DAMN GOOD!” lol.

        Don-thanks for the song.

        • Jeff says:

          yes miss fan. I have a request in for a picture with a signature….we will see when it gets here. Hope all is well…I see you are still hanging out here huh? Someone needs to keep the candle burning. Hay Don, Hay Julie…wow over a month has past. Can you believe it..? Miss ya all….just wanted to stop by and yell hi…..HI…

          so Julie is a WWE fan too….oh well….Dorinda tell her about my cousin. she might get a kick out of that.

          Peace and happiness…..twister warnings here in Jersey for a couple more hours…..Now we live in the Tornado belt and we did not even have to leave.

          • Dorinda from Mentor, Oh. says:

            Oh my gosh Jeff! I hope you’re all okay.

            Glad to hear from ya. Yes, there are those of us, me, that keep checking everyday and hangin’ on. We all miss the adventures of Matt and each other. The daily pics and updates. What did we ever do before them?

            Thanks Jeff for the request for me. That will be so awesome if that happens. Yes, I will email Julie and fill her in on the details.

            Stay safe and grounded.

      • karen428 in POPE co. AR says:

        We are rooting for the Bengals since Peyton Hillis went there. He went to HS in Conway just a few miles from where we live and have enjoyed watching him play football for yrs. He seems to really be coming into his own @ Cin. LOVE THIS FALL WEATHER

  202. Jeff says:

    always grounded untill we are up in a plane!!! All good sister, all good.

  203. karen428 in POPE co. AR says:

    My husband and I are on FB. Karen Hartiwck Terry Hartwick Russellville, AR Have enjoyed everyone all these mos! Don in TN, We are pulling for the VOLS each week also, My dad was born there and we have lots of family still in TN/KY area. Maybe the Vols can get strong again, looks like they have a good one in Dooley. AR couldn’t pull off a win over Alabama, Hope someone is able to beat them this yr, but they are really good!

  204. Lori in Ohio says:

    Hey, Hey, I hear some voices out there! Yeah, glad to see a few posts out again and to hear that all are well. It is get ready for winter saeson here, I’m loading up the barns with hay and spliting wood for winter and hoping for another 6 wks of heat ( Sorry Dorinda but thats 6 wks that I dont have to carry wood for). Ive procrastinated all summer thru our heat wave for getting things done, so now my work load is doubled. But if youve ever had to throw and stack hay in 90 degree temps you put if off if you can.
    Everybody take care and keep the posts coming

    • Dorinda from Mentor, Oh. says:

      Not a problem Lori I would have done the same thing! And I’m no snow bunny, it can stay warm all it wants just not into the 80-90 degree range. I like the temp around 70-75 with a light breeze off the lake. Ah, those are the days you want to just bottle cause they’re so enjoyable. It’s those sit on the front porch swing kind of day and watch the kids play. Know what I mean? So for you to wait out the 90 degree days is smart I think. Who wants to bale hay in that kind of heat? And some probably do so I feel for you. I do hope Lori that you are able to get your work done on time and in time before the weather changes to bad. Good luck with that.
      It’s snowing out in the mountains now. I bet Matt sure is glad he finished way ahead of schedule. He should thank his feet every time he sees a snow report for the mountain paths he took because his feet surely got him to his end quickly.

      • RAYMOND in ALABAMA says:

        Well Dorinda, Julie, Lorie and all from Ohio have not been on since last week, brings back lot of good times we had on this blog, and also yall are like me keep coming back to see who’s been on. Noticed don from Tn. been on with rest and the rest of the gang that thought it would never end. Seems like though the summer was short because of this blog. I looked forward everyday seeing to what was happenibg on it. Thanks to all of you for the good memories, and I mean everyone even if I did not list your names. See yall in a day or two Been Great RAYMOND EDWARDS

    • Julie in Cincinnati says:

      Hey Mayor Don, Lori, Dorinda, Jeff, Raymond and Karen in AR!!! I’m so glad a lot of the regulars are still coming back. Now we just need Matt to join our “regulars” group. And, it seems we’ve got a lot of football fans on here too! Personally I’m ready for winter. I love cold weather and snow. It’s been really cool here this past week and I love it. We’ve had the windows open all week, finally letting the fresh air inside. Take care and I’ll talk to ya in a couple days!

    • Julie in Cincinnati says:

      I forgot to say Hi to Jim in AR too. Hi Jim!!!! Welcome back from your trip!

  205. Norval from Wisconsin says:

    Well, as promised so many months ago, my bro and I made our yearly trip to Oregon. We helped our sis move to a new place. We had three days to roam free… and we went directly to Rockaway Beach! They are still talking about “The Walker”. Boy, did we have way too much to drink there! It was a blast… Peace!!!

  206. Flavia says:

    Hi Everyone!!

    I’ve found a new site to follow: Ara Gureghian has been traveling by motorcycle around the US for quite some time with his faithful dog companion riding sidecar. It’s a beautiful site, very spiritual and heartfelt. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

    • Saun in Ohio says:

      Thanks Flavia, I found this interesting and at the same time very sad. Not sure what to think about it. I’m going to follow him he has great pictures…..

  207. z says:

    “It’s Over Johnny… (RAMBO)…ITS OVER!”

  208. Flavia says:

    HI Mayor Don! I’m in Cornhusker region and people here live, breath and eat Husker football!!! But, I will always stay true to my Rutgers Scarlet Knights though.

    Hope all is well!

  209. Brandon from California says:

    Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!!

  210. Well, not a word over the weekend I guess…everyone too busy with football and all…me, just off my deathbed…well, I do exaggerate a bit…but back at it…the rest of you still with this website are recovering from a wonderful weekend…I put something to writing over the weekend if interested…a little music, very little politics and lots of “reporting”…on fidget stones, blotches and Li’l Abner and Dogpatch, USA…

    Sorry about the cheesy promotion…I guess I’m not really sorry…but visit at your good pleasure…click on my name above or at…

    Have a great week…I am ambulatory at this time (joking, just joking)…went to lunch with Judie and Jeremy…so I must feel better…and looking forward to your visits from time to time…always interested in what you are thinking and doing…

    • Julie in Cincinnati says:

      Hi Jim! I love your blog! I’ve tagged it as one of my favorites so it’s easy to check every day. I love your insight and thoughts. It sounds like you’ve been “down for the count” recently. I hope you’re feeling better. The girls and I had a very busy weekend. Went to a fall festival about an hour north of Cincinnati on Saturday. Sunday, went to church and then the entire church had a big tailgate party/cookout in the parking lot. We had a blast! Have a good week!

  211. Saun in Ohio says:

    Decided to check in today. The page took a long time to load in. I was like well its finally gone but it popped up. Hi Jim read your blog today loved it thanks for sharing. Enjoy the week

    • Julie in Cincinnati says:

      Hi Saun! Glad to see a fellow Ohioan checking in. Where in OH are you?

      • Saun in Ohio says:

        Hi Julie I’m in Dayton not to far from you…

        • Julie in Cincinnati says:

          Wow! I had no idea you were so close! Only about an hour north of me.

          • Jeff says:

            howdy Jules, Saun and Dorinda and Jim and Don and anyone else I just forgot to howdy by name….

            • Dorinda from Mentor, Oh. says:

              Howdy pardner, where ya been? Bet you been busy wranglin’ them thar girls of yours to school and what not haven’t ya? Hope your posse is going well.

              • Dorinda from Mentor, Oh. says:

                “doing well” is what I meant to type but I hope it’s also going well too. That’s what I get for trying to go to fast and be funny. I end up just looking even stupider. Doh!

  212. Don In Tennessee says:

    This adventure with Matt and everyone will be an ever lasting ******* for 2010! There are some wonderful and beautiful people on this blog. For Matt and everyone this song is for you!

    Now if my TN VOLS could only count to 11 and stop; we might win a game. We will see what kind of bite those GA Bulldogs have this Saturday. The following week will be a cakewalk-some team from Alabama called the Crimson Tide-somebody said they are ranked No. 1 or something like that-OK so it will be Custer’s last stand!!! I can hope can’t I?

    Hope everyone is well!!! Great fall weather in East TN. and the colors are starting to show off!!! I love fall. Walking at 5:30 AM in 40 degree weather is awesome! Hopefully it will be clear when the October harvest moon shows its face later this month.

    Mayor Don

    • Julie in Cincinnati says:

      Hey Mayor Don! Yet another perfect song from you. It’s ironic that you picked this one today. I was just listening to one of my Elvis cd’s at work today. I was fortunate enough to see him at his 2nd to last concert before he died, and it was here in Cincinnati. Such a great entertainer, lost much too soon.

      Great weather here too! It’s been chilly here too – 40s overnight and 50s-60s during the day. Tonight it’s supposed to be in the upper 30s and I love it. I’m a cold weather person – the colder, the better and the more snow, even better. Winter is my favorite season with Fall a close second.

      Keep the faith – the Vols have to win soon……right? We have the Bengals here so I feel your pain.

      Have a good week!

  213. Dorinda from Mentor, Oh. says:

    Cold, wet, yucky fall weather yesterday, today and tomorrow. I do not like days like this. I do like listening to the rain fall but I hate the gloom. Yuck. And to be out in it is worse. I do not like the cold, sorry Julie.
    Glad to see most all is well with everyone. Jim hope you’re on the mend and back up and running around in no time.

  214. Jeff says:

    Amen Don. Cool weather to walk in is fun, fun, fun. The deer’s coats are getting fuller and they seem to “spook” less easy.

    • Dorinda from Mentor, Oh. says:

      And the babies are getting bigger and losing their spots. And oh those little deer droppings all over my yard!!! ugh. But I do love cooler weather for cleaning up and doing the yard work, if it will ever quit raining here. Jeff, you can stop sending your rain our way now, I’ve had enough! lol.

  215. Lori in Ohio says:

    Somebody please send some sunshine to Ohio. We are tired of doing the swamp tromp walk. Welcome mud season

    • Dorinda from Mentor, Oh. says:

      I saw some sunshine near the end of the day today Lori. Hoping for a much sunnier tomorrow. Yes fall is definitely a mud tromp kind of time for us here in Northern Ohio. What fun! yeah. *sarcasm*

  216. Julie in Cincinnati says:

    Hi everyone! Just checking in before I go to bed. It finally quit raining here so I can get out and rake the leaves. It’s kinda sad because the leaves really aren’t changing color much here. Usually the colors are gorgeous but we’ve been in a moderate drought all summer so the leaves are just turning brown and falling off the trees. Well, off to bed. Good night!

    • Saun in Ohio says:

      Did it rain today in Cincy? It was beautiful here in Dayton. Your right about the leaves, not to much color here either. Its kind of a bummer. Lori where in Ohio are you? Time for bed Sleep tight nighty night……

      • Dorinda from Mentor, Oh. says:

        I’m just sooooo jealous you had a gorgeous day and all we had up north here was rain, cold, rain, cold, more rain and a tiny bit of something that looked like sunshine at the end of the day. I had to turn my heat on to take the chill off the house everyone was complaining they were cold! Hope that doesn’t last till May or my gas bill will be insane. Saun, PLEASE send us up some of that sunshine here in the Northeast part of our state. I’d be grateful for some. Thanks.
        Oh and the leaves, yes they sure are funny this year. I’ve seen trees with part of the tree turned color with green leaves all around the rest of it. Just a weird color year I guess. But all is not lost yet as there is still another month left before they all fall. We just have to enjoy what is there and find the beauty in it all. Just like Matt.

  217. Lori in Ohio says:

    Yeah, Thank you for the sunshine… Hey Dorinda… Should we let them know just how much snow we get up here in the north east part of the state. Can they here us snickering or are they laughing at us. I had to light up the fire here last night too

    • Saun in Ohio says:

      Lori you can keep the snow up there. Although I do enjoy a snow day! As long as we don’t go over our calamity days. I had to turn on the heat to :(

    • Dorinda from Mentor, Oh. says:

      Well we may be snickering at them because I think I’d rather have the snow over the ice that they get. Although they do get some good snow from time to time. But nothing compared to what that lake can dish out. And the wind chill. Our teeth will chatter while they snicker, how’s that? lol.

    • Julie in Cincinnati says:

      I love the snow!!! We do get a lot of ice down here though and that’s no fun. I’d take a mountain of snow over an inch of ice any day. In January 2009, we were at the Cleveland Clinic. The day my daughter was discharged from the hospital, a blizzard hit that dumped 18″ in one day. We ended up staying at a hotel because we couldn’t get out of town. Then one of the times we were in Cleveland again, another snow & ice storm hit. We tried to get out of town before it hit, but that didn’t work. Normally it’s a 4 hour trip between Cleveland & Cincinnati. This one took us 7 1/2 hours because the entire state of Ohio was getting the same storm. I wonder if they make giant ice skates for cars……..

  218. Candice In Alabama says:

    Hope everyone is doing well – just checked in today – after reading an aritcle about Facebook and Groups. I checked my facebok page to see if I had been added to any groups that I didn’t want to belong to. So far I haven’t – but there were the couple of “Matt Green” groupls that I intentionally joined and that triggered my checking back HERE.

    • Julie in Cincinnati says:

      Hi Candice!!! Good to hear from you!! I’m not on Facebook so this is my only connection to the Hobo Nation. How have you been?

  219. I see the Ohio crowd is on board…a little Alabama and New Jersey, Tennessee…and now Arkansas…just back from a one, yes, one day road trip…up a mountain…and back…great time (check the blog for the whole story)…hope all you…or should I say, y’all are doing fine…haven’t been on board all week…but now on board…will check in to see what you all are doing from time to time…

    The weather has been great here for weeks…warm and low humidity…can’t beat it…we do need rain…but we will wait…we always seem to get that one way or another…so hold it all together where you are…and think all the good thoughts you can…we all need it…see you tomorrow…

    • Julie in Cincinnati says:

      Hi Jim! It sounds like you had a good trip (just read the blog). I’m glad you’re feeling better too. Have a good week!

    • Saun in Ohio says:

      Hi Jim, I read your blog today. I’m going to send it to my mom we lost my sister about a year ago. She is still having a hard time with it. Packing up everything my sister ever gave her or she is giving it away. Not sure how to help her through this. When I read your blog thought it my help. Thanks for sharing

  220. Candace says:

    Congrats on reaching your destination and meeting so many nice folks across the country. Now, do you have to turn around and walk all the way back? I hope you treat yourself to some new shoes and a few days R&R no matter what you end up doing. Thanks for letting us live vicariously through you!

  221. Saun in Ohio says:

    hmm??? Just wondering

    • Dorinda from Mentor, Oh. says:

      Yes Saun that’s my reaction too, huh??? What???? Really out of place. Like showing up for the party and the party was last week. Only this party ended almost 2 months ago. Weird.

  222. Brandon from California says:

    It so hot today 86F in El Cerrito, CA and tomorrow going to be hotter. I can’t wait to get out of work today. Business very slow today. Just surfing the net so I decide to check in here. Hope everyone doing well.

    • Julie in Cincinnati says:

      Hi Brandon! It’s been in the upper 80s here for the past few days, but we’ve got a cool spell and rain coming. The next few days are only going up to the 70s. I can’t wait! Have a good week!

  223. Don In Tennessee says:

    Just a trickle of people are left. This song is for all of us still in the withdrawal state of mind!

    I was at Dollywood yesterday-my first visit andI live less than an hour away. It is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. I enjoyed it more than I thought I would-I think because of the the vendors making things that is an interest to me, good music show and the train ride was neat.

    Fall is in the air and the trees are turning now!!!

    Take care everyone!

    Mayor Don

    • Julie in Cincinnati says:

      Hi Mayor Don!
      Yep, we’re still here. Still can’t seem to let go. I’m glad you had fun at Dollywood. I haven’t been there in about 20 years and I’m sure things have changed. The girls and I are planning a trip to Gatlinburg next summer. I’m sure we’ll go to Pigeon Forge and Dollywood too. And I love train rides! You get to see so much scenery on a train ride that you may not be able to see when you’re driving. And aren’t the trees gorgeous?!? The colors aren’t as vibrant in my neighborhood however I work a little north of Cincinnati and the colors are amazing.
      Have a good week!

    • Dorinda from Mentor, Oh. says:

      Thanks Don that was a great song. And fitting for this too.

      The colors are just so so here. Went to Columbus on Saturday and we all noticed that the colors just aren’t out as pretty as usual. But the ride still was a beautiful one, plenty of sunshine and did enjoy the colors even if it wasn’t in “full bloom” yet.

      Never been to Dollywood or any of that in TN. Only went to the Great Smoky Mountains when a child and whatever is around there. I remember the curves along the mountains and how narrow and close it seemed to the edge. I know we’ve been to places there in those mountains but can’t recall what they were. Glad you enjoyed your little trip Don.

      • RAYMOND in ALABAMA says:

        Just checking came by to see who’s still here, the Ohio friends and my Tennessee friend still hanging on. Nice to see yall came over to chat and see who’s still on the blog. I wonder if Matt gets on and checks iy, I would think he would post something. Well gotta go just in to check on everyone until next time by.

        • John in MI says:

          Good morning everyone. Just stopped in to say hi. Still seems odd how quickly everything came to a halt a couple months ago. Hope you all (y’all for Don!) are doing well. Bye for now.

          • Dorinda from Mentor, Oh. says:

            Hey John! how’s things up there in Michigan? Had any snow yet? If so please don’t send it over to me, it’s to early for that fluffy stuff to fly! lol.
            Anyway, glad you checked in on us stragglers still hangin’ on. I’m sure if you check back in another month someone will still be up. I tried once to turn the lights out and people got scared of the dark and Jeff hurt himself. Won’t do that again for sure! Don’t want my fellow hobo’s to get hurt or frightened. Stay warm and enjoy the colors.

        • Julie in Cincinnati says:

          Hi Raymond! Great to hear from you! How are things going down there? I also hope that one day we’ll get on here and find a new post from Matt. I sure do miss his pictures and comments.

          Hi John! Where in MI are you? I have friends in Erie, MI. Several years ago we drove to Kalamazoo for some hockey playoffs and my goodness that was a long drive from here. I do like Erie and Detroit (especially the Red Wings!).

          Hi Dorinda!
          I’ve noticed that the colors aren’t as vibrant as they are in the past. I was talking to a friend of mine who’s a weather junkie and he said that the moderate drought we had over the summer has really affected the trees drastically. I’m still not sure of our exact plans for Cleveland in November but we’ll definitely be up there. I’ll let you know so hopefully we can meet up.

          Have a good night everyone!

  224. John in Redford says:

    W O W! All these folks still hangin on – this is great and no negative intended. On the other hand it still seems funny that Matt walks his butt into the Pacific – has a hunk of cake – announces his religious preferences – tells us all to be strong and beats his feet down the yellow brick road – clicks his heals and goes back to whereever! I’m not mad or bitter (sounds like) but Matt doesn’t seem to excited or motivated to stay in touch with the peanut gallery? Haven’t checked the blog for about a month but I’ll make a note in Outlook for 1/1/11 to see how many are still waiting for the mountain to talk. Or, were we a study in progress on a disertation about Mr. Pavlov’s dog – arf – enjoy!!!!!

    • Dorinda from Mentor, Oh. says:

      Re: John in Redford:

      Matt simply shared his journey of photo’s online for us, that’s it, that’s all. It was never intended for Matt to “chat” back and forth with us from my understanding. We’ve kind of “high jacked” the site as a meeting place to chat and see what’s up. Would it be nice if Matt showed up and talked? Yes, but then I think we’d have a frenzy on our hands! LOL. If talking to Matt is what you want, email him. It’s always been an option. To me this blog that Jason set up for him was simply an online tool to share his travels with family, friends, and as it turned out the whole world. Yes it seemed that Matt just up and disappeared but isn’t that what it was all to be? After all, it was his trip, not ours, even though it kind of became ours through him. He shared with us. Once it was to be over, it was over. He reached his destination which was Rockaway Or. There was never any promise of anything after that. Just one man’s journey from coast to coast. And once the destination had been met the trip was over. It is hard to get used to after such a summer high. But I for one am glad that Matt met his goal and in such great time. I wish him well in all he does as I’m sure he will be a success at whatever it is he does. And wherever Matt is he has the satisfaction of knowing he did it. And that is what it was all about. The end.

      • Julie in Cincinnati says:

        Amen Dorinda. I couldn’t have said it better myself. As I said above, I do miss Matt’s pics and comments but I also completely understand his desire to take awhile to process and reflect on his entire trip. You can’t take a trip like that, come home and just go back to your life as if nothing ever happened. I really do hope and pray that he’s enjoying himself and his family & friends. Take care!

  225. Aha…I knew I would find someone here…Julie in Cinci…how about Cincinnati Chili???…and all the “Ways”???…two way chili and spaghetti…three way chili, spaghetti and cheese…yada, yada…onions, beans, etc???…I’ve never tried it but it is supposed to be good…sounds good anyway…and the chili has no chili powder or chili peppers but does have allspice or cinnamon???…

    Have every had it???…it sounds good to me but can’t find it in Little Rock…it must be very “local”…I guess we all have food in our areas that is only local…used over hot dogs too…

    Anyway, when I saw Cincinnati I thought of it…sorry to go on…agree with the above…we won’t hear from Matt on this blog again I’m afraid…unless he announces something special…and that’s okay…have a great weekend everyone…maybe we will hear from Jeff after his meeting with Matt…if Jeff gets to do that…

    • Dorinda from Mentor, Oh. says:

      Jim in AR via MN-

      We had a Cincinnati Chili up here once but it went out of business. I did try it but didn’t really care for it to much. It was good, but not enough to keep going back.

      I agree about the “local” food places in everyone’s areas. I guess one would need to travel from town to town to discover them! Kind of like Matt did? He discovered a whole world of wonderful local wherever he went. Because wherever he was at any particular time he was a “local”. LOL.

      Have a great day every body. The sun is out again here after a few days rain. Hey Jeff, did you guys wash away from your Nor’easter? Hope not.

    • Julie in Cincinnati says:

      Hi Jim!
      We actually have 2 “Cincinnati Chili” restaurant chains here – Skyline Chili and Gold Star Chili. Rumor has it that Skyline has chocolate and cinnamon in theirs. I like Skyline but I like Gold Star even more. There’s always an annual “Chili War” here in town between the two with online voting through the Cincinnati Enquirer. Then there are Coneys – which is a hot dog on a bun with chili on top. You can add cheese and make it a Cheese Coney. You can also put onions and mustard under the hot dog. Both Skyline and Gold Star have their chili in frozen and canned form in the grocery stores here. I’d be more than happy to send some to you.

      More than anything else, I love my homemade chili because it’s my late Grandma’s recipe. It’s nothing like Skyline or Gold Star either.

      By the way, Hi Dorinda!!! And Jeff, how are you doing up there? Did you have to build an ark?

      Have a good weekend everybody!

      • Dorinda from Mentor, Oh. says:

        HI Julie! That’s it, Skyline Chili, that’s what was up here. I knew there was another name for the restaurant but couldn’t think of it. Yes it was neat how they combined spaghetti and chili together. But I’d rather have some sour cream with my chili, helps to cool it off!

        Aren’t Grandma’s recipes always the best? If you can read the writing though and decipher a pinch of this and a dash of that! lol. Love some of the old recipes. Especially the chocolate mayonnaise cake. Although you kind of have to just make it for people without telling them theirs Miracle whip or mayonnaise in it! lol.

  226. Dorinda from Mentor, Oh. says:

    Hey Brandon in California, you didn’t wish us a “Have a great weekend everyone” this weekend. Did you melt in that heat out there? lol. Hope not and hope all is well.

  227. Brandon from California says:

    Sorry Dorinda from Mentor. Business pick up las weekend. I don’t even have time for lunch. Everything is well. Thank You Dorinda. Today the weather is perfect 64 degree blue sky and very nice breeze from the bay.

    • Dorinda from Mentor, Oh. says:

      A breeze from the bay sounds wonderful. I take it you live in Southern Cali then? Usually doesn’t get very hot up in San Fran bay area. Glad that it cooled down for you and that business picked up. In this economy business picking up anywhere is a good thing. Sorry you couldn’t get lunch though. Take care!

  228. Julie in Cincinnati says:

    Hi everyone!! Have a good week!!

  229. Steven in Delray Beach says:

    Warm regards to everyone! Somehow I came across this site, added it to my favorites, and watched the progress of Matt via my office desk walk through our country. It was quite inspiring and enjoyable. Who wants to walk some more?

  230. Mornin’ to all…Julie in Cinci…thanks for the comeback…I saw both of those Cincinnati Chili places on TV a while ago…it looks interesting…I remember a place years ago in Port Huron, MI…it was a coney place right downtown…you couldn’t “get in”…just stepped up to a counter just off the sidewalk…order your coney’s and off you go…but it was great…I don’t know if it was the “same kind” of chili…but it certainly looked like it…no beans, etc…onions, cheese, etc…I will have to get up there for some “real” Cincinnati Chili…

    You all look good this morning…best to you all…have a great week…will look in again…Dorinda from Mentor, “Hold the fort down”…

    • Julie in Cincinnati says:

      Hi Jim! You and your wife should definitely make a trip to Cincinnati sometime. You would love it. There’s so much to do and see around here. We’re in the extreme southwest corner of Ohio. Kentucky is 15 minutes to my south and Indiana is 30 minutes to my west. If you can’t make it out here but want to try the two chili types, let me know and I’d be happy to send some out to you. Both places have canned and frozen chili, and I work for a packaging company so it would be no problem to send it to you. Have a good week!!

      Dorinda, where are ya girl? Saun and I have checked in from OH. Now we need you!

  231. Don In Tennessee says:

    Hello Everyone!!!

    I like John in Redmond calling us a Peanut Gallery – very fitting – and so another song –

    Fall has surely arrived in East TN. On Monday I drove a church mini bus -me and 10 women including my lovely wife across the Cherohala Skyway to Robbinsville, NC and back. The colors from 3,500 to 5,400 feet were spectacular. The lower elevations are still not having their annual firey show yet. Monday was also our wedding anniversary, so a good way to help the older people at the church enjoy a nice fall day and also spend time with my wife.

    This is a beautiful drive-here is the website for your enjoyment –

    This Saturday the VOLS play the Alabama Crimson Tide on ESPN at 7:00 PM. I will be at the game with my brother to see Custers Last Stand-the Tide will ROLL BIG TIME, but I will still enjoy the people, tailgating and the environment of college football!

    To Doridna in OH, Julie in Cincinnati, Jim, Steven, Brandon, John in Redmond, Raymond in AL, John in MI, Lori in OH, Flavia, Saun, Candace and everyone else; hope all is well with everyone and your job situation is better than mine.

    I love (y’all)-that was for John in MI!

    Stay in touch best to all!!!

    Mayor Don

    • Saun in Ohio says:

      Hi Don, hope you had a great anniversary it sounds like the drive was nice with all of the fall colors. How many years have you been married? My husband is a truck driver I go with him occasionally to TN, the Carolina’s. and Georgia. I was hoping to go this fall with him. But I haven’t been able to get off work. Thanks for the link it looks gorgeous …….

      Take Care…Saun

    • Julie in Cincinnati says:

      Hi Mayor Don!! Congratulations on the wedding anniversary! And thanks for the link – that’s gorgeous! I’ll bet it was a beautiful driver. Good luck to your Vols! Maybe they’ll pull out a win for ya – in honor of your anniversary!

  232. Lori in Ohio says:

    Good Evening to all.

    Wouldnt tonight be a great night for a bowl of that famous chilli. It is cold here tonight. It is supposed to rain and hail then a hard frost so I had to bring the horses in tonight.
    Wouldnt it be great if we had some beautiful fall photos from across America taken my Matt.
    Everyone keep checking in please

    • Julie in Cincinnati says:

      Hi Lori! We have a frost advisory here too. It’s been in the 60s during the day and low 40s to mid 30s at night. I didn’t know you had horses. I assume you live on a farm? Where in OH are you? (I may have asked you that already but I don’t remember). And yes, hot chili while sitting on the couch wrapped in a blanket would be wonderful! Have a good night!

  233. Nicole says:

    Matt!! I can’t tell you how much I miss reading this blog everyday! I spend way to much time at work looking for something equally cool to entertain me but no luck so far!! Can’t wait to see what you do next from this awesome experience!

  234. Dorinda from Mentor, Oh. says:

    Brrrrrr!!!!!!! Put another log on the fire Lori will ya? I’m cold.

  235. Brandon from California says:

    It cold and rain today in El Cerrito, CA. Fall is here. Hope everyone stay warm and have a great weekend!

  236. Julie in Cincinnati says:

    Hi everyone! Just checking in since I haven’t been on for a few days. We’re finally supposed to get some rain and thunderstorms tomorrow and I can’t wait! We desperately need rain because we’ve been in a drought for months. Then this weekend, it’s supposed to start getting colder, which is good too. I’m definitely a cold weather person. The colder and the more snow, the better! Have a good week all!!!

  237. Dorinda from Mentor, Oh. says:

    Okay, I’ve just checked in and there is a weird picture coming up. It is stamped as day 155 but posted on Aug. 28th and it is a pink negative of 2 people standing together. Is anyone else seeing this? Or is it just me? The arrow has it marking around Fargo North Dakota. So that isn’t day 155 and definitely not Aug. 28, especially seeing as the trip ended on the 25th. Unless Matt and Jason are adding in some more photo’s here? Please tell me I’m not crazier than I already am! lol.

    • Dorinda from Mentor, Oh. says:

      Oh Okay, I really am crazier than I thought! Duh! I looked closer at it and it is from the Portland area and is a regular pic from what I can tell. What a dork! Please excuse me while I go to the corner of shame and cry. : (

  238. Lois says:

    My oh My. What an adventure it’s been. I’ve followed you as I traveled from MO to NY to MA and back to MO. This will change your life from here on out and can only serve to make you a more thoughtful, introspective and all-round better person (if that is possible).
    Thanks for taking us all along on a trip of a lifetime. I hope you keep us posted now and again. And…I think I see a book coming.

  239. alan of cedar rapids iowa says:

    Julie in Cincinnati and Dorinda from Mentor, Oh get ready for some wind. It’s been real windy with gust up to 80 MPH today.

    • Dorinda from Mentor, Oh. says:

      Hold on Toto we’re not in Kansas any more! We’ve made it all the way to Ohio to see Lori, Julie, Saun and Dorinda. And if we keep at it we’ll be all the way to Joisy to see Jeff and maybe even Karen too up in the Catskills.

      Hope all is well there tonight alan in cedar rapids iowa. You guys sure have had your share of nasty weather and fall out from that weather in the last several years. Hang on tight! Or I just may find you stuck up in my trees here tomorrow! lol.

    • alan of cedar rapids iowa says:

      sorry it was only 45 MPH but that was still to fast

  240. Saun in Ohio says:

    The wind is here… Tornado sirens at school – not a drill, rushed kids from the lunch room back to their rooms to take cover … never in my years of while I was in school or now working at the school have I had that experience!!!
    All I can say is WOW

    • Dorinda from Mentor, Oh. says:

      Oh my gosh Saun that had to be one scary moment! And to try to stay calm enough yourself to keep your students calm. That takes guts to get through that.
      I’ve never been through a tornado and hope I never go through one. Only 1 tornado back in the ’70’s came near us to scare us. But it never came to be that I know of.
      We have had the sirens go off once at 2:30am in the middle of the night here a few years back. That was scary when that went off. The siren here is in our back yard on the city property behind us. That thing is LOUD when it goes off too! And my family didn’t hear it! I had to wake them all up. I can’t believe someone could not wake up with that thing blaring. Thank goodness nothing came to be but it was a scare.

      Hang on tight everyone! If you lose your grip Jeff will hopefully catch us at his place before we go out to sea.

  241. RAYMOND in ALABAMA says:

    HELLO OHIO GIRLS, AND ETC. Thought I would come by see who’s still around, and I see all my Ohio girls and

    friends are still intact. If I had something to do that demanded every one had to be on the same page at all

    times, I would want yall along for the ride. Talk about Tornado’s and high winds we had few scary times

    yesterday. But nothing like back in 74 when the f5 went thru Guin, Alabama and my father got killed in it. I saw

    a lot of weird things happen during and after that one. Saw pieces of windows with round holes that a drink can

    had ben sent thru it with such force that the cans just cut round holes and did not break the glass. saw pieces of

    green pine straw threw all the way thru a 2 X 4 and list could go on. Good to talk to everyone and all take

    care when bad weather approaches, because believe me it can get you before you have time to get out of the

    way , never take the weather for granted. Been good blogging to everyone will be back few days. Raymond

  242. Stephen says:

    It’s been awhile since I’ve been back to Hobo Nation. I see that my southern US friends are finally getting some Fall colours. Up here in Ottawa, Canada our season is quickly coming to an end with most of the leaves now on the ground. I came across this link that shows the colours at their fullest in the Gatineau Park which is just across the river from Ottawa in Quebec. If you click on the ‘previous’ and ‘next photo’ arrows on either side of the main image, you can have a look at other attractions in our National Capital Region. The Museum of Civilization that you’ll see in the ‘previous photos’, is a cultural client of our graphic design agency and we create promotional posters/brochures for their upcoming exhibitions. You can see our national Parliament buildings in the background of the museum shots. There’s descriptions below each image. Here’s the link, enjoy:

    BTW, has there been any news from Jeff about meeting up with Matt for dinner? He was going to get the lowdown on the book.

  243. Norwood says:

    It’s really hard to have to be the bearer of bad news but I can’t stand sitting back and watch all you guys carrying on without a clue. 2 weeks ago Matt was arrested and charged with 3 counts of felony J-walking. He is having trouble with the bail money and we need to help him out. He wanted to plead guilty and get it over with but some of us talked him out of it as the plea agreement would have prevented him from walking for 3 years while on parole. As you all know that taxi service in NYC is very high that would be too much for Matt to deal with. If anyone would like to help out I will provide my PayPal account and I will let everyone know when we get enough saved up. Please keep Matt in your prayers, working together we can do miracles.

    • Dorinda from Mentor, Oh. says:

      LOL !!!!! Oh my gosh Norwood you’re so crazy!! You’re an absolute riot! I love it. Do you do stand up comedy at all? I bet some would actually send you money because as you know there are plenty of gullible people out there just waiting to take the bait.

      • Norwood says:

        Ok, thanks Dorinda for that generous contribution. That is a fine start. I guess Julie in Cinci is still digging herself out those terrible wind storms they have up there. Maybe we can start up a collection for her to get all those leaves out of her yard. Anybody else agree to this?

        • Julie in Cincinnati says:

          That would be much appreciated Norwood!! We have such caring friends here. I’m buried to my neck in leaves which isn’t saying much since I’m only 5’2″.

        • Dorinda from Mentor, Oh. says:

          Would it be called the “leaf collection”? I’m in need of some leaf collection too. So count me in. And your welcome to by the way for me generous contribution to the first one. Is that tax deductible at all?

          • Stephen says:

            I’d really like to help y’all out, but I’ve already been charged with a single count of felony leaf-blowing. (I’m sure Matt would understand.) I didn’t mind the actual work, and I understand that municipal noise laws were broken… but it’s really about the thorny twisted-vines handcuffs they led me away in. Such an indignity to suffer in front of your neighbours! Next year I’m sticking to using the rake. (grins)

            I’ve got a strategy for you Julie. Check which way the wind is blowing tonight. Then pile up all your leaves right next to the property line of your nearest neighbour while it’s dark. When you wake up in the morning your lawn will be bare. Sounds pretty simple, eh?

            • Julie in Cincinnati says:

              I like it!!! Awesome idea!! Hold on – I’ll be back. Gotta go stand outside, lick my finger and hold it up to see which way the wind’s blowin. (do do do do – think Jeopardy tune……)

              Ok, I’m back…… Now I gotta get my black clothes on so no one sees what I’m doing……

  244. Julie in Cincinnati says:

    Hi everyone! Wow!! What a storm yesterday! At one point, I looked out my window at work and it was raining horizontally – that’s how bad the winds were. Alan in Cedar Rapids – you were right about the wind speed. On the news last night, the NWS here tracked a gust at 81mph. There were a lot of power outages and a lot of damage. The tornado sirens went off here twice – once for a combination of thunderstorm warning/tornado watch and the second one for a actual tornado. Very scary! We had a tornado come through here in 1998 that destroyed an entire neighborhood and killed several people, including an elderly couple. The destruction was so bad that the National Guard set up a perimeter around the Blue Ash/Montgomery neighborhoods and you weren’t allowed in unless you lived there or worked there. I work in the neighborhood north of that and had to show my driver’s license and work ID to pass thru on the one road that was cleared for that traffic. My girls and I did a lot of volunteering with cleanup and helping families look for lost items & momentos. It was very sad.

    I’m glad everyone checked in so we know you’re ok. Raymond, I’m so sorry you lost your father in the tornado of ’74. We had a tornado come through Xenia, OH (about 45 mins. north of us) in ’74 that destroyed that city and killed several people. I wonder if it was from the same weather system.

    Stephen, thanks for the link. Those pics are gorgeous! And the Fall colors are beautiful! We’ve been in a severe drought here in Cincinnati,OH all summer so the colors haven’t been vibrant at all. There has been some color, just not like we usually have.

    Take care everyone!

  245. Brandon says:

    BOO!!!!! Happy Halloween everyone. Today is the weather great NO rain finally. Have a lot of fun, stay warm and have a great weekend!!!! Meet again next week! TTFN.

  246. Don In Tennessee says:

    Happy Halloween to all from Mayor Don-

    Fall colors are still here but going fast in East TN. My VOLS are now 2-6 and headed for the worst season maybe in the history of the program. Oh well, there is always next year.

    I am very distraught to hear about Matt’s arrest for J walking.

    My advise to Matt is to walk into the courtroom like a man ( and face the judge!!!

    The whole HOBO PLANET will do our part to plead “Disfunctional Walking Disorder” in Matt’s behalf.

    Driving the church bus tomoorw on a trip for the senior citizens.

    Mayor Don
    Watch for the vampires tonight and be safe!!!

    • Julie in Cincinnati says:

      Hi Mayor Don!!! Great to hear from you! I’m sorry to hear about your Vols. Our Bengals are 2-5 as of yesterday. Sadly, until last year, it was almost expected that they would have a losing season every year. Then last year they gave us hope. But now, it’s back to the same ol’ same ol’.

      Can you believe the charges against our Chief Hobo? I wonder what it would take for all of us to get on that jury….Then he could walk right out of that courtroom a free man.

      Have a good week!!

  247. Lori in Ohio says:

    Evening All !

    If you guys want to load up your leaves you can bring them up here. I actually need leave to add to my compost pile (manure) to speed things up. I am lucky because the wind sends mine some where else. But if you all show up with leaves I’ll treat to a great hayride and bonfire and cidar and hotdogs and Cinci chilli.
    Everyone take care and keep warm

    • Julie in Cincinnati says:

      That sounds good Lori. Actually Stephen had a great idea for me to get rid of the leaves. Maybe I’ll change plans and when the wind’s blowing in your direction, I’ll pile my leaves and point them your way.

  248. Joan in Springfield, Or says:

    I’m 73 years old and have lived in Oregon all but about 4 years of my life. When I was a little kid, most of the country looked like what you walked through. The towns were small. I was born in Oregon City, which is south of Portland. For years I lived in the area called Aloha. Your walk really took me back to the days of my childhood. My father loved to go for a drive and my mother insisted on going along. Since I was the youngest I had to go too. But I saw so many interesting things, like the Indians on frail scaffolds over the water of the falls at Cililo Falls in the Gorge East of The Dalles. You can’t imagine how talented they were and what a site it was. One time my father stopped and went out by the scaffolds and purchased a big salmon. They wrapped it in newspaper and Dad put it in the trunk of the Dodge he drove. I must have gone up and down the Columbia River between Portland and Umatilla a hundred times or more as I grew up and since. (By the way, I’m still growing up!)
    I was so touched by your courage to walk across the Unites States, and my faith was restored that people were so good to you, and so much was unchanged since I was a little kid. I loved your comments. The Columbia River, although barren land around it goes unchanged for miles, is a strangely beautiful site. I always take pictures as we drive that way, even now. Thank you so much for sharing your adventure with us. I loved every bit of it. It took me back to the ‘Good Old Days’. Bless you and do make some final comments on your trip now that you have rested and had time to contemplate your journey. I’m only sorry you didn’t come closer to us so we could have shared with you and heard some more of your story. Have a great rest of your life! Joan

    • Dorinda from Mentor, Oh. says:

      Thanks Joan for sharing your awesome story and memories with us. I love to read “home town” stories like this. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Bless you.

  249. Julie in Cincinnati says:

    Hi everyone! It’s getting quiet on here. Where is everybody?? Dorinda, did you turn the lights out again??

    • Dorinda from Mentor, Oh. says:

      No not me. The last time I tried to do that I about got shot! LOL. I’ve learned my lesson from that one for sure. I’ve just not been posting but have been checking. Trying to get back to life a little more and weaning myself away from this. Not that I don’t care because I do but I’m finally ready to start getting away from this constantly checking this all day long. So have no fear, I am here, just lurking in the dark ha ha ha!

  250. Chaser1 says:

    I just mailed matt to see how he has been doing since I think that he has had enough time to unwind from the journey. Ill keep u all posted.

    • Dorinda from Mentor, Oh. says:

      Chaser 1 ! Haven’t heard from you in a long time! How are you? How’s the weather been out your way? Wow. Sure has been crazy couple weeks this way.
      A friend of mine from church is moving out that way, Helena, MT to be exact. Don’t remember if that’s near you or not but I think it is, right? Hope he has a good time out there. I know from Matt’s pictures here he’s one lucky guy as well as his family when they join him. Such beauty out that way. Still can’t get over it. Just awesome.

      Please post for us if you here anything from Matt. Thanks!

      • RAYMOND in ALABAMA says:

        GOOD MORNING OHIO PEOPLE, HOW IS EVERYBODY….. I see my Ohio people are still hanging on, thought I

        would come over and say hello to everyone. One thing I can say people from Ohio stick together.

        Everyone have a great day

        LOL Raymond

  251. Don In Tennessee says:

    Hello to all-Hope everyone is fine. Well my VOLS finally won a game against Memphis-possibly the worst team I have seen in a long time. Only 3 more games left in the regular season and then it will almost be December.

    Matt, you sure did make the year pass by quickly but we thank you for sharing your adventure on foot with the HOBO PLANET. We are having great fall weather but I do not like the time change because it gets dark so early. Not sure it really accomplishes anything by changing the time twice a year.

    Everyone stay safe and in touch.

    Mayor Don

  252. Dorinda from Mentor, Oh. says:

    I wonder where Matt thought he might be at this point or time in his journey by his estimated time line? After all it has started to snow out there in the mountains and I would bet that he’s glad he’s not out walking in all that right now! Would have made for some hard pushing with that cart. I wonder if he had it equipped with ski’s?

  253. Stephen says:

    I came across this today on YouTube and even though it was created as a promotional commercial, I think there is a connection with the main character/narrator of the story and Matt’s lively personality. It’s title is ‘Johnny Walker – The Man Who Walked Around the World’. Sure it’s a reference to the iconic scotch (their logo is a top hat wearing gentleman in full stride), but the way it is seamlessly shot in ‘one take’ in the beautiful Scottish Highlands is quite amazing, and the timing and narration is superb. It kinda makes you think: What if Matt had the same opportunity to tell his story in a similar manner facing the camera? I think you’ll agree that anywhere along Matt’s route would have served as a wonderful background. Enjoy.

  254. Scot says:

    Ummm….Why are you people still here?

  255. Janine says:

    Me, too. I couldn’t resist. The Hobo Planet is relentless!

  256. Lori in Ohio says:

    Ohio people are persistant people.

  257. Jeff in Joisy !!! says:

    Good Morning……and howdy from Joisy! how the heck is everyone? I miss summer and I miss you all.
    Life is back to rolling and rolling…..dont know which way is up….or which way is down……but darn is it cold.!!!

    Not much to report except Alive and well … and still doing my part to keep sneaker companies in business.
    I found a link I shared with Dorinda…the guy who made the Matt Mobile .. included pictures of Matt and the gang at the Oregon conclusion….so enjoy and I hope it invokes memories for you all…it did for me..almost had to cry… you want page 16…but you can enjoy the rest….Here is a kiss and ((())) for now…..keep on smiling…

    • Dorinda from Mentor, Oh. says:

      HEY!!!! how you doin’??!! Good to hear from you Joisy Jeff, been a while. Glad to hear all is well, here and on the other side. Yes, thanks for that link. It’s pretty awesome that Matt made his catalog.
      The weather this past week here was gorgeous. Neighbors and I all got out and cleaned up leaves. Our yards look real nice today, hope for no wind!
      Last Saturday we had snow here, 4″ in some places. It’s just getting to be that time of year I guess. Jeff sorry you’re cold already. You’ll just have to ask Lori to put some more logs on the fire. She’s good at that, right Lori?

      Keep warm everyone, seems funny to say that after we were all baking a few months ago when we all first met.

  258. Julie in Cincinnati says:

    Hey everyone! Wow, I haven’t been on here all week and I nearly missed the whole gang! Hey Dorinda, Raymond, Lori, Saun, Stephen, Mayor Don! And Jeff!!!! How have ya been? I keep meaning to email you but then I get sidetracked and forget (sorry). Don, I know what you mean about the time change. When I go to work in the morning, it’s dark. Then when I come back home, it’s dark. It’s definitely getting colder here. Jeff, thanks for the link – made me want to cry too. You know, if it wasn’t for Matt, none of us would have ever “met”. It’s kinda neat how he brought so many people from all over the country together. Well, I’m off to bed. Good night everyone! Big hugs to you!

    • RAYMOND in ALABAMA says:

      Well I see all’s well in Hobo Land all my friends still here , Julie,Lori, Don, Dorinda, Stephen, & Saun, good to see that we all made it for another week. I’ll bet it is cold way up in Ohio this time of year and it will get colder as winter goes on. Does any one of you live close to Us highway 127 in Ohio. We are going to Washington state in June and will go 127 into Michigan
      cross Mackinac Bridge and get on U S highway 2 Scenic Route thry Northern most states,and back thru Colorado And etc.
      I am looking forward to this motorcycle trip. It takes awhile to map it out find motels and etc, looks like they are far and few in between. If any of you live on 127 and 131 we may come by for a 30 minute chat or so. As we get closer will know what town we plan on staying night in. Will be pushed for time we have approx 15 days to get trip in or maybe 1 or 2 more if needed. I wanted to go kind of like Matt did but all the others want to go across on highway 2 which may be a good motorcyle
      road. Well I guess I have took too much time jabbering about the trip, Hope everyone’s health is ok, been lot of regular flu going around down here and it is not time for it. Everyone have a fine week, until next time Raymond Edwards

      • Julie in Cincinnati says:

        Hi Raymond! I live about 20 minutes from 127 in Cincinnati. We would love to meet you! Definitely keep in touch and let me know when you’ll be coming thru Cincinnati.

      • Dorinda from Mentor, Oh. says:

        Raymond I have to laugh. You must think we’re like at the North pole or something up here! LOL. It only gets real cold here on the lake in January with the wind chills. That’s cold! But it’s been in the 40’s -60’s for October and into now in November. We had our first bit of snow about a week ago. Nothing big, just rain, snow, slop. Was a miserable day and that’s all it lasted. So to me, it’s colder than 80-90 degree sweltering heatwave but not so cold I’ve had to wear a winter coat yet. Does that help?

        Highway 127 is the home of the longest yard sale in the first week of August. It’s in the western part of our state here. Never been to it or on it but would like to go someday. US highway 2 runs through here as it is an East to West route, but you will be way at the western edge of Ohio from me. Good luck with your ride, sounds like it’s going to be a nice time. Send some pics if you can in email.

        • RAYMOND in ALABAMA says:

          I hace your email address and will do but talking about the cold it is cold up there compared to us we do not have many days below freezing. so it would be cold to me. will look up mentor and see where you are located any way. I wish it was June already as you can see I guess I love to get out and go, that was one reason I admired Matt so well. Well gotta go check out everyone else been off here for a while have a good Christmas and Happy New Year.

  259. Lori in Ohio says:

    Sorry Ray,
    Im in the N.E part of the state, 20 miles or so from the PA border. I do drive 30 miles to work one way straight thru the heart of Amish country and it is a beautiful area. I recomend it if you get the time.( Middlefield,Ohio, Geauga county)
    Not too cold here yet, chilly and wet and Im not complaining about it yet. Hope all is well with everyone and that everyone is excited about Thanksgiving

    • RAYMOND in ALABAMA says:

      I love the amish and their way of life, I think it is so romantic in the way they live and go back to the basic ways of life, it would be rough for a lot of people to live this way, but I grew up like that when I was a small child and still remember killing hogs and etc. Well you all have good Christmas and Happy New Year. LOL Raymond

  260. Jeff says:

    w.o.w…..60 miles a day round trip to work. You better love your job!! Dorinda- I did not know you lived on or near a lake…must have been daydreaming on that conversation… Taken the new van on the lake for some fishing?? I ice fished once. Then never, ever again. I leave that to penquins and polar bears.

    Thanks for the log on the fire Lori. Raymond hope business is well for you. Nothing much new since last week.
    gosh…5 weeks till chrismas….and say 6 weeks until we head into the new year. Peace and smiles.

    • Dorinda from Mentor, Oh. says:

      Oh Jeff, you really must wake up more often friend. I live about 5 blocks from Lake Erie. No ice fishing for me, no fishing of any kind unless someone else baits the hook and takes the fish off for me. : ) Besides I hate the cold.

      If I forget to say it, Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

    • RAYMOND in ALABAMA says:

      Jeff business has what you cal come to a standstill since the housing bubble went ka boom. Never seen things so slow, I been in business for 26 years and this is slowest year ever, I made more money and produced more first year in business than this year, and I used to think it was a bad year. Next year has to get better, if not we all are in for some rough times. It is bad down here in North Alabama there used to be 3 or 4 sewing plants in every town, all gone, Used to be 4 or 5 mobile home plants now there is one and they ARE ON VERGE OF SHUTTING DOWN. It just does not look very bright down here. Hope all is ok for you and your family and have a safe Christmas and New Years Until next time stay warm, well, happy and keep it between the ditches. Raymond

  261. Saun in Ohio says:

    Hey Ray I’m about 30 to 45 minutes away from State route 127. I was on it last summer for the longest yard sale. Long and winding two lane road be safe watch out for those four wheel machines. Lord knows they don’t watch out for the two wheelers. What kind of bike do you have? We use to have a Harley soft tail sold it, didn’t ride it enough.
    Enjoy your ride and be safe….. :)

    • RAYMOND in ALABAMA says:

      Hey Saun I ride a Goldwing now and had it Triked, you would be surprised at how much better it is that way on the long trips we make, or I should say it is for me. I’ve had Harleys, kawaski’s, Yamaha’s Suzuki’s and so forth but somehow keep going back to Goldwings, I guess because they are made in USA like Harley’s but after this year they will not be, and I think the plant used to be somewhere near yall. Send me you email address to and I will email you also when we are coming thru in case they were to take this blog down. Well gotta go catch up with everybody else. A quick note we found out after our first trip to start plannibg the trips way in advance, that way you can Google thru the towns and find motels and gas and etc., it makes the trip go better as I guess everything does with a little olanning, since some of the ones that go with us have to be back in certain number of days. Have excellent Christmas and Good New Year Raymond

  262. Don In Tennessee says:

    Hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving!. I will be out of town at my mother-in-laws home. We are still having beautiful weather here in East TN. Was 70 today but will only be in the 40’s on Friday for a high. I finished trimming the shrubs today. A lot of work every year.

    My VOLS are now 5 and 6 and play those Wildcats from Knetucky this Saturday. If we win a 6-6 season, ot what we expect but we have played 16 or 17 turue freshmen. Hard to beleive college football season is almost over.

    Everyone be safe.

    Jeff- Did you ever have dinner with Matt? If so give us some details.

    Mayor Don

  263. Julie in Cincinnati says:

    Hi everyone!! Dorinda, you made me laugh with the North Pole comment. It’s been pretty nice here recently. We had a couple of days that were cold but not bad. This weekend’s supposed to be cold though – the high on Friday is supposed to only be 38. Winter’s coming and I can’t wait! I’m a cold weather person. The colder and the more snow, the better. By the way, I found out we’re going to be in Cleveland again in January for a few days so hopefully we can meet up then. We’ll be up there a few times in December but the appointment schedule is so full. We’ll definitely try for January!

    Saun, it sounds like you and I are going to represent the Ohio Chapter of the Hobo Nation next year when Raymond comes through. That’s gonna be so much fun!

    I’m thinking we need to have some kind of reunion – maybe in March (one year since Matt started his journey and we met). Maybe somewhere like West Virgina, Eastern Kentucky, somewhere centrally located so we can get to it. Jeff, make sure you bring our Chief Hobo Matt with you. Dorinda, Lori, Saun and I can come together. Raymond can stop by Mayor Don’s place to pick him up on the way. Who else wants to join the party?

    Happy Thanksgiving!!!

    • Dorinda from Mentor, Oh. says:

      Happy Thanksgiving to you to Julie. January sounds like a plan as long as the weather cooperates. Don’t like driving all the way into Cleveland if the weather is too bad.

      So you like my North pole comment huh? Thanks. It does get cold up here but not to early and not for to long although in the dead cold of January it can feel like it is never going to be warm ever again! LOL.

      Happy Thanksgiving Hobo Nation and hope you all are safe if you go out Black Friday shopping.

  264. Lori in Ohio says:

    Hey Dorinda,

    It it still warm here. My daughter goes to school in Fargo, N.D and she has snow and temps in the single digits already. so as I am bring in more wood I tell myself it is still warm.
    I survived working at that major retailer thru another ” Event Day” no longer p.c to call it any thing else. Thank you to all of you who shopped there today. Everyone stay toasty and enjoy those leftovers and family that are home for the holiday.

  265. Julie in Cincinnati says:

    Hi everyone!!
    I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving and a nice long weekend! We had a little snowfall over the weekend. It’s supposed to snow again tomorrow morning but no accumulation. It’s getting pretty cold here. How’s everyone doing? Have a good week!!

    • Dorinda from Mentor, Oh. says:

      Calendar date changed to December and so did the weather-cold, snow and wind. We don’t have much up here, just a dusting so far. All I can say is “Here we go!”.

  266. brandon from california says:

    Hi everyone. I am posting from my cell phone. Hope everyone have a good thanks giving. I am very glad that people still hang around. Peace.

    • Dorinda from Mentor, Oh. says:

      Brandon ! I was just thinking about you the other day and wondering where you’ve been. Glad to hear from you. Thanksgiving was great as usual, plenty of food. Hope yours went well too. Have a good weekend.

    • Julie in Cincinnati says:

      Hi Brandon! How have you been? How’s the weather out there? I forget – what city are you in out there?

      Hi Dorinda! We’re supposed to get 1-3 inches of snow on Saturday. A friend of mine flew to Buffalo this past Sunday night (business trip) and now he’s stranded up there. The last I heard from him today, they already had close to 2 FEET of snow and were expecting another 10 inches tonight. At that rate, he won’t make it back to Cincinnati until next year! I’m so jealous – I can only hope for that much snow. I’m a huge snow-lover.

      Hey has anyone heard from Mayor Don, Lori, Saun, Jeff (Joisy) or Raymond lately?

      • Brandon from California says:

        It very cold here last week it drop down to 42 degrees and rainning too. I work in El Cerrito near Berkeley. I live in San Learndro. Winter come early this year. Hope everyone stay warm.

  267. Mike Z in Arizona says:

    I just wanted to say THANKS, Matt! It was a daily joy checking in on your journey. A personal favorite moment of mine . . . I was talking with my mom. My kid brother moved out to Montana for work, and I asked what city. She said Jordan, MT, and thought “Holy crap, I’m Just Walkin Matt just passed through there!”

    Again, THANKS for sharing


  268. Julie in Cincinnati says:

    Hi everyone! Hope everyone has a good week? Where is everybody?

  269. Lori in Ohio says:

    Who sang ” Let it snow, let it snow ,let it snow” !!! I’ve 12 on my drive, over 2ft at work and another 24 hours of it still coming… Bah Humbug, Dorinda… You are supposed to keep that lake effect stuff up there, not send it down to me.
    Every one keep warm and shovel safely.

    • Dorinda from Mentor, Oh. says:

      Sorry, lost my grip on it this time the wind is so strong. Try sending some of the snow down to Julie, she loves the snow and cold. But in the meantime Lori put another log on the fire, I’m cold. This is supposed to be over in the next 24 hours. Try and stay safe and warm.
      By the way, I don’t have much here in my yard, it must have all blown down to you. Isn’t sharing wonderful?!

      • Lori in Ohio says:

        Thank you so much Dorinda. Geauga county is buried. I got almost a foot on my car while I was at work. One nice thing about the snow is that it brings all of the squirrels into the store and sure does remind everyone that Christmaas is right around the corner and lets not forget those snow tires, so at least the store is busy,busy,busy which is job security for me.
        Jingle bells to each and everyone of you

      • Julie in Cincinnati says:

        Hi girls!! Thanks for sending the snow my way this past Saturday! We got about 3 inches. Then it’s flurried a little bit everyday this week. The news is already saying that we’re going to have a near blizzard here this coming Sunday. Needless to say, I can’t wait!! My girls and I love to have snowball fights and build snowmen. It has been bitter cold here all week. The lows have been in the single digits and the highs have only been in the teens. Unfortunately I don’t have a fireplace so we bundle up in blankets.

        Lori, I forget – where in Ohio are you? I think either you or Saun are near Dayton but I can’t remember. (I’m not sure if old age is setting in or if the cold has frozen up my memory…..)

  270. Saun in Ohio says:

    Hey girls still here busy busy. We just finished putting in a ceramic shower the whole nine yards. I wouldn’t recommend doing this. A lot of work and time. On the plus side it looks great and we love it. First 2 hour delay of the year . I don’t have to be at work until 11:00 Yippee ki-yay !!!!! Keep Warm ;)

  271. RAYMOND in ALABAMA says:

    Hey Ladies and Gentlemen if I did not get back to all of you personally ( see above), hope all are doing well. I would like to take time and say it has been pleasure meeting all of you in 2010, and hope we all make it thru Christmas and New Year’s safely. I am so glad Matt done his long stretch or we would have proably never met. You all have been some of the nicest people to meet, who says there’s not good people out there any more we all proved that saying down. everyone up NORTH of me stay warm, we do not have any cold winters much in Alabama, but I remember as a kid we would get snow 2 or 3 times a year, now we’re lucky if we even see a snow flake. Everyone have good Christmas and good New Year if I do not talk to you all any more this year it has been great knowing all of you and I hope we have a better year in 2011. Raymond

    • Brandon from California says:

      Thank You Raymond. Hope you have a good Christmas and a happy New Year.

      • Julie in Cincinnati says:

        Merry Christmas Brandon!! How’s the weather out there? I heard northern CA was getting snow. Is that near you?

      • Julie in Cincinnati says:

        Never mind Brandon. I just read your post above about the 42 degrees and rain. I should have read everything before I posted, but I tend to do a lot of things backwards :-D And cold at 42 degrees? Heck that’s a heatwave for us – get out the shorts! Just kiddin! I know when you’re not used to cooler weather, it can be a real shock. I have family in FL and they think it’s absolutely freezing in the 40s. I always tell them to come visit here – especially this week when the nighttime temps have been in the single digits. Crazy weather. Talk to ya soon!

      • RAYMOND in ALABAMA says:

        Brandon came to your state last June and loved it Have nice Christmas and safe New Year.

        Raymond Edwards

    • Julie in Cincinnati says:

      Hi Raymond! I agree completely. If it weren’t for Matt’s journey, none of us would have met. I’m so glad that we’ve all stayed in touch. And I hope you’re able to make it up this way next year so some of us can meet you. Have a great Christmas and New Year! Definitely keep in touch.
      Take care,

      • RAYMOND in ALABAMA says:

        You too and stay safe during the storm that I have been watching that is upon yall. As you said it nice to meet people on here and stay in touch.

        Raymond Edwards

  272. Saun in Ohio says:

    Right back at ya Raymond, To all of you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

    • RAYMOND in ALABAMA says:

      You too Saun Have fun in snow I noticed you Ohio people are getting, Heck we have got ice and snow forecast in
      Alabama, it’s rare if we ever get over 1/2 inch, and stays on for maybe 1/2 of a day. Be careful in all this weather noticed last count storm had killed 14.

  273. Norwood says:

    Bah humbug to ye all, and ye all a good night.

    • Dorinda from Mentor, Oh. says:

      Well look at who crawled out from underneath his rock, Norwood. We’ve missed your sunny personality here. Hope your winter is a warm one.

  274. Carolyn says:

    Merry Christmas to Hobo Nation. I miss the daily post. Has anyone checked in with Matt?

  275. “Come in and get to know me better, man.”…the Ghost of Christmas Present said…just a little Dickens to again enter the fray…

    How are all of you…I don’t even know if this will get out…I have been out of email commission for a month or so…too complicated to explain…so you are all still here…had to get a new computer then all kinds of snafu’s…anyway…glad to see many of the hanger’s-on and still hanging-on…

    My Minnesota friends are hanging on too…most of them very philosophical about it….”If you live here you’ve got to expect a little snow.”…and “will be back to work tomorrow”…”school’s on”…”roads are clear but…the Dome will take a little longer”…

    In the 30’s here but in MN…a bit colder…3 or 4 above zero…that kind of cold, hurts…have a great Christmas everyone…will see if this goes through…and be back later…

    • RAYMOND in ALABAMA says:

      Hey Jim, I seen on news you people have it a little rough at the time being weather wise. Me and 3 of my riding buddies will be passing thru the northern part of you state in June of 2011. at first we had decided to run U S highway 2 across all states
      but in Minnesota, I’ve noticed it’s mostly 4 lane, am I correct? If that be case would you reccomend going up U S highway 53 out of Duluth, then take state highway #11 across top of state. Was wondering if this would be good 2 lane highway for motorcycles. How’s weather in June in Minnesota in early morning hours. If you could help me with this would greatly appreciate it. It’s always best to get info of this nature from someones who lives there day in and day out, would you agree.

      Thanks if you could get this info

      raymond Edwards

      • Sorry Raymond in Alabama…I signed in wrong…I am from AR for the last 3 years…but right in that I lived in MN for over 60 years…so I should know something about MN…but alas and alack…I come up a bit short on very northern MN…I am not familiar with the route you talked about…no doubt US 2 is a great road but further north I’m not sure…I lived near Minneapolis for all that time…and MN is a lengthy state north to south…so my range would up around Duluth and a bit above that, Ely, the Iron Range and then west…sorry I can’t help…

        All I can say is that MN roads are pretty good as a whole…and tourism is very important to MN….so those roads are probably okay…you can get on the internet and find out I’m sure…they sure want you to travel there so there is a lot of information out there…and it sounds like a great trip…

        Weather???…well, if you are looking for cool, non-humid weather…you will find it there…it will be cool in June but it can get hot mid day too…so plan for anything…from very cool to warm…but when I say hot…nothing like Alabama or AR…hot may be in the 70’s or 80’s if you are lucky…90’s???….never in June up there and in all of MN…it hits the 90’s very seldom…so in my view…great weather…but the state is knock-out beautiful…you will love it…lakes galore…Lake Superior, outstanding vistas…sounds like quite a trip…

        • RAYMOND in ALABAMA says:

          Appreciate all the info, went to Deadwood, South Dakota on vacation in 95, around 4th of July did not carry nothing

          but short pants and short sleeve shirts, we had it rough every day till after dinner, thats why I asked about weather

          will carry right clothes this time weather we need or not. Arkansas is great state to travel in also we crossed your

          state last year on US highway 82, this is a good road for motorcycles, but as you say it was hot in late June. Have a

          good Chrismas and safe New Year, and again Thanks for information.

          Raymond Edwards

  276. RAYMOND in ALABAMA says:

    Hello to everyone Hope all are staying warm. everyone have a good Christmas and Happy New Year.

    Good to hear from everyone. Guess what we had ice in Alabama this morning, stayed on ground

    for about one hour then started melting off. While it was on and going on people down here had

    plenty of accidents as per scanner, keep body shops happy. Ice rarely happens down here and

    people do not know how to drive in it. It has been nice meeting all of you this year and may we

    stay in touch next year. Until next time.


  277. Julie in Cincinnati says:

    Hi everyone!
    I hope ya’ll are having a good week! It’s freezing here. Last night, the temp was below zero. Tonight and tomorrow we’re getting another snowstorm. We had 4-5 inches fall this past weekend. Tonight thru tomorrow, another 4-7 inches are coming, plus ice on top of that. Crazy weather!

    Hi Jim!
    Good to hear from you! I check your blog everyday and I absolutely love it. I’ve left comments on some of them and I hope you got them. You have such insight and your stories are wonderful. Thank you so much for sharing.

    Hi Raymond!
    Be careful on the ice. It’s dangerous to drive on, especially if you’re not used to it. Where in Alabama are you? I have a cousin and a friend in Huntsville.

    So, where’s everyone else? Dorinda, Saun, Lori, Brandon, Joisy Jeff? And Mayor Don? We haven’t heard from you in awhile. Have a good week and stay warm everyone!


    • Julie…yup…I get the comments and thank you for them…it is encouraging to get comments once in a while, so thanks…in fact your comments are below the post if you click on comments, you can read them there…I’m on a Christmas story tack for a week or so…hope you continue to enjoy them…I have a few more to add, this week and next…

      I saw you are getting more snow and cold…so have a white Christmas…and have a joyous Christmas and Happy New Year…

      The “rest of the crew”???…they will be checking in from time to time I think…to all, Merry Christmas…and Happy New Year…

    • RAYMOND in ALABAMA says:

      I live in Northwest Alabama and about 90 miles south west of Huntsville. The ice did not hang around about 3 hours when I got out of truck at office, sidewalks were iced over and I tiptoes across it, when you get 57 the breaks don’t heel as fast. well gotta go check on everyone else. Here’s to you all the Holiday wishes and hope 2011 will be better for all of us.

      Raymond Edwards

  278. Stephen says:

    Season’s Greetings from the Great White North!

    Winter has finally arrived here with a vengeance. You may have heard on the news earlier this week about more than 300 cars and trucks getting caught on a 4-lane highway by a major snow blizzard that came off the Great Lakes in southern Ontario on Monday. They called in the army to rescue people by snowmobiles and helicopters. Fortunately, there were no injuries or fatalities thanks to the hospitality of friendly truckers who invited people into their warm cabs, local villages and farmers in the area who put stranded people up for the night. They are finally clearing the road today (Thursday). I’m apprehensive as to what January’s weather will bring when we can often hit -30F with the wind chill. But, on the positive side, the skiers are happy to start their season early with all the snow we already have.

    Since the Holiday Season is quickly upon us, I would like to pass along my best wishes to all the wonderful folks of the Hobo Nation and those of you who have hung in ‘leaving replies’ long after Matt’s journey completion 4 months ago. May 2011 be both healthy and prosperous for you and your families. In the meantime, here’s a little Christmas ecard animation for you all to enjoy:

    Merry Christmas,

    Stephen in Ottawa, Canada

    • Stephen…a White Christmas in Ontario…hold on…I forget how big Ontario is…stretches from Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, New York…all the Great Lakes…amazing…when we lived in Michigan and crossed the Blue Water Bridge into Sarnia…it always struck me…it is also north of Minnesota…big, big province…so it may not “all” be white…

      Anyway, your story of the blizzard and people helping out…reminded me of another thing…on 9/11 when all planes across the U.S. were cleared from the skies…many had to land in Canada…there was a program on TV that showed what one small town did to house, feed and comfort passengers from planes…it was heart-warming and fun to see…so the story of the blizzard is just one more wonderful story about Canada…Ontario in particular…thanks…Merry Christmas and Happy New Year…

  279. RAYMOND in ALABAMA says:





    RAYMOND EDWARDS“““““““““`

  280. Julie in Cincinnati says:

    Hi everyone!! I’m here. We got a whopper of a snowstorm this past Thursday. All of the schools were closed, except the colleges – which stinks because my twins are in college here. They stayed home though and took the absence because it was too nasty for them to drive in. We’re supposed to get hit with ice on Tuesday and then more snow Christmas Eve. I”m so excited because we haven’t had a white Christmas here in a long time. We usually don’t have a lot of snow until January.

    Stephen, it’s good to hear from you! I’ts been awhile. I heard about all the snow you got. A friend of mine lives in Buffalo,NY and got hit pretty hard too. You guys stay safe up there.

    Hi Jim and Raymond!! I hope you had a good weekend. I wonder where Dorinda, Saun and Lori are. They haven’t checked in for awhile.

    Talk to you soon!

    • Dorinda from Mentor, Oh. says:

      Okay, okay, okay. I’m here. Just haven’t answered or commented in a few days or is it a week already? Wow. Been trying to get some baking done as I LOVE to bake cookies at Christmas and give them away as well as eat them! lol.
      We’ve had snow up here and cold temps along with wind chills. This is more like January weather than December. It’s all come so soon. And to think just 4 months ago we were belly aching about how hot it was.

      I’m glad you’re back Jim, we’ve missed you. Thought you had just stopped checking in here. Glad to see Raymond is around too. Stephen, man I heard about that snow storm. Gosh. I just saw some clips of it on the weather channel. It said cars were stranded and from the video you could hardly see in front of you. Wow. That must have been some storm. This December has been a wild one for sure weather wise. Hope you have dug out and everyone up there is okay.
      Did you see the story of the house where the water main broke while the guy wasn’t home and encased the whole house in ice? The trees outside, everything was total ice covered. And then the story of the people in Iowa where the door blew open while they were gone for the weekend? Blizzard blew in and their whole house was filled with snow! Could you imagine what that would be like to see in your house? Wow.

      Well not sure where the other Ohio gals are at, maybe trying to dig out of some more snow? Lori has quite a bit of it this month for sure. That lake effect gets going and doesn’t know when to stop sometimes.

      Everyone have a good week, a Merry Christmas, happy holiday, kwanzaa, and Happy New Year. Missed Hanukah but hope all had a peaceful time.

      Stay warm everyone!

  281. Lori in Ohio says:

    Happy Holidays to all. Hope everyone is safe and shoveled and thawed out.I’ve been trying to stay as warm as possible. Been working lots of O/T thanks to the holiday and the weather. Snow sure is good for the retail buisness.I was able to work the other evening when our store had its annual ” Shop with a Cop” event. What a sight to see all of our local men and women dressed in their finest shopping with under-privileged children.Had to shovel out the barn, someone knocked out a window pane and one stall filled with snow and I had 2 100 gallon tanks freeze solid. How many gallons of hot water does it take to get to the bottom of a 100 gallon block of ice? No one ever told me that farming was easy.Wouldn’t trade my life for anything though.
    Best of wishes to all for the New Year

  282. Saun in Ohio says:

    Hi everyone, I’m here been busy with Christmas shopping,baking,work the usual stuff. Lori sounds like you’re having a lot of fun. We have had two snow days already and some delays and it’s not even January yet. The snow blower is broke YAY! They say we are suppose to get more Snow Christmas Eve Yippie. Is spring here yet? Sorry guys its like when the kids keep asking are we there yet ha ha.
    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year……. Stay warm

  283. Saun in Ohio says:

    Do any of you have a Facebook? It would be sad if they closed this site down. And we lost contact with each other.

  284. Brandon from California says:

    Happy New Year everyone!!!!! Stay warm!

  285. Dorinda from Mentor, Oh. says:

    Wonder if anyone’s doing any walking in New York now?

    • Norwood says:

      Only if they have snowshoes. Anybody get something good for Christmas? Only thing I got was a tie, a box of golf balls and a $2500 visa bill. I might just take up walking and forget where I live.

      • Saun in Ohio says:

        Norwood you make me laugh. If you take off walking we would like some pictures and updates. LOL

        Everybody have a safe and Happy New Year!!!! :)

      • Julie in Cincinnati says:

        Norwood, you crack me up! If you start walking, head towards Ohio. Plenty of us Ohioans can give ya a place to rest your head.

      • Dorinda from Mentor, Oh. says:

        Norwood, I agree with Saun and Julie, you crack me up! You’re too funny.

        I got a new stand mixer for Christmas so I’m happy. If you walk this way Norwood I’ll make you some fresh baked cookies, how’s that? But you have to wear your new tie so I can see it.

        Happy New Year everyone! Remember Matt was going to be in Rockaway OR when the clock ran out. Wonder where he’ll be celebrating at now?

  286. john in Redford says:

    Well well, still a lotta folks hangin in, that is terrific! New friends and now old friends and some forever friends – Matt did a great job in that respect – yes he did! I was last on in mid-October and had not seen any message which was directly from Matt from the time he got his feet wet – and, still nothing but hearsay and second party pass ons – oh well! It would have been the cherry on top the whipped cream to read a brief summary from the walker himself. When he started the city walks in NY he drew others and created something very special that eventually bloomed to an east west walk that, well, drew me and you into his daily routine – very special, indeed!
    No, He doesn’t owe me anything but I do hope that he stayed or stays in touch with the good folks who opened their doors and some their hearts to a stranger on a walk. Yup, too bad indeed! Happy New Year, Matt – where ever you are!

  287. Don In Tennessee says:

    Looks like MAYOR DON is first to respond in 2011.

    Hello to Raymond in AL. Julie in Cincinnati,, Dorinda from Mentor, OH, Lori in Ohio, Saun in Ohio, Brandon from CA, Norwood, John in Redmond and the whole HOBO NATION. Where is Matt? Is he walking again? Have not heard from Jeff in Joisy either.

    Hope everyone had a safe and enjoyable Christmas and Holiday. Having family together is the best part of the Holidays for me. We had a white Christmas (5 inches) in Maryville, TN. for the first time in over 20 years. December was very cold and we had ice about 10 days before Christmas. I fell on the sidewalk outside my house and bruised my tailbone and messed my right wrist up. It hurts to get up and down from a car or chair.

    Job prospect are still dim but I keep looking.

    My wife and I adopted a solid white blue eyed Turkish Angora cat on Sunday. Her name is Mercedes- (I know, I could have gone for a Lamborghini) – just kidding-she was found abondoned and in an engine compartment of a Mercedes-so the name. She is just like the one we had that died in 2009 except both eyes are blue, the other one was an odd eye. She is a beauty. We had 2 dogs and a cat in 2009 and lost one dog and the cat in 2009 and the last dog in Augsut of 2010. Animals bring so much unconditioonal love.

    My wish is for a healthy and prosperous year for each and everyone person I have met on this blog. Lets hope we somehow achieve peace in the world and get a handle on our out of control spending government and create some real jobs.

    What will I do with no Matt to follow this year?

    My best to everyone!

    Mayor Don

    • Dorinda from Mentor, Oh. says:

      Did you notice your comment was posted at 4:11pm on 1-4-11.
      I find it fascinating how things like that happen.

      Been cold up here but got warm after Christmas, rained and all the snow is gone. But the temps have gone down again and the ol’ snow machine Lake Erie is set to kick up again here.

      Love cats, especially when people rescue them. I got one from the humane society in September and he is addicted to sitting on my lap. Cries for me to come site down so he can get up on my lap. Just love him.

      Hope all is well with others and Happy New Year to all.

  288. RAYMOND in ALABAMA says:

    Hello Everyone Julie, Don Dorinda, Brandon, John Norwiid and Saun hope everyone made it ok during holidays. we had a white Christmas down here in Alabama, a whole amount of 2 inches but was gone next day, but it was nice to have it for Christmas, kids enjoyed it, first time that has ever happened in Alabama or as far back as they started keeping records. I’ve noticed everone is not posting very much but, they may be like me tied up with family and etc. Thought I would check in and see about every body, everyone have a nice week and stay alive till next time the Lord willing.

    Raymond Edwards

  289. Doris says:

    Hi Everyone, thought I’d share an email I got from Matt today. Happy New Year!!
    Full ViewHappy New Year!
    From: Matt Green View Contact
    To: Dee

    2 Files View Slideshow Download All
    IMG_20101031_171114.jpg (1293KB); IMG_20101031_171009.jpg (1119KB)


    Hi Doris!

    I hope you and Phil and Baxter are doing well here in 2011!

    I’m in New York mostly these days, doing some part-time work and trying to write about my trip. It can be tough, but I feel like I have to share the important lessons I learned on my trip.

    Anyway, I don’t have anything too exciting to say, but I just wanted to check in and see how you all are!


    P.S. I’ve attached a couple doggy pictures I took of a neighbor’s dog who decided to take a ride in my dad’s truck.


    2 Images | View Slideshow | Download Selected | Download All

    (1293KB) IMG_20101031_171009.jpg

    • Dorinda from Mentor, Oh. says:

      Thanks Doris for sharing this!! I can’t get the link to open though. I copied and pasted it into my browser but it won’t come up. If there is a way you could post it a different way then we could click on it?

      Glad to hear Matt is writing about his trip. I hope he does share his personal experiences with us. That would be nice of him to do that.

      Hope you are all well including Baxter. Thanks for sharing your home with Matt along his way. What an exciting time it was for us here to follow along with where he was, the people he met along his way and what he was doing. Thanks again for sharing this with us Doris!

  290. Doris says:

    Hi Dorinda, I was happy to be able to post a message from Matt. I know you all miss him, just as I do. Those files were just of his neighbors dog. Matt knows I love animals, So he sent that to me. I wrote Matt back, and he sent this today. Bless his heart, he is a good man.


    Doris! Aw, you’re so sweet! You shouldn’t regret anything about May 5th. You were so kind and wonderful to me that day! Anyway, next time I come visit we can take a walk together!

    I’m so sorry to hear about little Baxter! But I do feel fortunate that I got to meet him in the first place. Please tell him I love him and I’ll be thinking about him.

    I’m not sure what will ultimately come of my writing. It would be nice to have something published, but we’ll just have to see if that works out. I think the most important lesson I learned was that the world is a much kinder and less scary place than it seems. We’re taught to be suspicious of everybody, but it’s really only the tiniest fraction of people who would ever try to hurt you. I think too many people let fear get in the way of enjoying life. And then when I meet people like you with a big open heart, who love instead of fear, I realize how much happier people could be if they could get over their fears and suspicions.

    We’ve got a lot of snow coming down here in New York today. It looks so pretty out (before it gets all dirty and brown).

    Talk to ya later!


    On Thu, Jan 6, 2011 at 11:06 PM, Dee wrote:

    Hi Matt, what a pleasant surprise to hear from you. I got so excited, that I couldn’t hardly read what you wrote at first. I’ve read it a few times already. I save all your emails. I think about you quite a bit so I have not forgotten you and never will. So, are you writing a book about your trip or just journaling? What was the most important lesson you learned Matt.? The lesson I learned was, Don’t be afraid to offer a hand to a stranger, because if you don’t you could lose something forever. However, I have always had a regret on May 5th., I wish I would have walked with you for a while. I truly feel I missed out.

    I hope all is doing well in NY. We are all doing well here. I found out a couple of months ago that Baxter has congestive heart failure, so I don’t know how much longer I will have to love him. He takes 2 water pills and a heart pill everyday.

    I love that doggy in that truck. He’s so cute!!! Have a great year Matt, I’ll be waiting to hear from you again.

    Love ya always, Doris


    May 5th
    Add to Calendar

    • Dorinda from Mentor, Oh. says:

      Aww , thanks Doris for sharing that. I’m so sorry to hear about Baxter though. Love him as much as you can while you have him. And remember he will never leave the heart. Love to you and him from me.

      Glad to hear more about yours and Matt’s interactions there. Must have been a special time to have gotten to meet him and share with him and he with you. Now you have a new friend for life. How neat is that?

      I guess coming from a smaller city/town I don’t fear people like big city folk might. There are certain people/places you just naturally know to stay away from as it can be dangerous but over all most people are decent human beings. I loved following Matt’s blog along and seeing how many wonderful people such as yourself opened yourselves up to meet a stranger and make a friend.
      Thanks for sharing this with us Doris.

  291. Lori in Ohio says:

    Happy New Year everyone. Hope all stayed safe and warm. I hope that each of you has a great and memorable 2011. My retail world has finally slowed down again and I have been moved to a better paying position in the company so yeah to me.
    Did everyone get a Matt mail today?
    Hey Dorinda… Enough of that snow already!

    • Dorinda from Mentor, Oh. says:

      No I didn’t get an email from Matt. :0( What did he have to say? I’ll have to email you Lori or maybe you could forward it to me so I can see?

      Don’t you like the snow Lori? Today’s snow is coming up from the south so thanks today go out to Julie. It’s been snowing for 3 hours + here and it’s the pretty kind. This I like watching come down but not shovelling it.

      Glad to hear about the promotion too. Always good to hear that, especially in today’s economy.

  292. Chad from MI says:

    Hey Guys!!
    Did you all get Matt’s email today? That was exciting to get an update from him! I’m sure if you ever posted to the blog then you saw it. I won’t take it upon myself to copy the contents here but he did leave a link to some pics on flickr that he took with his other camera that I’ll put here. Sounds lilke we’ll hear more of Matt in the future, whether by book or talks he’s doing! Good stuff!!

    • Dorinda from Mentor, Oh. says:

      Hi Chad! Haven’t heard from you in a while! How’s it going?

      No I didn’t get an email from Matt, bummer. I’m online all the time too and check my spam file several times as well. Maybe I’ll get one another day?

      Today coming on here I saw new pics posted along the sidebar and was like “Hey! that’s different photos!” So I clicked on them and WOW! What gorgeous pics to compliment the ones already posted. I especially LOVE the one of Mt. Hood at the end. Awesome photo! It’s what I was hoping for when Matt was posting his pics along the way. Thanks Matt! What a shot.

      • Chad from MI says:

        Hey Dorinda,
        Yeah, I haven’t posted in a while but I come back for a visit now and again. Not a lot to share other than there’s snow here too. I can relate to your “snow machine” description. I have one too called Lake MI. (I live in Holland). In fact it looks like a snow globe outside right now. It was cool to see some new pics from last summer! Allows us to relive the excitement we had. I don’t remember ever seeing the first “downspout” pics so all of those were new to me. I’ve never looked at mailboxes the same since. I’ve discovered there are some unique ones around here too! :) Take care for now!

  293. Julie in Cincinnati says:

    Hi everyone!!
    Wow!! I’ve been gone for awhile and it’s been busy around here! I hope everyone had a very happy and safe New Year’s holiday. It’s kinda crazy here today. It’s been snowing and icing since the middle of the night and they say we’ll have 5 inches on the ground by 5:00 rush hour. That’s going to make for an interesting drive home from work (yes, I’m sneaking on to the site from work…..).

    Mayor Don, it was wonderful to hear from you. And God Bless You for adopting that cat. My girls and I rescue birds, mostly cockatiels, along with some parakeets. The vet hospital we have always gone to calls us when they have a bird that’s been abandoned. We nurse them back to health (and usually end up keeping them). At one point, we had 6 we were caring for but we’re down to 2 right now. How are you feeling? Please take good care of yourself until you’re completely healed from the fall.

    Dorinda, Lori and Saun – how are you liking the cold and snowy weather we’re having here in Ohio? I personally love it!!

    Doris, thanks so much for posting the messages from Matt. I’m so glad to hear he’s doing well. I really hope and pray that he publishes a book someday about his trip. That would be amazing!

    Have a good week everyone!


  294. Hello to everyone…haven’t been around since just before Christmas but have checked back a few times…today is 1/11/11…for those who didn’t know…kind of a funny date…here in Little Rock…snow, snow, snow…we can get out now but it is still around 32 degrees so it isn’t melting…although today the sun is out so it is clearing some of the roads…

    When it came on Sunday night it was awful out…in Minnesota…we are used to it, and there are hundreds of plows, tons of salt, 24/7…so nothing really stops for this 2-4 inches of snow…it slows traffic in MN but doesn’t stop it…and schools just don’t close except for huge amounts of snow…but here this is certainly not the norm…and even though they are not caught off guard…they just don’t have the equipment to deal with it…so it closes things down…and that is good…it is dangerous when people not used to it and roads snow covered converge on one another…but we will survive…and it is beautiful…

    And kids out of school…they are loving it…and parents and kids are on the hills around here…and there are lots of hills here…

    So hopefully all of you are doing well…I have read all of your comments…good stuff…I know Julie loves the snow and others too…I am looking out my window right now…snow on the ground and rooftops…against a completely blue sky…nothing more beautiful than that…I wish you all well…enjoy this stuff…it’s part of our lives and I love living!!!…

  295. Dorinda from Mentor, Oh. says:

    I like the date today too Jim, 1/11/11. Didn’t realize it until I got online today and saw the date. I think it’s just neat.

    Snow, snow snow. But looking at Matt’s new flikr photo’s, especially the nice spring flowering tree is so sweet to look at on a day like today. A beautiful reminder of what’s just around the corner. Thanks Matt!

    Glad to see so many people show up here in the last 2 days. Lets me know everyone survived the holidays as well as all this snow!

  296. Marshall in RVA says:

    Got Matt’s e-mail today. I didn’t expect to find so many of you still here. Hope everyone is well.

  297. Saun in Ohio says:

    Hi everybody, I got an e-mail from Matt today too. Lori can’t say I love the snow but it does give me two-hour delays and snow days. So in that respect I love it on those occasions. My husband got stuck in Atlanta for a day because of the snow back home now. Other than that just work and the usual stuff. Keep warm come on spring!!!

  298. RAYMOND in ALABAMA says:

    Hello Everybody how is all my blog friends, The state of Alabama 3/4’s of it anyway has shut down people

    down here go crazy when it snows and we got 7 inches where I live and Huntsville got about 12 inches. We

    or the cities and county goverments do not have snow removal equipment, so we wait till it melts. Weather man

    says ours will be melted to where services will get going by tomorrow evening. Did everyone know that all of us

    Alabama fans always had a saying, that if AUBURN ever played in National Championship hell would freeze over,

    well it froze over and they AUBURN WON goody goody for them. The only good thing about it we made history by them doing it 2 teams from Texas won Champion ship in 1938 but one state has never won Championship

    and player on same team win heisman. Well enough of that hope everyone is ok and still healthy. So everyone

    have good day and until next time have good day and fine week.

    Raymond Edwards

    Hamilton, Alabama

  299. Donna in MI says:

    Hellooo Hobo Nation!
    I decided to crawl out of the woodwork (and from under the snow!) and thank Matt for the fantastic email and those terrific, AWESOME! bonus pictures. I enjoyed reading your email, and thanks for sharing your thoughts about your journey and the update about what you’ve been doing. I’m sure we were all thinking about you from time to time. You’re right, Matt, they truly are “bonus” pics. You sure have an eye for taking photos. You take the mundane things nobody sees or pays attention to and turn it into a work of art.

    Happy New Year to you, and the Hobo Nation. We might be singing, “Hail, Hail, the gang’s all here”, or maybe Mayor Don will come up with a better song. Surprised to see so many people still here. Happy New Year to All!

  300. Donna in MI says:

    Hey Dorinda,
    Click on the link in Chad’s post from 1/11/11. All 24 pics will show up. Matt only has 12 pics on the sidebar.
    You can have that snow in Cleveland. It’s always a mess there when I travel to Pittsburgh in the winter. I know the weather’s going to be bad when I see all of those snow plows sitting on the turnpike about every 20 miles waiting for the snow to come. They are ready and waiting! Happy New Year!

  301. JEFF N JOISY says:

    He’ssssssssssssssss back……………………nice to get a email from Matt….sorry I have not been around….you know i’d rather be grillin pizza in the 100 degree weather then shoveling 3+ feet snow in a week and a 1/2.

    Hello everyone…gods blessings on you all…..I am gonna paruse this weekend…and enjoy some memories..

    a book in the future….yeehaw.

    • Dorinda from Mentor, Oh. says:

      Well lookey who waltzed into the room, it’s good ol’ Jeff from Joisy. How the heck are you? Haven’t heard a peep out ya in some time here. Good to see you checking in on us here. Some of us can’t completely quit checking in here every day or so. Hope you hand around a few.

      Snow, snow, everywhere there’s snow. Only Florida has been spared so far from all of this beautiful white fluff. Don’t you like snow Jeff? Just kidding. I know it’s real pain shovelling as much as what you guys on the east coast have been getting. Good warm thoughts though, it melts pretty easy and will be gone before you know it.

      God’s blessings back at ya Jeff. Stay in touch.

  302. JEFF N JOISY says:

    ps…matt thanks for the birthday present….A email…from the walker …Priceless….. Good Eats vol. 2…$30.00

    • Dorinda from Mentor, Oh. says:

      Happy Birthday is in order by the sounds of it? What a great birthday present. A surprise email from the roaming gnome himself. Can’t beat that.

      • RAYMOND in ALABAMA says:

        Dorinda got your email it was good to hear from you. Well believe it or not it snowed on 9th day of January

        and would you belive on the 17th it has not all melted yet this is bad unusual for Alabama. We used to have

        a saying down here that it does not snow in Alabama, we will have to stop saying that. Weatherman is telling us

        to get ready we will have some more come Thursday the20th, this will make 3 snows in less than a month.

        Me I’m glad its melted off and almost gone, it shore is bad for business. Hope everyone up in Ohio and

        everywhere else re doing good. everyone have a nice week and so forth


      • RAYMOND in ALABAMA says:

        Dorinda send me your email address I deleted some old addresses I did not ever send to anymore and deleted

        yours by mistake. you proably got mine still but it is I got email from candice in alabama (Hollingsworth) other day she sent me Happy Birthday wish and I told her to come back and check all of us out

        that we were still on here, maybe she will I always liked talking to her and me and her have kept in touch periodally

        Well everyone have nice day and etc. Hope all are ok and not under weather. LOL Raymond

  303. Vickie from Michigan says:

    It was quite the summer for all us vicarious walkers. Now in the depths of winter, it seems weird to be sitting again at the computer screen, eating supper, imagining all your smiling faces! Enjoy the new year!

  304. Good Morning to everyone…well it is morning here in Little Rock on a Saturday…and as I go online…”what to my wondering eyes should appear” but Matt’s email and then coming here to “see” all kinds of vicarious trekkers coming for a visit…great to “see” all of you…I visit every few days to see if we are all “alive” yet…and I see we are…

    I think all of us would be surprised if we knew all the “peripatetic followers” who are still following this website…you know…if they “showed” themselves to us…I’ll bet there are hundreds of “us” out there…following from afar…maybe visit and see Dorinda’s comments or Don or Jeff or Saun or Julie or others who have “stayed by the stuff” while the rest of us have been not quite as faithful…hello to all of you too…

    Just a little snow left in Little Rock…we are back up to our normal temps for this time of year…I think its about 49 or 50…so all the snow is leaving…it stayed for about a week though…and that is something…so good morning…oops, the Schwann’s man just came and went…got some of our favorites…anyway…good to see you all…have a great weekend…

  305. Saun in Ohio says:

    Hello Hobo Nation I’ve decided to start a blog to showcase my photos. Thought you might want to check them out Have a great weekend :)

    • RAYMOND in ALABAMA says:

      Checked your site out left message if it got on there, had time getting it to take at first.

      Raymond Edwards

  306. Saun…went to your site…good stuff…one thing I found out on this site and most sites you may visit…and you leave a comment…they ask for your “Name”…”email”…and “website”…that’s where you put your Blog address…then as you see on my name it is “highlighted”…and yours will be too…that way people can just click on your “highlighted” name and it will go right to the blog…

    You probably already know that…but it is the way to get your blog “out there”, and many will want to see “your stuff”…a number of people who have been “regulars” on this site have done that, highlighted their name, that is…I have gone to their blog that way…then you have another connection to them…

    Always great to see your name on “I’m just walkin”…good comments too…

  307. Saun in Ohio says:

    Thanks, Jim for the info and checking my site out…..take care

    • Saun…yup…tried it and right to your site…loved the Mountain snow…great stuff…especially since I “know” you, it makes it better…funny isn’t it…and this is for the whole crew…most of us have never seen each other…and like Matt said…though we don’t really know if we would like to “hang” around one another, if we met…yet we can “hang” around this website…and it’s okay…

      Don’t know if that outcome will be part of Matt’s book or not…but it is an important thing that happened…

  308. RAYMOND in ALABAMA says:

    Got email from Matt the otherday he gave me address for pictures he took with his regular camera

    if anyone does not have it email me and I will send them address.

  309. RAYMOND in ALABAMA says:




    • Dorinda from Mentor, Oh. says:

      I am oh so sick, fever, congestions, joints ache. I will email you in a few days when I feel better. Right now all I’ve been doing is sleeping. I am going to go to the doctors today. Will hopefully be better by Sunday.

      Matt’s pics are gorgeous as always. He really has a great eye. I love the flowering tree, its beautiful and gives us hope for spring! I love Mt. Hood- what I was looking forward too the closer he got out there. All of Matt’s pictures are good but some I like just a bit more.

      Take care everyone. Julie- are you snowed in yet? There’s quite a storm coming across the plains there today.

  310. Jayda Couch says:

    Love the cake! I hope these lessons stay with you. Some people live a whole lifetime and never learn these things.

  311. Saun in Ohio says:

    Where’s everybody at?

  312. Julie in Cincinnati says:

    Hi everyone!
    Wow, I can’t believe it’s been so long since I’ve posted! Life has been crazy here in Cincy lately – snow, sick, snow, work, snow and did I mention snow? We got about 5 inches one week. Then last week we got 8 inches on top of that. Tonight they’re predicting another 2 inches. It hasn’t been too bad at all – especially since I love snow!

    Saun, I love your site! Your pictures are gorgeous!

    Jim, I’m still loving your blog. You have such great insight and I love the history that you often talk about.

    Raymond, how are you doing down there? Do you still have snow or has it finally melted? I’ll email you soon so we can keep in touch. Are you guys still heading up this way this summer?

    Dorinda, how are you doing? How much snow have you got up there? I know you guys always get hit pretty hard with the lake-effect snow.

    Has anyone heard from Jeff, Lori or Mayor Don? I miss hearing from them.

    Take care everyone!

    • Saun in Ohio says:

      Thanks Julie , I’m getting tired of the snow. Early dismissals,snow days we are out of calamity days. Who in their right mind would cut our calamity days back to 3 then none come on. At least our new Governor Kasich has enough sense to know we need 5 calamity days for heaven sakes we live in Ohio. We were in Cincy last Saturday had to get out of the house so we drove down. Did a little window shopping. Hope to make it to the Zoo to see the march of the penguins……………… Take care everyone

    • Dorinda from Mentor, Oh. says:

      Snowed in and sick. I have pneumonia and have been real sick. I’m on a very strong antibiotic and sleeping round the clock. It’s been over a week now and I think I’m starting to feel a little better. I’ve never had pneumonia before so don’t know what to have expected. I just know I’m a pretty sick puppy for sure.

      Stay warm and well everyone. Spring is only 2 months away.

  313. Sick is no good, Dorinda….hope the recovery is coming along…this winter weather in the Midwest and Ohio valley is “enough already”…here in Arkansas we have had some snow twice…and that throws a wrench into all things here…but it only lasts a few days…we have had temps in the 60’s for a few days…maybe in the 70’s today…and sunshine…and that is so important in the winter…

    Even in Minnesota…it can be just about any “temperature of cold”…and if the sun is shining…it is tolerable…when we lived in Michigan, a hundred years ago, winters were so cloudy and damp…not as cold there as Minnesota…but bone chilling because of the dampness…so give me the sunshine any day and I will be okay, even with the cold…but I think all of us, in all parts of the country, could stand some SPRING…we are looking forward to crocus and the daffodils around here…a big daffodil celebration at Wye Mountain…will blog about that later I am sure…it is beautiful, fields of flowers…

    So for all of us…ahead is sunshine and flowers…keep looking up…the sky is blue…out my window, at least…sun is up…and I am “upright and breathing”…so “all’s right with the world”…and with all the riots and trouble in the world…I will always take America…I may not always be happy with the politics of the country…but that can all change in one election…so I love it here…what a great country…the Great American Experiment goes on…and life is great…Hi to all…and Bye to all…will check back later…

    • Saun in Ohio says:

      Hey Jim, make sure you take some pics of the daffodils…… Can’t wait for my flowers to start to bloom. We are getting hit again this time its ice oh boy.

      Dorinda take care of your self keep warm..

      Julie I think we might be coming down this weekend. We are going to see the penguin march at the zoo yippie!.

  314. Julie in Cincinnati says:

    Hey Saun! The next time you come down this way, go to the Newport Aquarium too. They just expanded it again and it’s wonderful! And it’s right at Newport on the Levee, which has a ton of things to do.

    Dorinda, I’m so sorry to hear you’re sick. Make sure you take all your meds and get tons of rest.

    Hi Brandon! Good to hear from you! How’s everything in CA?

    Jim, I know what you mean about the damp cold. That’s what we have here. And, it’s been extremely windy lately and the wind just goes right thru you. It’s been bitter cold here. But, this weekend we got up into the 30s so it’s time to break out the bathing suits!! :-D

    Have a good week!

  315. Brandon from California says:

    Hello Julie. How are you doing? It kind of cold, foggy and some rain here and there.

  316. RAYMOND in ALABAMA says:











    • Saun in Ohio says:

      Hey Raymond, thanks for the comment on my blog, We are froze over up here nothing but a skating rink will it ever stop. So far we haven’t lost power thank God. That would be the pits. I posted some pics of the ice on my blog.

      Take care……..

      Saun in Ohio

      • RAYMOND in ALABAMA says:

        Will go over and take a look, we never did lose power either, but I went out and got some wood ready for the

        old fireplace in case it did. Take care up that way. Later

        Raymond Edwards

  317. Lori in Ohio says:

    Brrrr…. I’m crawling in the ground hogs burrow. Someone call me when the sun comes back out and the temps are over 35.

  318. Hi y’all…can’t quite get the Southern drawl in y’all…or even spell it right???…I don’t know…well, it is snowing right now in Little Rock…looking out my “desk-side” window and all the roofs are covered…melting on the streets…but if it keeps on like this…it will be a problem around Little Rock…they don’t have any way to clean it off the roads…and if it gets slippery…its a bad deal…

    It’s a cold and damp one today…I noticed Brandon from California mentioned cold and damp and rain…I don’t know if you are near San Francisco or not…but I remember my dad talking about how cold it could get in San Francisco…he was stationed there in WWII…shipped out to the South Pacific…he loved it there but did mention the cold and damp and the fog…and I also remember the Frank Sinatra song that has a line in it (I think tongue-in-cheek) about California being cold and damp…”The Lady Is A Tramp”…
    “She loves the free, fresh wind in her hair
    Life without care
    She’s broke, but it’s o’k
    She hates California, it’s cold and it’s damp
    That’s why the lady is a tramp”

    He sings it in “Pal Joey” I think…many have recorded that song…click here…

    Well, anyway…hope y’all stay warm…hope our snow stops…NOW…and the sun comes out for everyone…have a great day…

    • RAYMOND in ALABAMA says:

      Jim in Alabama we just always spelled it yall without hyphen or anything, I guess you could say it’s the redneck way. But after doing it for 50 some odd years I don’t ever pay any attention to it. To me I never did care one way or the other, everybody will figure out what you mean if not they did’nt need to know anyway.

      Stay warm up Arkansas way noticed YALL are getting snow and etc. bad also.

      Raymond Edwards

  319. Don In Tennessee says:

    Good afternoon my friends.

    I hope this meassage finds everyone doing well. This has really been some kind of winter and we are not even half way through it. Spring will be here soon and the time change is March 13!!!

    It is raining here today and we have a chance of some snow showers but thank goodness not the stuff the Northern part of our country is getting.

    Our new cat is starting to adjust to her new home. She was abandoned and she is still uneasy but she is coming around. Her blue eyes and white coat make her a beauty!.

    What is happening in Egypt and other parts of our world has had me thinking and this song from one of my favorites-Bob Dylan came to mind. It was released in 1964, but is still applicable 47 years later.

    Hope everyone is safe and employed!

    Mayor Don

  320. Don In Tennessee says:


    While we are on Bob Dylan-one of the all time best song!!! Period!!!

    Hope everyone enjoys and apprecaites his talents.

    Mayor Don

  321. Don…Oh yes…Mr. Zimmerman…AKA Bob Dylan…from Hibbing, Minnesota…way up North, near Duluth…but further North…”On The Range” as we say in MN…(the “Iron Range” that is…iron ore that is…mining is what that is)…and I think he still has a home near Minneapolis…had his start on the campus of the U of Minnesota…but nothing came of it until he moved to New York or some such unknown place…just a little Bob Dylan trivia early on a Saturday morning in Little Rock…

    It is a winter wonderland here in Little Rock…we had about 2-3 inches of snow yesterday…the same storm that hit Dallas…and the Super Bowl…it is icy and cold (about 23 degrees this morn)…but the sun is up…and it is clear as a bell…blue sky…and suppose to get up to about 40 today…I’ll take that…the pansies are still alive and blooming just off our porch…but winter is staging a comeback across the country…warm up this weekend and then next week more cold…no good…need some warm weather…anyway, enjoy everyday…

    • Saun in Ohio says:

      Jim, I just read your blog. You always have something good to say and uplifting. I love it, I think I’ve told you that before oh well.
      Hey Don,and Lori its good to hear from both of you. Hope all is well with everyone .Not too much going on here just snow,ice ,and more snow. Stay warm, come on spring at least the groundhog didn’t see his shadow :) OH HAPPY DAY!!! thanks Jim

  322. Dorinda from Mentor, Oh. says:

    Glad to see so many holding down the fort while I’ve been sick. I’ve been checking in every couple days or so and thanks for all the well wishes from everyone, including Brandon in CA. Thanks all !!!! It’s truly appreciated. It’s nice to know, even like Matt discovered, there are people who genuinely care out there and they don’t even know you. You’re all so nice, kind and caring. I felt the love through your words. Thanks.

    Saun, I’m with you, HOORAY!!! the ground hog didn’t see his shadow! Come on spring! Melt some of this snow and warm me up some! Today temp here is 13 with a wind chill of -3 below. Brrr!!!… But I still love where I live so I have to grin and bare it for a while longer.
    Stay warm people! And healthy too! Good to see you around Mayor Don.

  323. Julie in Cincinnati says:

    Hi everyone!!
    It’s been about a week since I’ve been on here. We were in Cleveland last week for 2 days for appts at the Cleveland Clinic and that was a crazy 2 days. Dorinda, we drove up there Tuesday when the ice storm hit all of Ohio and it was a horrible drive – very scary. Then the ice hit overnight again and we had to chisel my car out from the ice just so we could leave the hotel. Crazy!! Then we drove home Wednesday night in a snowstorm. We’ll be back in Cleveland again tomorrow & Thursday because my daughter’s having surgery up there. Pray for good weather.

    Glad to see everyone who posted! And Mayor Don – it’s great to see you! We miss you!

    Have a good week everyone and I’ll check back in when we get back to Cincinnati.
    Take care,

  324. Hi yall…well after our snowstorm of the century…the sun is out…the city is still closed roads full of ice and snow…schools still closed…but the sun is out…blue skies…and warm weather is coming…even some of the snow is melting…will try the roads this afternoon…hope all is well…Dorinda, you get well now…TOTALLY WELL…and for the rest of you we wish you warm weather and good things…Julie, you and yours will be in my thoughts…best to all…

    • Dorinda from Mentor, Oh. says:

      Thanks Jim. .. Yeah, I was wondering about you down there with all that snow that you had. How deep is it where you’re at? The south is getting hammered this winter with snow. When are the cities and such going to wake up and get some snow removal equipment? Doesn’t have to be a whole fleet, just a couple trucks will do. Can’t imagine being in a place where they can’t remove the snow and everything closes down. Just is funny to me.

      Glad to hear all is well. Julie I hope your daughters surgery went okay. Hope all is well there with that. The weather up here is cold but getting warmer. Haven’t had snow for a few days now. Yippee!!! Warm temps are on the way too!

      Stay warm people! and healthy too.

  325. RAYMOND in ALABAMA says:

    Hey all my Ohio friends and etc. time passes fast, I checked this morning only 4 months till we come up thru

    your State into Michigan and head west, seems like yesterday it was 8 months to go. Time passes fast when

    you pass 50 or it seems as it does. Sometimes does not seem like as many hours in a day, but I figured out

    I cannot do as much in day’s time as I used to be able to. I have been checking street views out in Ohio and

    points west. I never dreamed you all had country or scenic views as I have been seeing, look forward to

    seeing it in person. Everyone have a nice day and nice week, supposed to be 65 to 70 degrees here all week

    that is nice for here, hope everyone else gets good weather also.

    Thanks Everyone

    Raymond Edwards

  326. RAYMOND in ALABAMA says:

    Where is everyone last post over week ago, has everyone quit.

  327. Saun in Ohio says:

    Hi Raymond still here ,snow hit us again, school closed now we have 5 days to make up. So tired of snow I am so ready for spring. Us girls here in Ohio are probably thinking we live in the wrong state with all this snow. Today we had rain thunder and lighting plus snow WOW. Such strange weather oh well enough of the complaining not sure where everyone is. Take care waiting on spring ha ha

    • Yup…I check in about every other day…so this is my day…don’t always leave a line or two…but today…Saun gave me inspiration…well, maybe the weather had something to do with it too…we took a “road trip” yesterday about 1 hour south of Little Rock…to a small town called Owensville…(we go there to get stuff we can’t buy in the south…they get shipped from the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area) …when I say small town, it is small…but not to people who live there…it’s home!!!…and, sorry for all you still in the grip of winter, we saw all kinds of signs of spring…so it is coming north I’m sure…

      Some of the Redbuds are in bloom…Daffodils are up all over…Bradford Pears are ready to “pop” with their white beauty…green grass and sunshine…it was a great ride…today it is 65 and sunny…the bad thing about all of this is we have to go through the tornado season…when the warm and cold or cool air meet…we dodged one or two the other night…but spring is on the way…and we took a trip by Wye Mountain on the way home…Daffodils are up about 6 inches and will be ready to bloom soon…we will be there for that…huge fields planted with Daffodils…it is beautiful…will blog that when we go…in about two weeks or so…

      So things are looking up…though in Minnesota they are having below zero weather…that is even odd for there the last part of February…but they will make it…and they will get their spring too…not too long now…keep the faith, guys…what a wonderful life…new growth, new life…I love it so…I send my best, and with it spring weather…

  328. Brandon from California says:

    Some Snow Flakes here in San Francisco last night. It so cold today only 42F and tonight going to be 32F. Wish everyone have a good weekend! I’m glad that people still hang around.

    • Dorinda from Mentor, Oh. says:

      Yeah I heard the forecast for that in San Fran on the weather channel and let my sister know about it. She lives in Oakland. She saw snow her first winter out there when she moved to San Fran. But guess it wasn’t enough to measure as it was 22 years ago. Did you get to see any of it last night Brandon?

  329. Julie in Cincinnati says:

    Hi everyone!!
    Just thought I’d check in for a minute before I go to bed. It’s been raining here for the past few days. Today was dry but the rain is starting back up again tomorrow. There’s been some flooding but nothing too bad (yet). Hope yall are having a good weekend!

  330. Dorinda from Mentor, Oh. says:

    Hey everyone! Sorry I haven’t been around as I was in the hospital a couple days and not on the computer for a few others. I have a blood clot in my left leg and it’s pretty bad but I’m on meds now and doctors care. Will take a long time to recover from this so not on the computer much as I need to keep my leg elevated when I sit. I will keep checking in when I can, just like others. We may not say much but we’re here.
    Take care everyone! Miss you guys.

  331. RAYMOND in ALABAMA says:

    Good to see that all are ok and coming back on. Everyone take care and I forgot it has been in 70’s here 4 or 5 days. Looks like ground hog deal may be right or this year fore sure.

    Everyone take care


    • Dorinda from Mentor, Oh. says:

      We’ve had some freaky wild weather here too. Snow storm Friday morning like you wouldn’t believe and then thunderstorms Sunday night to beat the band. Crazy! But I agree with you Raymond, looks like the old ground hog may be right. Or at least I hope so!

  332. adrianh says:

    Congratulations for your epic inspirational journey ! :)
    I watched it all till last 2 weeks from august, and now i got back to see the final days.
    You stay strong also Matt ;)


  333. Lori in Ohio says:

    Hi all. just peeking in to say hi to everyone. Dorinda & Shaun, we need to set up a day when we all have appts in Cleveland. I’ve been going every other Tuesday to Ireland/Seidman for the last 2 months. Maybe we can run into each other. Everyone stay warm & well

  334. Dorinda from Mentor, Oh. says:

    Row, row, row your boat gently down the stream…….Hope everyone is okay out there and not floating away. We’ve had so much rain here there’s no where for the water to go anymore. Between the snow we’ve had and then the rain places are getting hit pretty bad. Take care everyone and stay warm and dry!

  335. Irax says:

    Congrats Matt! Of course, this means we will have to find other ways to see the beauty in the ordinary, but sincere thanks for showing us the possibilities!

  336. Dorinda from Mentor, Oh. says:

    Wow. 3 days and not a “peep” out of anyone. What’s up people? Hope none of you are floating away in all this rain.

    I keep thinking about Matt and his trip now that it is March again. After all he started this great journey 1 year ago towards the end of the month. As cold as it’s been here right now I can’t imagine jumping into the pacific ocean at this time of year. That had to have been cold!!!! brrrrr…!!!!! Certainly not for me for sure.
    As the days approach I’ve gone back and looking at the pics from the start of his trip. I think I want to follow along again each day and reminisce and enjoy once more the thrill of what Matt saw and experienced. And looking at the dates and times on the comments again as to when some of them came in. Funny how some photo’s didn’t get comments early on in his trip. After the story got out though, boy did he ever start getting them! And then we were all “formed” as a “nation”. What a trip. Thanks again Matt for the experiences.

    • Dorinda from Mentor, Oh. says:

      Note : proof read before hitting submit!!!!! I meant to say the “Atlantic ocean” not the pacific as it was the Atlantic to start it all off.

  337. RAYMOND in ALABAMA says:

    Hello to all, where is everyone at, noticed there were 666 coments, so I thought I had better leave one and get the bad number off. Everyone have nice day.

    • Dorinda from Mentor, Oh. says:

      I’ve been wondering the same thing Raymond, where is everyone? I guess maybe we’re all winding down on posting here and moving on with our lives? ha ha. I know there are many, self included, that check in everyday to see if someone is out there. Spring is almost here! I can’t wait. I hear birds chirping outside finally! Yeah! Enjoy everyone.

  338. brandon from california says:

    Hello everyone. Iam posting from my cell. I wish everyone have a great weekend. I’m still feel like something missing inside me ever since matt finishes journey. From time to time I do back and check those old pics. I also wish dorinda legs getting better. I always enjoy reading everyone posts. Peace!

    • Dorinda from Mentor, Oh. says:

      Thanks Brandon, it’s getting much, much better. Will take time but doing so much better now. I’m happy about that.
      I too miss everyone and the adventures Matt took us on. Was fun to come online everyday to see what was new and where he was. Will be interesting to read his book if he gets something put together. Even just seeing many of the photo’s(especially the mail boxes) compiled together in a book.
      Well hope all is well and have a great weekend too.

  339. Good Saturday morning everyone…(I think more people check in than we know from comments…’cause I am one of them)…I check in from time to time…most everyday, although last week I couldn’t get on the site…I thought maybe it was taken down…I suppose that will happen someday…maybe after Matt’s book comes out…(it may be a good way of announcing it)…

    I don’t know but I think Dorinda…you are on a journey that is worth people hearing about…I don’t know all the medical stuff…but your journey, like all of ours, (with or without the medical stuff) is worthy and, as I like to say…”Great stuff”…I find people’s stories, maybe not as dramatic as Matt’s, but wothy…life is full of wonder…how be became who we are…looking over our shoulder to see what happened in our past…what has brought us to this point…what propels us on…that is all “great stuff”…so for all of you, most worthy travelers of this site…press on…and hopefully we’ll all drop in for a visit from time to time…I have no doubt Dorinda will be here…maybe brandon, Saun, Julie, Don, Jeff N Joisy too…maybe me…I still love what happened to all of us on Matt’s journey…we all need to visit when we can…

    It’s full spring here in Arkansas…and we are lovin’ it…

  340. Dorinda from Mentor, Oh. says:

    Wow. Can you believe it’s been a year already since Matt started out on his journey?? I just looked at the date on my computer and on his calendar at the top and realized it. Amazing how time flys. And by seeing how the temps and weather have been this year, I can’t imagine jumping into the Atlantic ocean at this time of year!!! Youch!! That had to be cold. Brrrrrr….!!!!!! Not me man, not me. NO way. Matt- you had to have had some guts to be able to do that.

  341. Patti from Long Island says:

    Thank you for letting me take this journey with you. I really felt a part of your experience and I hate to admit that I worried about you. I always knew there were good people out there but I hear so much on the evening news that I am afraid to venture too far from home and wind up staying where I feel safe. I only wish I had the guts to do something like this.

    I haven’t been back to this site for a while and I was going through my “favorites” and there you were! Once again I was looking at the pictures and realized I miss checking on you every day or so! Maybe one day I too will get a chance to do something like this!

    Thanks again.


  342. Julie in Cincinnati says:

    Hi everyone!!!! Wow, it’s been a long time. Just got caught up on all of the posts since the last time I was on here. Life has been extremely busy here with medical stuff, the Ohio River floor here, work, etc. It’s been crazy!! Gosh I’ve really missed everyone.

    Dorinda, how’s the blood clot coming along? I had a clot lodged in my right subclavian artery (behind my collarbone) in 2005 & 2006. I was on the heparin shots for a long time and then coumadin. It was truly a miracle that I survived the clot because the only “path” to the right subclavian artery is directly thru the heart. So the clot made it thru my heart without killing me.

    Brandon, Jim, Raymond, Lori, Saun – How are you guys doing? Has anyone heard from Mayor Don lately? I miss his posts and his songs.

    I’ll definitely be in touch more often. I miss you guys!!!

    Take care,

  343. brandon from california says:

    Thank you Julie. I’m doing fine. So much rain this year in Bay Area. I am very happy that people still hanging around. I wish someday I can do what Matt did and see all beautiful things and make new friends along the way.

    • Dorinda from Mentor, Oh. says:

      Well Brandon you could always start walking this way and come up through Cincinnati, Dayton, over through Columbus, up into Akron area, then into Geauga county on into Lake county and see all of us Ohio gal’s. You’d have plenty of already built in friends to come and see!

  344. TOM F. says:

    Very cool to pop on here after months and see folks still posting. The power of Matt Green!

  345. brandon from california says:

    Hello Tom welcome back. We still here. Wish everyone have a great weekend.

  346. Don In Tennessee says:

    Hello to everyone from Mayor Don-

    I believe today is actually the 1 year anniversary of Matt Hobo Green’s walk across AMERICA from Rock Away, NY to Rock Away Beach, OR.

    I beleive this song should sum up how many of us feel and it has walking in the title – – enjoy this old hit.

    I sure have missed everyone – Edward, Brandon, Dorinda, Julie, Lorie, Saun, Raymond, Jim, and everyone else.

    A cool and rainy dreary day in East TN. today, but a lot of NCAA basketball with more to come. I am always glad to see underdogs like Butler and Virginia Commonwealth look good against great odds. The TN Lady Volunteers play again Monday night for a chance to go to the Final Four for the 19th time under coach Pat Head Summitt. She is the winningist coach, active or incactive in college basketball. A real asset to the coaching profession!

    Still no good news on the job front, not even interviews lately. I will click another year on April 20 and have one more year before I can start my SSI. This is not the way I had it planned but I have spent many more hours with my Dad who will be 93 on May 13, plus I have been able to volunteer more time for my church.

    Hope everyone is well and stay in touch!

    We all should pray for the people in Japan and the whole Middle East. Social media is really changing our world!

    Enjoy this song.

    Mayor Don

    • Don In Tennessee says:

      I know I was wrong by one day. I believe the actual start date by looking at the March 2010 calendar and photos on this site the start date was actually March 26, 2010 and not March 27, 2010.

      I still miss the daily posting and beautiful and entertaining photos Matt posted each day. I also still miss the daily posting from people I otherwise would not have had the privilege of meeting.

      Time for another song-I believe I used this once before but it is very appropriate for the 1 year anniversary-

      Everyone stay healthy, employed – if you want to be, and happy. We live in the best country (not perfect) in the world. Count your blessings and be happy!

      Mayor Don

      • RAYMOND in ALABAMA says:

        Hello Don, I noticed your weather not all that different from mine in North west Alabama, Jim is sring time in the South Nice, you said it all when you stated it was full spring time it is beautiful this time of the year. Only 3 months before we go to Michigan and follow U S hwy # 2 all the way to Everett, Washington. I liked Matt’s picture’s of that area, that I showed them to my buddies that ride with me, and they wanted to take this ride across U S and go into Canada in 3 or 4 different Province’s. We started plannibg it in July of 2010 and man has year passed off. Will take lot of pictures as we go across I have a camera mounted on my handle bars, and I snap a lot of pictures while we are going down the road.
        If any one ever gets on FaceBook I have a lot of our California trip posted on my profile. Can look for me in northwest Alabama, Hamilton, Alabama, when you pull it up if address is on Elgin Cochran Road that’s me. Well enough said for now, want to say Hello to all regular Friends on her. Julie, Don, Dorinda, (have you got some of the good jokes I forwarded to you) Saun (loved you blog), Lorie, Jim, and Brandon. Everyone have good day fine week, Spring is pretty now except weatherman says it’s to rain all week, but will wash all pollen away. Everone I say Hello to all on here. Raymond.

        • Dorinda from Mentor, Oh. says:

          Well stop hogging all the darn warm weather and send some of it to us up north here! I’m freezing! It’s almost April and we can’t seem to get out of the 30’s here. We’ve had only a couple nice days. Winter cold just won’t move along.

          I’ve gotten your emails Raymond, just don’t always respond to them. Don’t feel offended please, it’s that way with every email I get. Sometimes I respond and sometimes I don’t. Nothing personal about anyone it’s just the way it goes some days.

          Have a great week everyone. Hope all is well. And you southerners, stop hogging the warmth darn it I’m cold!

          • RAYMOND in ALABAMA says:

            Just tkink yall are getting one today if weather man is correct. They said northeast would get 8 to 12 inches

            on April’s Fool Day. It’s kinda cold here today but supposed to be in low 80’s this weekend, then Monday

            evening start raining again. We may need rain but I am tired of it myself since it has been raining for last week

            nearly every day except one. A lot of the emails been sending are just good humor jokes that are funny I

            guess you have noticed to brighten your days, since you have all the cold weather. I get a kick out of them do

            you. Well gotta go hope all are doing well. Have nice day when if weather ever gets nice your way.

            Thanks to All

            Raymond Edwards

  347. Chad from MI says:

    Hey All,
    I’m not for a second attempting to replace Matt and the legacy he has now created but I stumbled across this website…about a young man who had begun an epic journey to hike the 4 main “Trails” of the US. As you’ll read, he was 60+ days in and had to stop due to injury but is rehabing for another shot at it beginning Jan 1 next year. If you read deep enough, you’ll learn that the support group decided to pull the comments from the blog due to quantity but I think also due to some negativity. I know just the group of people who might create a different atmosphere next January!! In some ways similar to Matt’s journey….and in some ways, very different. He’s just a fellow Eagle Scout who loves and appreciates the outdoors….

  348. Saun in Ohio says:

    Hello, glad to hear everyone is doing ok. Looking forward to spring break next week hopefully we will get some of that warm weather Don and Raymond have. Like Dorinda said we can’t seem to get rid of the cold. Thanks Chad for the link I’ll have to check it out. Thanks Raymond for checking out my blog. I guess I would have to say Matt inspired me to post my pics. Take care stay safe and enjoy the ride…… :)

  349. Howdy from the mid-South…I guess that’s what they call it down here…it is still spring here…flowers everywhere…trees, bushes and flower beds…but all the sudden cooler…the jet stream is coming out of the north…now, mind you, I am in shorts and tee shirt…but it is only in the high 50’s and low 60’s…maybe this weekend it will be in the 70’s…but for a transplanted Minnesotan…that is sunbathing weather…okay, I don’t sunbath…(they always try and drag me back into the water, you know…saving another whale thing)…but if we were in Minnesota, all the campuses would be sunbathing on the grass…between snowdrifts…so it is all relative, this weather thing…

    Most natives here in Little Rock look at me kinda crazy-like and roll their eyes…thinking, “What’s wrong with that guy”…but they look at my shaved head…6’5” frame…and weighing in at just over the “average bear” weight…and they think, “Well, his dress fits how this weirdos looks.”…and they go on their way…telling their family about this guy wearing shorts on a day like today…I just can’t let go of my Minnesota roots…snow-shoveling in shorts, etc…

    So we will just patiently wait for warmer weather…and here in Little Rock it will come…with a vengeance…it will be A/C weather before we know it…bumping up and over the 100 degrees for days and days…and then humidity that will take you to your knees…but that’s life and the trade off of a mild winter and long fall and spring days…so I am satisfied…and content…you all have a great trip into April…and no fooling either…

  350. Joan in Springfield, Or says:

    I left a comment a long time ago, don’t know what happened to it. Matt, I just wanted to say that I have the greatest respect for what you did. I am a grandmother many times over, but I remember when the country was a lot like what you walked through. What a wonderful thing you have done to let people know there are still places that are peaceful, pleasant and homey. It took courage to be alone and walking through remote areas where anything could happen and/or you could be hurt or ill with no one soon to call upon for help. Bless you for your efforts, and I hope you will publish a book about your journey. As is evidenced above, there is quite a bit of interest.
    God bless you, Matt… keep up the good work.

  351. Noel in Michigan says:

    It has been a long time since I have checked the site. Just wanted to see if anything has been said or updated. I hope all is well.

  352. Dorinda from Mentor, Oh. says:

    Rockaway Beach NY made the news today. Some idiot 24 year old guy (intelligence of a 2 year old maybe? No, 2 year olds are smarter than that.) landed his plane on Rockaway beach in NY. The guy(ignorant) said he was imitating the show “flying wild Alaska” how they land planes on beaches and remote places. And this guy is a medical student at Georgetown too! I sure as heck don’t want this moron being my doctor some day! I’m sorry I keep calling him nasty names but what do you call someone like this with such a lack of intelligence or care for others well being? I do hope they take his licence away and kick him out of school. Jerk.
    Here’s the link to the story. Hope I got the link right.

    • Jeff in Joisy says:

      Hay watch what you say about us new yorkers…lady !!

      How the heck R U ? I knew if I came back here I would find you. I will reach out to you from the other side…just could not resist a posting back. Lots to catch up on….! How are the wheels??

  353. brandon from california says:

    Have a great weekend everyone. Meet again next week.

  354. Lori in Ohio says:

    Happy spring everyone

  355. Saun in Ohio says:

    Good Morning, seems like everyone has gone AWOL ha ha hope all is well.

    • Still checkin’ in Saun…from time to time…I have a “personal blogs” list that I check most everyday…some days not but most days…and when I fail to check here for a few days…it isn’t guilt, I don’t think, but an urge to make this contact for reasons you all understand…but many would not…kind of a “touchstone” to see if everyone is okay…and to remember how we all followed Matt in his trek across the country…it was a wonderful thing…and though it didn’t take over everything in my life…it was fun and interesting…life does go on…and I did that as I have after hundreds of things I have experienced in my life…but it doesn’t mean I don’t check in to see how the “semper fidelis” group is doing…and moving on in their lives…

      So hello to everyone…(do I hear an echo in here???)…life in Little Rock is Spring flowers, home grown strawberries…and can you believe it, the Blackberries are blooming everywhere…yum, yum…will write about that later…so good spring to you…hope you all missed the tornadoes and such…spring is a mixed blessing…with storms and all…but I’ll take the odds…I love spring…and here in Arkansas we have flowering “everything” here right now…every yard, even the woods bloom…so beauty everywhere…

  356. Don In Tennessee says:

    Hello from Mayor Don-

    Today is my 61st birthday. A rainy day in East TN. The dogwoods and redbuds have been spectacular this year but are now past peak and the azaleas are breathtaking right now. We have 9 white azaleas in our landscaping.

    Jim- the echo is here. I check back every few days but only post now and then. I am concerned about the many storms we are having and the other weather related issues around our world.

    Hope everyone is safe and thanks to Barb V who sent me a BD wish!.

    I have noticed that if Matt had started his trek across America this year he would have had snow and many storms. He must have known last year was the year to make his 3,000 + mile trek. I sure am missing his photos and everyone from the Hobo Planet.

    Everyone have a great day!

    Mayor Don

    • Dorinda from Mentor, Oh. says:

      Do like I’ve been doing Don and go back through them day by day 1 year later. It’s interesting as some photo’s I swear I didn’t see last year. It’s a whole new experience for me. I really have enjoyed it.

      Glad to see you and Jim made it through the tornado’s okay. Was a wild storm system move through here last night. And Don you’re right, if Matt had gone out this year he would have experienced some pretty wicked weather.

      Jim, you’re making me want to come to Arkansas by your explanations of the spring blooms. You too Don. I have 4 azaleas in front of my house that bloom beautiful for Mothers day each year. They are a pretty pinkish red. Haven’t seen their color any where else.

      Hope everyone is safe, sound and healthy. Have a nice Easter for those who celebrate and a peaceful passover.

    • Julie in Cincinnati says:

      Happy belated birthday Mayor! Mine was April 19. I know what you mean about the storms. We had those storms Tuesday night also. The tornado sirens went off 4 different times in a 90-minute period (12:30am – 2:00am) so we spent most of that time in the basement. No injuries but a lot of damage from the high winds. It’s supposed to rain here all weekend too. The Ohio River is cresting 4 feet above flood stage tomorrow so businesses and homes along the river are evacuating in both Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky. Crazy weather!

      Glad to hear everyone’s doing ok. Happy Easter to those who celebrate that holiday and a blessed Passover to those who celebrate that holiday. We’re going to my Mom’s house for Easter this year.

      Take care,

  357. Brandon from California says:

    Happy Easter Day everyone.

  358. Kari says:

    So what is Matt doing now? I will enjoy these observations over and over…

  359. Julie in Cincinnati says:

    Ok, where is everybody?? Dorinda, did you turn out the lights again? Nothing for over a week.

    Raymond, how are you doing down there? I’ve been worried about you with the storms and tornadoes. Let us know if you’re ok.

    It’s been crazy wet here for a few weeks. The Ohio River flooded over 5 feet above flood stage. There were a lot of evacuations in both Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky due to the flooding. The river finally fell below flood stage but then more rain showed up. It never ends.

    How’s everyone doing? I miss ya!!!

    • Dorinda from Mentor, Oh. says:

      Hi Julie,
      I’m here. I thought about turning out the lights again but I learned my lesson from the first time I tried that! lol. Not gonna do that again for sure.
      I check in everyday, several times to see if anyone else posted. I kinda got the feeling there for a while like I was the only one talking and who wants to just hear themselves all the time? Not me. So, I am here have no fear. corny I know but true.

      I can’t believe all this rain we’ve had either. So much destruction all around. But rays of sunshine peak through the clouds for us all.

      I’m with Julie, I hope Raymond is okay. I haven’t emailed him yet as there is no power yet in a lot of places down there in Alabama from my understanding so I wait and see. I would think, or hope, that if Raymond could get through to us he’d let us know. So, keep Raymond and all the people in Alabama and the south in your thoughts and prayers.

  360. Saun in Ohio says:

    Hey Dorinda,Julie Do you know what that bright thing in the sky is today ????????????

    • Dorinda from Mentor, Oh. says:

      LOL !!!! I’m not sure Saun, I haven’t seen anything like it in months!Wow. Sure was bright though.

    • Julie in Cincinnati says:

      I thought maybe aliens were invading or something……..this was something I haven’t seen in a loooooong time. It was kinda scary! LOL. But back to normal tomorrow – more rain is coming…..

  361. Saun in Ohio says:

    Dorinda did you ever hear from Raymond? I was on this blog I follow ,and she had posted pictures of the damage from the tornado in Alabama. It doesn’t look good here’s the link if you want to look at them……Saun

    Happy Mothers Day everyone :)

    • Dorinda from Mentor, Oh. says:

      Thanks Saun, Happy Mothers day to you too.

      And thanks for reminding me too to email Raymond. I just did so hopefully we’ll hear from him. I told him his friends here were asking about him and hope and pray that he’s okay. I hope I get a response from him or maybe we will all hear from him on here. Just hope everythings okay with him down there.

      On another note, that bright spot in the sky has actually been out here now for 3 days! With the exception of a little stray shower Friday, spring finally feels like it has sprung here. Yippee! No rain for a couple days, that bright spot in the forecast, can get outside without stepping in a puddle. Oh yeah. I’m likin’ it now. Hooray! Hope it’s not to wet where you are as from the radar it looked like you were getting some rain and storms.

      Happy Day everyone.

  362. Dorinda from Mentor, Oh. says:

    To let everyone know, I heard from Raymond in Alabama and he is alive. Though by the sounds of it many friends lost. I wanted to share this with all of you so here is my email message to him and one of his responses to me. Devastation and miracles within that devastation.

    —– Original Message —–

    > Raymond,
    > We, all your friends from imjustwalkin’, want to know if you are all
    > right? With all the devastation of the tornadoes down there people have
    > been asking about you on the site. So if you get this please let us know
    > what’s going on with you. Hopefully things are okay for you and your
    > family down there. Of course I know there is power out all over there
    > too so not sure if it’s where you are at or not. I hope you are able to
    > receive this email and respond. We all want to know and pray that you
    > are okay.
    > Dorinda

    Dorinda thanks for checking on me, I was 1/4 mile from outer edge of storm
    that hit Hackleburg, and Phil Campbell, Alabama, or I should say destroyed
    these two Towns instead of just hitting them. When I get time in next day
    or two will send you some pictures of Hackleburg, and of my rental house up
    on hiway 43 where it crossed 43 went thru woods about a mile then got back
    in line with us 43 and stayed with it for 6 miles taking houses and anything
    in its path. Dorinda you will think I’m crazy with what i’m about to tell
    you but it’s so. They found an approximately 3 month old baby in
    hackleburg, 5 days after storm, still alive but was brought up here by
    tornado from Smithville, mississippi, approximately 60 to 70 miles look this
    up on map, also 9 month was found in tree in Phil Campbell in it’s car seat
    in a tree, from same town in mississippi. I have seen some weird things
    come out of this tornado. I lost approximately 10 good friends out of 28
    that are confirmed dead up to now with 3 more unaccounted for. My house up
    on hiway 43 was made of 8 inch concrete blocks. there are limbs
    approximately 1 inch to 2 inches drove thru these blocks like they were put
    in a hole that was drilled for them. Gotta go just come in here to check on
    things (office) will be gone till dinner tomorrow, and again Thanks for
    checking on us, good to have friends like you.

    • RAYMOND in ALABAMA says:

      Thanks for checking on me Dorinda and all of the rest of my friends on here. this being 2nd huge tornado i’ve been in in my

      the one that killed my father in 1974 and being within a quarter of a mile this time. The day of this storm it hailed two or 3

      hours before the tornado like I have never seen, approximately 2 inches of ice covered ground, and came down so hard

      that hail was bouncing up in air 6 to 8 feet. This tornado was 3/4 to 1 1/4 miles wide in places, sounded like gigantic

      vacuum cleaner. you talk about being scared when we got to storm house just as it was coming by where we were at, Kayley

      my 6 year old daughter when we jumped out at cellar said her foot was hung when 10 year old got out, I reached between

      seats grabbed her arm if had been hung bad would have took her arm off. everyone one take care and thanks to everyone

      got customer just come in see everyone in couple days if phone line still working on our temparary phone lines

      Raymond Edwards

  363. Good morning everyone…floods, rain and tornadoes…what next???…I’m really afraid to ask that as a serious question…so I will let that go…had a great Mother Day…not a mother but married to one…and she had a great day…all four kids called or spent the day with her (and me, of course)…in fact, Thursday, it was our youngest 41 birthday….Friday, our oldest granddaughter graduated, top in her class, with her nursing degree…Saturday, open house for said granddaughter, with lots of friends, etc…Sunday, Mothers Day…now that is a week of celebration…Judie loves weeks like that…they wear me right out…but it is so good to celebrate with others…a good time…

    Hope all of you had a good week…the waters are not going down yet on this end of the Mississippi…floods in Memphis and in Arkansas…they closed a section of I-40 both ways between Little Rock and Memphis…a small section but traffic diverted and have to take a detour…what was a 30 minute drive is now 4-5 hours!!!…can you imagine???…I’m not traveling to Memphis any time soon…will wait until the White River can actually empty into the Mississippi…that will take the Mississippi to go down first…maybe this week sometime…so much rain in Northern Arkansas and all along the Mississippi River drainage…that includes the Ohio River, etc…so much rain up there…as you well know…

    Great to hear from all of you…sounds like all is well, keep it up…

  364. Patti from Long Island says:

    It is so amazing to see how many people were brought together from this project. It makes me happy to come back to this site and see how many people have become friends.

  365. karen428 in POPE co. AR says:

    Nice to come back to this site and see the posts again. I, too, miss following Matt’s trek and seeing what everyone had to say. Hope everyone is safe and having a nice spring, even with the storms and floods. God bless you all.

  366. Jeff in Joisy says:

    Hello everybody..what’s that..can’t hear you…….let’s try it again…..

    Well right about now I am reminded of a Flintstone’s song that goes..Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary….
    Miss all of you. Life continues on and yet I can not go out on the deck without remembering our journey through Matt and his website.

    Ray glad to hear you are safe.

    Life good on my side…continues the circle from season to season. I wish all peace and happiness…

    Gosh it is great to come back and “see” you all… See my big smile ~~ (((())))

  367. Saun in Ohio says:

    Hey Jeff in Joisy HELLO (((()))), and Raymond glad your ok. If you guys are looking for something to read and follow check out our friend Jim in AR always has a good line or two. Maybe someday it will stop raining and the sun will come out… Be safe & take care Saun in Ohio :)

  368. Julie in Cincinnati says:

    Raymond, I am soooooo glad you and your family are ok. I’m so sorry you lost so many friends though. I’ve been praying that recovery from this tragedy will come quickly. I know that’s not realistic but I do hope lives can be rebuilt and everything returned to as normal as possible.

    Jeff!!!! Great to hear from you!!! I’ve missed your posts and humor. Stop back more often and don’t be a stranger.

    Jim, Saun and Dorinda – A big Hi to you too! Has anyone heard from Mayor Don lately? What about Brandon? I hope they’re doing ok.

    Talk to everyone soon!

  369. Brandon from California says:

    Have a great weekend everyone.

  370. jeff in joisy says:

    hay julie! Hay Saun! Hay Dorinda…

    thanks to all. Gosh I wish the rain would just go away. Even the Iris’s have not yet bloomed because of the rain.
    I promise to stop by more often. I kind of thought things might have filtered off here…but to my surprise…the site is alive and well.

    I started going back and reading the old pictures and retaking this trip from last year. I remember all the workers out there checking in like their morning cup of joe. Wow…

    Now all be safe. Glad to say we are all here. God just isn’t ready for the lot of us yet. Peace and smiles to everyone. See ya soon….Any Native American’s out there…do one or some of those “sun dances” won’t you please….!! Much appreciated.

  371. Jeff in Joisy says:

    Well here it goes……”vicariously”…’s been almost a year….someone had to let the cat back out of the bag.

    • Dorinda from Mentor, Oh. says:

      Wow Jeff, going for a record here? This makes like your 4th post since coming back? What, did the world end or something? lol.
      Glad to have you back.

  372. Linda says:

    He everyone, It’s been a while since I’ve been here. It’s amazing how Matt’s journey brought so many people together.

    How is Matt doing? Is he writing a book about his adventure?

    I hope those in AL, MO and OK are doing alright. My heart goes out to all those who have lost loved ones and homes.


  373. Okay…enough of those tornadoes already…I think all of us have “had it” with the storms…there is nothing like a regular summer thunder storm…I think they are wonderful…but this violent storm stuff is not what I am after…we had another tornado just to the north and west of Little Rock again last night…more death and destruction…at least on killed maybe more…and they are just pouring out of Oklahoma…I think we have had it with all this for one season…

    I keep looking at all the storms and rain in all the places all the “I’m Just walkin” crew lives in…hope all of you are safe…Raymond, sounds like you were really “in” it…glad you are safe…stay safe everyone…

  374. Saun in Ohio says:

    I agree Jim we are getting hit again tonight baseball size hail, tornado warnings,not sure if I should go to bed. Good thing Matt isn’t walking this year. Be safe everyone……

  375. Dorinda from Mentor, Oh. says:

    Here’s one for ya’all:
    Try to find the photo with no comments! It’s weird to me to come across any photo’s here that have no comments on them, but there is 1 for sure that I found today. Can you find it?

  376. Julie in Cincinnati says:

    Hi everyone!
    Wow! This past week has been crazy weather-wise. We had 2 nights of tornado warnings here. Monday night turned out to just be straight-line winds, which were bad. Wednesday night, a tornado struck a neighborhood here, where some friends of mine live. They’re fine but their neighbor had the second story of the house ripped off. Their roof ended up in my friend’s backyard. Thank the Lord no one was injured. A total of 16 houses were damaged on one block. But again, no injuries, and nowhere near the destruction to our west. Those poor people definitely need our thoughts and prayers.

    Be safe everyone!

  377. Stephen says:

    Greetings from Canada to all in the Hobo Nation!
    It’s been awhile since I was last here and I”m so pleased that this site is still active! I’m glad that we didn’t lose any posters in the recent rash of tornadoes that have slashed through the southern and mid-western states. I was very relieved to hear of Jim and Raymond’s families surviving those terrible, destructive storms.

    Up here in Ottawa we’ve finally surfaced from what seems like months of rain into the brightness and warmth of the summer sun. There has been considerable flooding out west in Manitoba and also south of Montreal in Quebec right down to the New York and Vermont state borders. Thankfully there were no fatalities but extensive damage to homes and property. In think many houses will have to be destroyed because the water has not receded in the past 5 weeks.

    I’ve been thinking about Matt and how his timing was so perfect weatherwise for his trip last year. I couldn’t imagine him going through the terrible weather of this Spring… although he probably would have made the national news by being transported for miles in his tent by an unfriendly tornado (Raymond’s amazing post about the babies surviving in their car seats after being carried 70 miles from Smithville, MIssissippi… certainly both miracles indeed) I guess Matt’s non-procrastination attitude to life finally paid off!

    I hope everyone is well and ready to enjoy the warm, sunny weather ahead. I see that Jeff in Joisy is still dropping by and wish the very best to all you regulars: Dorinda, Julie, Saun, Mayor Don, Brandon, Jim and Raymond. Can’t wait from Matt’s book to finally drop. I need to relive his personal experience from a different perspective.

    Stay safe everyone and keep the Hobo Nation alive and kicking (er, I mean walkin’)!

    God bless. Stephen

  378. Dorinda from Mentor, Oh. says:

    Hey Stephen! It’s so good to hear from you again. Glad to “hear” your “voice” again. Sorry to hear of what’s been going on in Canada. Sure has been a hard weather year all around.
    Yes, Matt timed it perfectly weather wide I think as it is still snowing in the mountains out west at this time of year. He would have had a harder time pushing that cart of his through the snow!

    Heard from Raymond today. He’s alive and doing as well as can be expected. He is still planning his bike trip, said his wife told him to go on and get away for a while. Raymond says every where you look all there is is destruction. Says the landscape of the land has completely changed. I just can’t even begin to imagine what that must be like. My heart goes out to all down south. Julie and Saun you should contact Raymond again and see when he is coming through your way. That would be a really nice get together if it worked out.

    Well hang in there everyone. This rides not over yet we’ve still a long way to go. But we have the hobo nation to look forward to each day and see who’s showed up.

    Peace and blessings to all.

  379. So Raymond gets to go on his northern trek this summer…lucky guy…Stephen is back among us (I imagine you have to go through the spring storms in Canada yet, maybe not, I really don’t know about the weather cycle where you live)…and we are looking forward to a good summer…we are in for a hot summer here in Little Rock…already we are into the 90’s…with humidity to match…but who’s complaining…better than more stormy weather…hope all of you had a great Memorial Day with family and food…we did…it was great…hot, but still great…

    The strangest thing happened the other day…I was thinking about something totally different and all the sudden it reminded me of a picture that Matt took on his trip…and that I had to look it up…you know, maybe its my “old age” but for the life of me, I can’t remember where or what it was…if I can remember I will ask you if you can remember “where” he was so I can look up the picture…I wanted to use it in something I was writing…but…I draw a blank…but it will “float back” through the brain cells when I can spend some time on it…(you know, as I write about it…it seems to me it was a picture that had no caption with it…does that make sense???)…probably not…anyway it will “float” back to me…

    Oh well, have a wonderful day…and week…

  380. Jeff in Joisy says:

    Hay Stephen…welcome back…I assume alot more people will start flockingback here in the next few weeks..
    I have been following another persons walk recently..and posted a time or two…and to be honest it is a bit dry.
    and then I think back…and like Dorinda says….go back to the old pictures and read the posts….

    Like Jim in Ark… was a picture a one line comment of sorts …and then us…the nation….It was a world within our world…I mean it would be great to see Karen from Greece make a gues appearance. But all are friends..and will be remembered… as long as it is summer I think I am gonna re-live this experience like a good ol ReRun….so if Today is June first then it would be Day 67 in Matt’s trip…Priscilla was on that day..
    Awesome mailbox #25 already & a Funky Pedestrian Underpass…..16 comments that day.

  381. RAYMOND in ALABAMA says:

    Hello everyone, hope all are fine. If any one wants to see some pictures of the EF5 that missed us by a 1/4 mile send me an email and i will send some to everyone that wants to as an attachment. my email is they show some of the worst destruction I have not seen since 1974, when my father got killed in that one. if any one should want a picture of the tornado itself, send me your cell number and i will text it to you. This tornado system was so large it did not have much of a funnel it was a big cloud down on the ground with a tube like sticking down spinning and sucking everything out of its way. I hope I never have to be close to another one or in one again, this makes 2 bad ones in my lifetime, and several small ones.
    the movie about the storm chasers shows flying cows and such, believe me it is so, people had cows and things carried miles along with the storm. one of the girls that works for us lost everything, and she had people mail her daughters senior pictures back to her over 140 miles away. Does not seem possible but it has happened.

    Gotta go for now we are busy as can be quoting and building trusses for the ones who can repair their homes,
    and builing complete packages for ground up ones, everyone stay cool it has gotten summertime down south.

    Until next time
    Raymond Edwards

  382. Julie in Cincinnati says:

    Hi Stephen!! Welcome back!! We’ve missed you. It’s always good to hear from the “old regulars” (if that makes sense). It’s been extremely rainy here also. The flooding here on the Ohio River has been horrible. But, this week has been dry so far, although the temps have been in the high 90s (Farenheit). Makes me wish for the rain and cooler temps again.

    Raymond, it’s so good to hear that you’re doing pretty well. I just sent you an email so I can find out when you’ll be coming through this area. We’ll have to try to meet somewhere.

    Hi Jim and Dorinda! I hope you guys are having a good week!

    Hi Jeff! It’s good to see you coming around more often. It’s just like old times. Now if we can get Mayor Don, Saun and Brandon to check in, life would be good. I wonder if our Chief Hobo ever stops by here even though he’s not posting anymore pictures or comments. I really do miss those posts and can’t wait for a book to come out.

    Take care everyone!

  383. RAYMOND in ALABAMA says:

    Julie sent pictures to you as an attachment open it up and you may want to share some with all
    our friends on her. I would but I have not as yet figured out how to post them on here. Julie we will be leaving here on morning of 24th of June. We should be in Ohio that evening or Saturday morning. Hope we all can meet up somewhere, willsend you our route as we get closer to time to leave. Everyone have a good day and stay safe. I noticed on news this morning a tornado hit up in northeast states.

    take care

  384. Jeff in Joisy says:

    Yes Tornado warnings all around..but cleared out quickly…but Springfield Mass..took a hit. A baby compared to what whacked Ray and those in MO. Peace Ray..

    So..If I go out to Dayton in the near future whom am I going to be by?

    • Dorinda from Mentor, Oh. says:

      Saun is the one who lives in Dayton. Julie is in Cincy so like Julie said she’s close enough to drive on up to meet you and Saun. That would be a neat meeting. I unfortunately am at the top of Ohio along with Lori not too far behind me. Long drive for me to go to Dayton and with health being what it is I can’t go. But I’m sure you all will have fun.

  385. Julie in Cincinnati says:

    Hi Raymond! Definitely let me know your route and timeframe when it gets closer. I’ve got a church function on Friday the 24th but I’m definitely free on Saturday to meet up with you guys.

    Hey Jeff!! Coming to Dayton?!?! That’s great! Dayton is about 45 minutes north of me so I could meet up with you in Dayton. We’ll talk to Saun also and see how close she is to Dayton (I forget what city she lives in or I’d be able to tell ya). Do you still have my email address?

  386. Jeff in Joisy says:

    Well when things are all planned out I know where to find you all. And yes…I still got a mega amount of emails.

  387. Julie in Cincinnati says:

    Hey Jeff! Raymond is coming this way June 24-25. Will you be heading this way around that same time? We could have a Hobo Nation Family Reunion!

    Dorinda – we could call you when we’re all together. Or do you Skype? If so, we could go somewhere with wifi and Skype you.

    • Dorinda from Mentor, Oh. says:

      No I don’t have skype. And besides that would be to hard. If you all do manage to get together have fun and enjoy the moment. Take some pics and send them to my email. That will be fun enough for me. Good luck planning, hope it all works out for ya.

  388. Saun in Ohio says:

    Well it sounds like everyone is coming to Ohio. Raymond you’re coming up SR127? And Jeff your coming to Dayton? That’s my stomping grounds Hobo nation reunion in Ohio…… :)

  389. Norwood says:

    LAST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Dorinda from Mentor, Oh. says:

      Hey Norwood! Glad to hear from you. How you been? What’cha been up too? I see your still looking to be LAST!!!!! ha ha.

  390. Norwood says:

    dang it, whats a guy gotta do to get ‘last’ around here? Just about done cleaning up after the flood we had here. I live about 1/4 mile from the Mississippi river in west TN. Wasn’t too bad, just a lot of work. My youngest son just graduated HS and this week enlisted in the marine corps….what a hit from my blind side, never saw that coming.
    He leaves in Oct. I tried to sabotage his interview when the recruiter came to talk to us, but apparently that is pretty common and saw right thru me.
    What a surprise to see all the regulars still hanging out. I thought this would have died off by now. If Matt was to poke his head in here one time I think that would be enough to keep us tuned in for another couple years.

  391. Well, I took the advice from a few of you…went to June 7, 2010 on the site…low and behold Matt was in Minnesota…holy cow (as my Mother used to say), can you beat that…just a chance thing and here Matt is in my home state…I think I came on-board about Wisconsin, maybe Illinois…but it was fun just going back to that time…following for a few more days and seeing him in North Dakota and beyond…and seeing the people he met on the way…good people, good food…just good, I guess…so thanks for those of you who went back and then told us about it…finally moved the “old guy” to do it too…fun…

    It is hot in Little Rock…but no storms…maybe things will settle down for a while…but flooding still here and all the way along the Mississippi River…and its tributaries…the Missouri River in South Dakota…and so much rain in Ohio and Illinois…and way down to the gulf flooding…and it will last here in Arkansas too, for a while yet…so we will take some summer…so green and beautiful…hope you are enjoying your early summer or late spring…whatever…

    Oh, and I got hearing aids in the last few weeks…so I can finally “hear” what you guys are saying…and a call-out to all those Ohio reunion hobos…have a great time…share pictures and experiences…it seems only right…now, I’m LAST…aahh, for a while…

  392. Brandon from California says:

    Hello everyone. I am glad many people still hang around.

  393. Dorinda from Mentor, Oh. says:

    Wow, I just found another great pic without a post!! Hard to believe that there are any pics without comments but there are. I guess it was before all of us came around! ha ha.

  394. Saun in Ohio says:

    Just went back and looked at Raymond’s post. I’m going to be gone that weekend so Julie you’re on your own. Unless Dorinda can meet up with you guys half way. Have a great time…. :)

  395. Julie in Cincinnati says:

    We’ll definitely take pictures and then email them to you guys. It’ll be so good to finally meet a fellow hobo.

    Hi Brandon!! Ok, Raymond’s coming this way and Jeff’s coming this way. When are you coming this way? :-D

    • RAYMOND in ALABAMA says:

      Hello Julie, you need to email me your cell or home number before next Friday to where we can call before we get to your

      area. If you want I will put all tornado pictures on cd and you can copy it or I will bring 2 if Saun wants one to put

      some pictures on her blog, just let me know.

      Hello to everyone, hope all’s well with everyone.

      Nice day to all.


      • Julie in Cincinnati says:

        Hi Raymond!
        I just sent you an email with my phone number. Can’t wait to meet you guys!

      • Saun in Ohio says:

        Hey Raymond, I’m not going to be able to meet up with you guys :( We are going to be out of town. Julie is going to have to go on her own. Have a fun and a safe trip take care……Saun

        • RAYMOND in ALABAMA says:

          Thanks for the reply will get Julie to give you my cell number when me and boys meet up with her and if she cannot put pictures of trip on here you can post on your blog

          Thanks Raymond

  396. Flavia says:

    wow!!! i can’t believe people are still coming to the site! I was just thinking it’s been a year since following Matt’s journey and I came to see where he was a year ago.

    • Dorinda from Mentor, Oh. says:

      Some of us never left. We’ve been hanging out ever since just chatting away getting to know one another. Once I tried to “turn out the lights” and it didn’t work. And Norwood keeps trying to be “LAST” but that hasn’t worked either. We’ll be here until the “cows come home” or the “fat lady sings” or “when pigs fly”. Won’t we gang?? (I can just hear ya’ll now ” Heck yeah!”, loud cheering). And Flavia it’s good to “see” you again too!.

  397. Julie in Cincinnati says:

    Woo hoo!! I’m last!! (At least for now). And Dorinda, you’re right – we’re not going anywhere. Flavia, good to see ya again! Come back more often. The more, the merrier!

    How’s everyone doing? We’re finally getting rain today. We had it for a solid month but then it’s been bone dry for the past 2 weeks (with scorching temps). The temps have been so nice this week, much cooler.

    Hope everyone’s having a good week!

  398. Norwood says:


  399. Julie in Cincinnati says:

    Ok Norwood – do you have radar and when someone posts last, a little buzzer goes off? LOL!

    How’s the flood cleanup going? I saw on the news that another levee out west broke and they were concerned about another town being flooded completely. The weather this year has been absolutely crazy (and devastating).

    Take care,

  400. Norwood says:

    Why yes I do have radar and its not a buzzer, its a light bulb. The flood is gone in west tennessee, some people are wiped out or still cleaning up but my area got it kinda light. I hear up north they still have problems along the Missouri river but I have no details.

  401. Saun in Ohio says:

    My turn last ha ha, Its like tag your it see who can be last the longest. Have a great weekend

  402. Hello to all…it’s Father’s Day weekend…just had Cracker Barrel pancakes and bacon and eggs…and had it at home…great stuff…it’s sunny and bright here in Little Rock…a few light clouds but another hot mid to high 90’s day and for the last two weeks it’s been like this…it’s too early for that kind of stuff…average high is about 88 but not this for days on end…that comes in July and August…but it is beautiful and green…

    It is so funny to me, being from Minnesota…we have had summer weather for about 3 months now…and 3 more to go…or more…long summers here…long fall and long spring…they meet each other that few days of winter we have…so I like it…but it is different for me coming from Minnesota…in fact we are going up that way in August…to get in on the last of summer up there…and the Minnesota State Fair…it is a great state fair…far different than ours here in Arkansas…but a lot like Iowa, Wisconsin and I imagine Ohio is an agricultural fair too…but with all the modern stuff to go along…called “The Great Minnesota Get-Together…so we will go to that too…as well as the kids and grandkids…

    Have a great summer everyone…official summer starts this week, the 21st…longest day of the year…lots of daylight…enjoy it all…and those of you who make it…have a “Great Ohio Get-Together”…see ya later…

  403. Brandon from California says:

    Happy father day for all the dad out there! Wish everyone have a great weekend!

  404. Dorinda from Mentor, Oh. says:

    Just checkin’ in….to say….LAST!!!!!….he he! Happy Dad’s Day to all the great Dad’s out there in hobo land. Even the ones who are like a Dad to someone else.

  405. Lori in Ohio says:

    Happy Fathers Day to all the Dads out there. Wishing all of you a nice sunny day and lots of good family memories.

    My daughter just moved back home from Fargo, N.D. and we are trying to blend her furry critters in with mine, She came home with a rabbit, cat and a yorkie-snauzer mix puppy that thinks horses are great fun. My great Pry thinks the new cat should be dinner and the 2 labs would really like for the rabbit to get loose. And tthe daughter is roasting, it is way too hot for her liking.
    I’ve been going to Ireland/ Siedman cancer center since the 1st of the year. Last week they found 2 or more tumors in my kidneys that are going to be very risky removing them( dont have a date for the surgery yet). So I’ve been busy trying to get a summers worth of work done in a few weeks time.

    Every one have a great Fathers Day

    • karen428 in POPE co. AR says:

      I’ll certainly say a prayer for your recovery. Hang in there!

      Hope the furry blend is working!

    • RAYMOND in ALABAMA says:

      Lori I just read about your kidney tumors, I”m so sorry to hear this, I want to take time before leaving tomorrow to wish you all of the luck in the worl with them. I will say a special prayer for you. I am going to try and meet up with Julie if at all possible this week, it will be nice to talk to someone for a year and a half then get to see them. You take care of yourself keep us informed of how you are doing.

      Best of LUCK

      LOL Raymond Edwards

  406. Saun in Ohio says:

    Lori, sorry to hear this my thoughts and prayers are with you. Take care……

    Every one have a great fathers day!

  407. Julie in Cincinnati says:

    Hi Lori, I’m so sorry to hear about your tumors and upcoming surgery. Is that the Ireland Cancer Center in Cleveland? My friend’s son was treated at that center several years ago. There are great doctors there. I’m glad your daughter is back home. It’s always good to have family close by through medical challenges. Let us know when surgery is so we can be praying.

    Hi Saun, Dorinda, Brandon and Jim! Jim, I’m still following your blog and loving it!

    Hi Norwood! Is your lightbulb going off yet? Last!! LOL!

    Happy belated Father’s Day to all of the Dads on here.

    Have a good week everyone!!

    • RAYMOND in ALABAMA says:

      Julie I sent you an email about leaving tomorrow, and I have your cell number stored in my phone, if I can send you some pictures as a text maybe you can post them on here for everyone to see. Until we meet, Later

      Raymond Edwards

  408. Kelly in Florida says:

    Wow! I am amazed at this blog. Last year I followed Matt’s trip every day. I was obsessed with seeing where he was at, start to finish. I wasn’t a big “poster” on this site, but I was there every day watching. Part of me wished I was out there walking and seeing our great country by foot. A little hard to do with a family, job, pets and all of the material things we have to take care of, but we all got to be on this trip with him because he shared. There is something about his blog that keeps me coming back to check, like today, and I am amazed at all the people still on here! It is so wonderful that so many people are now connected because of this “walking” trip that Matt decided to take. :) Bless you all.

    • karen428 in POPE co. AR says:

      I check back every now and then, maybe only 1/2 doz times in a yr, but I agree—it’s amazing the folks that are coming back to post.!! It’s been nice to see what everyone thinks and is up to .

  409. Stephen says:

    Happy Summer Equinox to everyone here in Hobo Nation today . Hope you all get to fully enjoy the longest day of the year! I’m going to an outdoor party/bbq tonight with friends where we can all watch the sun go down together. Last night it didn’t start to get dark up here in Ottawa until after 9:30 pm.

    @ Lori in Ohio. Sorry to hear about your condition. Staying positive is an important headspace to maintain. But please know that we’ll all be thinking of you and sending our support and prayers across the miles. I hope your recovery is fast and long-lasting.
    How’s that for positive vibes?

    Have a wonderful, sunny day people and enjoy the extra long evening.

  410. Julie in Cincinnati says:

    Hi everyone!
    It’s awfully quiet around here. Where is everyone? Dorinda, did you hit that light switch again?
    Have a good weekend!

    • Dorinda from Mentor, Oh. says:

      I’m here Julie and not I don’t dare touch that switch again! LOL. I about got my hand cut off the last time.
      Just been waiting to hear word from you if you and Raymond met yet. I hope you two can actually meet and tell us about it all. Looking forward to that for sure.
      My cat’s crying for my attention now so gotta go. Have a great weekend everyone!

  411. Norwood says:

    This is like playing musical chairs. Who will be “Last” when they pull the plug?

  412. Brandon from California says:

    have a great weekend everyone!

  413. Julie in Cincinnati says:

    Wow! Last today! Woo hoo!! But the day is still young. LOL. Raymond came thru this area Friday night however the route that their group was on took them about an hour and a half northwest of Cincinnati so we didn’t get to meet. However we did talk on the phone which was good. They were spending the night in Richmond, Indiana and then moving north into Michigan. He said they were going to be on the road for about 18 days or so. Their destination is Washington state. Then they’re going to head down in to Oregon and back across the U.S. to Alabama. I’m going to call and check in with him every few days to find out where they are. Then I’ll update on here.
    I hope everyone’s having a good weekend!

  414. Saun in Ohio says says:

    Thanks Lori for the update. Tell Raymond I said hey, stay safe and enjoy his ride.
    Everyone have a great week!! Three day weekend Yippee :)

  415. Dorinda from Mentor, Oh. says:

    Did you notice there is an “abridged” version of this site now? I saw it come up today when I came on the site. Gotta check it out and see what’s up.

  416. Brandon from California says:

    How is the weather in the east coast? It kind of cold here inthe bay area. Forcast rain in the next few days! No summer here!

    • Dorinda from Mentor, Oh. says:

      Went from cold and snow, to rain and cold, now rain and hot. We really didn’t get much in between spring weather. But can’t complain too much, at least here. Don’t like those 80-90 degree days with the humidity. Besides Brandon from what my sister says( who live in Oakland) your summer comes in September out there. So just hang on, you’ll be okay. And cold to you is warm to me.

  417. It’s “hump day”…Wednesday…but to we retired…everyday is a holiday…hope everyone is doing fine…been stopping in from day to day…seeing what is going on…glad to see Raymond and his crew are on the road…and in Michigan…that is a beautiful state too…(we have 50 of them)…

    And this weekend is Independence Day weekend…throughout this land there will be parades, picnics and celebrations…marking this special day…just as John Adams said it should be…when he wrote that letter to his wife Abigail, in July 1776…”I am apt to believe that it will be celebrated, by succeeding Generations, as the great anniversary Festival. It ought to be commemorated, as the Day of Deliverance by solemn Acts of Devotion to God Almighty. It ought to be solemnized with Pomp and Parade, with Shew, Games, Sports, Guns, Bells, Bonfires and Illuminations from one End of this Continent to the other from this Time forward forever more.”

    And so shall it be…for all of us I hope…enjoy this great land…where ever you are…and knowing this group as I have come to know you…you will…God Bless America!!!…

  418. Saun in Ohio says:

    Lori any word on Raymond? Everyone have a great 4th enjoy the long weekend!! My husband and I are going camping I’ll let you know how that turns out its been awhile. Be safe and as Jim said, God Bless America!!

  419. Brandon from California says:

    Wish everyone have a happy 4 of july and a great weekend. The wearther here is so nice today. 80 degree with breeze from the bay. God Bless America.

  420. Julie in Cincinnati says:

    Hi everyone!
    I got a text from Raymond. They’re at Glacier National Park in Montana. I checked the park’s website and it looks like a lot of the park’s roads are open for travel. Something interesting – they currently have above average levels of snowpack and warming temperatures so there’s a current high risk for avalanches. There’s also a part of the park that’s closed because they’ve been plowing the snow since April and the road still isn’t accessible. That’s just crazy! As soon as I hear from Raymond again, I’ll update on here.

    Have a great holiday weekend! It’s going to be a scorcher here. The temps are going to be in the mid-90s thru Tuesday with heat indexes near 100 degrees. I think I’d rather be with Raymond in the snowy area where it’s cooler. Be safe and have fun everyone!

  421. Julie in Cincinnati says:

    Hey! Where is everyone?? It’s gettin pretty lonely around here. No posts for a week. Is everyone ok?
    Have a good weekend!

    • Dorinda from Mentor, Oh. says:

      I’m here, just nothing much to say or comment on. Have you heard from Raymond any more? Wonder how his trip has gone. Hope he sends some pics when he gets home.

  422. Brandon from California says:

    I am here too. I think everyone take summer vacation. I wish everyone have a great summer and lot of fun.

  423. Oh I check in every day of so…just to see what is going on…and been reading some of the posts I wrote last year about “I’m Just Walkin”…it brought back memories of that trip…you know, I have tried to follow some others that are doing “similar” treks across the country…but, I don’t know…I just can’t get into it…they just seem to lack some of the “verve” that Matt’s trek had…I don’t know if you get what I am saying but it is the way I have felt about the others…missing some of the simplicity, purity of motive, kindness and dependence on the goodness of others along the way…am I wrong???…it just seems that way to me…

    So, therefore, I go back and look at Matt’s pictures and some of the people he met along the way…they seem like old friends now…and enjoy what was a special and wonderful and fun time last year…life does go on, and it has for me…but it doesn’t stop me from going back and “tilling up” old memories and enjoying them…heavens, I do that on my own every day…like one of my favorite quotes, from Willa Cather: “Life began for me when I ceased to admire and began to remember.”…I like that a lot and feel the same…

    So I will keep coming back from day to day…not always commenting…but enjoying what is going on in your lives, as you share from time to time…and as long as they do not let this site go black, I will be here…and will love remembering all of you…and though we have never met, that’s just “spilt milk”, as my Mom used to say…doesn’t matter a “dimes worth”…we are good friends…

    • Lisa in Goldsboro NC says:

      Hi Jim! It has been almost a year since I last posted on this site. I have looked in from time to time, but didn’t have really much to add anymore. I miss you too, almost like an old friend coming back! I have reminisced on here also, makes me wonder how we were all so lucky to have joined this group and followed his walk. Hope you are doing well and surviving the heat wave! I will be seeing you!

    • Brandon says:

      Same here. I feel like something missing inside especially those beautiful Pics that Matt posted. I always check back here every few days. Have a good weekend everyone. See you all next week.

      • Jeff in joisy says:

        Hay Jim…hay everyone….I agree..I too have tried to Vicariously follow…but I don’t know….you post and no one wants to bond… to me it is like a good chocalate chip cookie… know….the recipe just has to be right…or the thing does not turn out the same. Missing all but will post a little below….I am trying to be last to post…..see ya below..

  424. Saun in Ohio says:

    Kudos Jim….. same here :)

  425. Julie in Cincinnati says:

    Jim, I couldn’t have said it any better. Amen. When I didn’t see any comments on here for a week, I started worrying about everyone. I know it sounds crazy – how can you worry about people you’ve never met? But, for me, the regulars here are friends, whether we’ve met in person or not. And I agree with your thoughts about following other people doing a similar cross-country treks – they just don’t seem the same.

    I am very anxious though, to learn how Raymond’s trip across the U.S. went. Since he’s “one of us”, I’m sure he has some incredible stories and pictures to share. I just texted him to find out how the trip is going.

  426. Don In Tennessee says:


    I have been missing everyone including Matt and so I had to come back to see everyone. My Dad turned 93 on May 13 and is still in his own home. It is so wonderful to have him at this age since my mother died at age 44 when I was 12. Although the work front situation has not changed, I have my church family, wife, cat and friends who support and encourge me each day. The weather in East Tennessee has been hot like a lot of places.

    Hello to Julie, Lori, Jim, Lisa, Raymond, Norwood, Brandon, Saun, Dorinda, Kelly, Stephen and everyone else. Hope Raymond had or is having a safe motorcycle journey.

    Wonder how JEFF IN JOISY is doing? Hope Matt is enjoying this chapter in his life these days and wish he would let us know how he is doing..

    In 43 days it will be August 25, 2011 (the 1st anniversary) of Matt’s journey across this great nation. Matt made it possible for all of us to get to meet each other and he shared his trek with us the memebers of the HOBO PLANET!

    I had to leave you with a song and since I have been -MISSING YOU – here goes! –

    I just put my photo on Facebook with some prodding from one of our Hobo members. It is under Don M. Watson

    Stay safe everyone-

    Mayor Don

    • Jeff in joisy says:

      Mayor Don…I am just wonderful thank you. Life is pretty good. God’s blessings are all around….just maybe don’t see them every day. No changes to my life. Working on trying to get to floirda in the next year or less….but other then that is trudging on….and I still am doing my 10 miles or so a day. I was thinking about creating a blog….but see below…when I try and be last…….

  427. Julie in Cincinnati says:

    Mayor Don!!!! Great to hear from you (and see you)!! A belated Happy Birthday to your Dad! That’s wonderful that he’s still on his own. It’s been a scorcher here also. The temps have been in the high 90s with the heat index pushing 110 degrees everyday. Have I ever mentioned that I don’t like summer? I’ve always been a cold weather person so I’m really not liking this weather (although summer is good for Nascar). By the way, that’s a perfect song.

    I just heard from Raymond. They got back to Alabama this past Sunday. They averaged 365 miles per day times 18 days. He’s going to email me some pictures from their trip and I’d be happy to forward them to anyone who wants them. Just let me know.

    Talk to you soon,

  428. Don In Tennessee says:


    Great to hear from you. Please email Raymonds photos to me at

    Stay safe and I hope you guys in Ohio get some relief from the heat.

    Mayor Don

  429. Hello everyone…great to hear from you Don…and Lisa in Goldsboro…and all the rest of the regulars, Saun, Dorinda, Julie, Raymond and all (I hate to try and remember all of you and miss some, so shouldn’t start, but appreciate everyone who drops by)…hot here as usual in the summer…but we will put up with it until October or so…and Julie, I would like to see Raymond’s pictures too…I think he went across Northern Minnesota…here’s my email… …glad to see all of you online again…none of us are alone here….see you all later…I check most everyday…may not always comment but I’m here…glad to see you are…

  430. Dorinda from Mentor, Oh. says:

    Little over 30 days till the 1 year anniversary of the completion of one AWESOME walk! Can’t believe it’s been a year already since we all met and Matt neared the end of his very long walk. Wow. What awesome times those were.

    Hope everyone is keeping from frying in this heat. Stay cool people! Real cool. Hope all’s well with everyone.

  431. Julie in Cincinnati says:

    Hi everyone!
    I hope everyone’s having a good week and staying cool. Will it ever end?!?!?! Have I ever mentioned that my absolute favorite season is winter? This is why. So far, today has been the hottest day here. The actual temperature peaked at 98 degrees with the heat index at 114 degrees. I can’t wait for the snow and 20 degrees!

    Take care,

  432. Hi to everyone…to those who comment and to all others, you do not…hope you are having a great summer…we down here in Arkansas are having our normal 97 degrees and 75 degree dewpoint…which means it is unbearable for most humans…how in the world people got along without A/C, I don’t know…but they did…and some still do…and even for natives (me being a late comer in 2007…and from Minnesota, can you imagine)…even Minnesota has had some hot weather for them…but theirs has “let up”…ours, not until October…so the A/C stays on continually until then…starts in May and lasts until October…non-stop…unbelievable…but A/C it makes it bearable…

    Now, I understand you may think this is a cheesy way to get you to read my blog…but not so…let me explain…for all of you Matt followers…I wrote a few posts on the Imjustwakin phenomenon last summer…mostly in July and August…and like many of you, I have gone back and looked at Matt’s pictures and the comments all you made…the same way, I also went back and reread some of the posts I wrote…and it was good for me to read…and to read comments that some of you made…it was fun for me and refreshing to go back to that time…

    So if you would like to read them…the easiest way I think would be to click on my name on this comment…I think it is highlighted…and then look on the side of my blog with past posts under “Browse the Archives” …they are listed under month and year…one I just read with the comments was August 7, 2010…titled: “Imjustwalkin…To And From Rockaway Beach”…it just kinda lifted my day up…to remember that time…have a great day and week…see you later…stay cool…

  433. Julie in Cincinnati says:

    Hi everyone!
    Just checking in for a minute. I hope you’re all having a good week so far. Still trying to beat the heat. We finally got some rain here on Sunday, but only for about 2 hours. It was good though. Last night on the news, they said that this month will be going in the record books as the hottest and driest July in history here in Cincinnati. I say bring on the snow and winter!

    Jim, I’m still loving your blog. I check it every couple of days and it’s wonderful. And yes, it has been very good to go back and look at Matt’s journey as we come up on the one year anniversary of him completing it. It’s hard to believe that we’ve all been together for a year and we’re still going strong. Hopefully Matt will check in here one day or send us another update email to let us know how he’s been doing.

    Take care and have a good week folks!

  434. Hi everyone…and Julie…I was wondering if you got any pictures from Raymond and his trip yet…I thought about him as he traveled this summer…it must have been a great trip…

    Also very hot here too…we have been in Little Rock for 4 summers and I still can’t believe we don’t get a break from this heat…97 degrees today and dewpoint at 76…that defines tropical and intolerable…so we love our A/C…but it would seem that there should be a little break in the heat…but it just doesn’t come…summer after summer…we are hoping for 90 or 91…you can’t imagine how good that feels…hard to believe, but there is a real difference when it is in the lower 90’s…I don’t think we have seen a temp in the 80’s since late May or early June…that is when the natives here put on long pants and jackets when it hits the 70’s…it seems so cool by comparison…

    In Minnesota, that is the temp we love in the summer for highs…low 80’s are okay, but we love the 70’s…and in the 40’s and 50’s at night…in AR, that is unthinkable in the summer…in fact most would get out the longjohns…but it’s fine…as long as there is A/C we do just fine…hope you love your summer as much as we do…heat and all…

  435. Lisa in G, NC says:

    Hey everyone. Just thought I would check in from the Old North State! I agree with everyone about the heat. I just wanted to add that I love all the seasons, and all the special times that go with each one. There are simple things that will signal a special feeling in my heart and bring back wonderful memories. For example, every year around the middle of May the first cicadas will sing a certain way, and it makes me think of when my children were small and it was almost time for school to be out and that meant beach trips and backyard cookouts and swimming in the pool! Then in September, that first brisk morning when you decide it is finally cool enough to have that first morning cup of coffee on the patio and the air is finally crisp and the sky is deep Carolina blue! Then later the holidays start beckoning and it is time for turkey and warm fires in the fireplace and candles lit around the house that give it that cozy feeling. Christmas time and the celebration of the birth of my Saviour, family and friends getting together….and yes, the hopeful anticipation of……….snow! (We don’t get it that often here)! Then after a time of hunkering down inside our homes through the winter, the first signs of spring coming and oh we can’t wait until it is time to get back outside and put on sandals and shorts and enjoy those first days of warmth. Man… is good and God has blessed us all with so much. Just felt refreshed thinking about all of this. Each season is so special. And we never know which one could be our last. So relish the heat! God bless all of you and have a great week! Lisa

    • Julie in Cincinnati says:

      Hi Lisa,
      You are an incredible writer. I wonder if you and “Jim from AR” are related because he’s such an amazing writer as well. As I read your post (and everytime I read Jim’s blog), I can see everything vividly in my mind. I personally prefer winter, however you are so right about the events of every season. I guess I don’t take enough time to think about each season in detail. Thank you for the reminder. It’s nice to slow down and really think about the beauty and blessings around us.
      Take care,

      • Jeff in joisy says:

        awesome post Lisa….goodness I am trying to pull summer a little longer and you mentioned christmas and turkey dinner…gosh how time flies….but I suppose that is how god intended it…..

  436. Julie in Cincinnati says:

    Hi everyone!
    I haven’t heard from Raymond lately or gotten any pictures from him yet. I’m guessing he’s been busy with his company and trying to get back in to a normal routine since he got back. I sent him an email yesterday to check on him and see how he’s doing. Hopefully he and all of his employees are doing ok out in this heat. As soon as I hear from him, I’ll update.
    Have a good week and try to stay cool!

  437. Lisa in G, NC says:

    Thanks Julie, I appreciate you saying that. I also felt a “kindred” spirit with Jim. You know it’s funny to bring this up now after all this time has passed since Matt’s walk; but as everyone was commenting back and forth last year, I sort of could tell who clicked with whom by their “online personalities”. Some were very humerous and lighthearted, others were just short and sweet and to the point. And then there were people like Jim and myself. Always seeing the deeper side to things. I liked the way he would lead you to a thought…………….and then just trail off leaving you pondering what else he might would say! Anyway, it has been interesting meeting people of all walks of life and all parts of the country and world on here. I don’t do the Facebook thing, but I have really enjoyed some of the people on here including you. Have a great day, Lisa

  438. Julie in Cincinnati says:

    Hi everyone!
    I’ve been out of town for a few days so I haven’t been on here. Boy, I’ve missed being around. Raymond sent me some emails with pictures. So far, I’ve got the email addresses from the above posts. If anyone else wants me to send the pictures to them, let me know. I’ll be back on soon. I just wanted to check in.
    Take care!

  439. Julie…hope you have my email I posted above…but here it is again… …will love to see some pictures of Raymond’s travels…

    Very hot here in Little Rock…115 day before yesterday…and has been over 100 here for days…and will be for a number more…humid too…in the mid to high 70’s dewpoints…it is brutal…but this too will past…hope all of you are enjoying the summer…hot as it has been…we are going north to Minnesota in late August…hoping for some cooler weather there…at least less humid…

    See you all later…just feeding my hummingbirds this morning…they are not patient…they just “hummmm and buzzzzz” all around me as I put up the filled feeders…they are very active right now…new crop I imagine…Jim E

  440. Saun in Ohio says:

    Hi everyone!

    Hope your having a good summer here in Ohio it’s been hot hot but I’m not complaining. Winter will be here soon enough. School starts back up a week from Monday I am so not ready a lot of changes. They ‘re not replacing teachers that retired, we’re going to one principal no asst. and the levy didn’t past oh boy. Should be a fun year on the bright side I still have my job. :) Enjoy the rest of your summer!!

    Jim I would love to see a photo of you with all those hummingbirds flying around you. That would be awesome!

    Julie here’s my email for Raymond’s pics

  441. I keep checking from day to day…hope all is well, I know others do this as well…and if no “traffic”…just move on until tomorrow…hey, we haven’t heard from Dorinda lately…summer is for “takin’ it easy” hope all of your are…Judie, my lovely wife is in Michigan for a reunion and visit with relatives…and Jeremy, our son and me are just waiting for Judie to return and our trip to the Great Minnesota Get-Together…the Minnesota State Fair…everything on a stick…can’t do it justice anymore though…but will give some things a try…

    Best to all of you…have a great rest of the summer…though kids here in Little Rock are back to school today…first day back…and as I go out and wander around…I will see hundreds of Moms…”free at last” as they go to coffee or shopping without the kids…

  442. Chad from MI says:

    Hey Gang,
    I ran into this story today on the web and it immediately reminded me of this community! Maybe some similar experiences to come though in a very different setting. And I thought anything to give us something to “check in on” daily might be good again! Do with what you wish!

    Take care

  443. Jeff in joisy says:

    “BIG SKY”………woopsss…..I mean..” I’m Last” hoot, hoot…..Yes…!! woo hooo….but please be next to take my spot. Goodness!

    Greetings from Garden State..though this morning after the storms and cooling it looks a bit like London.

    I have read the many posts above and even liked the how they “tweeked” the site. But most of all I read and come back to remember. I have checked a few sites of people walking and none are like this one. Do not know why and not care in that ..I go with god’s plan.. I certainly miss the day to day chatter. The friendships and watching the connections (as Lisa mentioned above).

    You know what would be a kicker…if Karen from Greece chimed in. Now that would bring the Hobo Universe full circle. It is heart warming to come back and see a name..and read the words below….and for me..the funny memory thing kicks in..and I think about conversations across this blog. It was a great, great time.

    I am still alive and well, Kids are getting big…Mikala is now 11 and Corrie is 8. A friend/neighbor was on So you think you can dance..(he is Jess) so that kept the wife and kids busy…(ok Me too) …and that is truly about it.

    I will be thinking of all as the anniversary approaches. And I will bring all of you with me when we go to the 9/11 memorial on October 1st @ 2:30…….

    So stay well, Keep a smile….I am gonna try and visit more often….but to be honest…I am gonna be down the jersey shore for a couple weeks….so like the song says…..See you in September…..{{{{ }}}} PEACE AND GOD SPEED TO ALL………and to all a great Saturday…..

    PS…..yes..I am still Last….. Now it is your turn !!

    • Dorinda from Mentor, Oh. says:

      Well lookie who walked into the room…Good ol’ Jeff in Joisy. And look who walked in and spoiled your fun of being “last”. Sorry guy, had to do it. Besides “LAST” belongs to Norwood!!

      I looked back at the last time I posted and it was July 20th. Gosh! A whole month! Hadn’t realized it was that long since writing. I guess I’m winding down on posting. I do come and read everyday and enjoy the comments. I know I haven’t said it before, but hope that Lori is doing okay with her cancer and all. That has to be tough.

      Have enjoyed everyone else’s comments along the way, the weather reports, etc. The heat wave finally broke up here and now is more back to the normal warmth without so much humidity.
      My sister was in town for a week and was a really good visit. Cleaning and getting ready for it kept me pretty busy. Maybe that’s why I haven’t posted much? Nah, I think it’s just not much to say any more for me. I still enjoy this site though and reading what’s going on with everyone. I will miss it when the site goes down though. That will be a sad day for sure. :0(

      Hope everyone enjoys their summer and is having a good time. If there are any bbq ribs out there anyone wants to share I’ll take them! I love me some good summer bbq!

  444. Julie in Cincinnati says:

    Hi everyone!
    I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth. It’s just been extremely busy lately. Raymond and I are having some problems getting some of his pics to come thru on email. He’s going to mail me a CD with the pics on it. I’ll upload them on my computer and then send them out. Have a good week!!

    • RAYMOND in ALABAMA says:

      Julie mailed you 4 cd’s Monday, you should get them in a day or 2. I think each cd has anywhere from 150 to 300 pictures.

      Have 1 more folder of pictures but I have got to go back and divide them up, will not all go on same cd. If you should not get

      them by Friday evening let me know. Have been gone so much lately have not had time to get on here, having to catch up on

      things at business. Hello to everyone, have not forgotten anyone just been gone on road a lot as Julie will show you with

      the pictures. Everone have a good day and I will be back in touch shortly.


      PS: We went 6800 miles 1st trip and 3900 on trip thru South Dakota and Back.

    • RAYMOND in ALABAMA says:

      Julie I mailed you 7 or 8 cd’s on Tuesday.

  445. Saun in Ohio says:

    Raymond, thats a long time on a motorcycle my but and back would be killing me. Hope everyone is doing ok I’m back to work now busy busy busy Take care

    • RAYMOND in ALABAMA says:

      After the 6800 miles and using a pillar for about 1700 miles i came home and ordered me a new seat that is made for

      long distance travel. I was worried about the cost at first 11oo.oo but after about 8oo miles I was glad I bought it.

      it also has a backrest made in thats adjustable and contours to your back. So all in all this last trip was a lot more

      comfortable. take care and thanks for the post.

  446. Saun in Ohio says:

    I just looked at my post and realized I put but instead of butt ha ha

  447. Brandon from California says:

    Sorry I haven’t check back recently. Iam very busy clean up my shop. Iam closing up my bussiness after 13 years. I feel k ind of sad and depress. Bussiness so terrible this year. The weather finnally warm up today in the bay area. Hope everyone have great summer vacation. See you all next week. Peace!

  448. Wow…I haven’t seen so much “traffic” in this neighborhood for a long time!!!…great…love to read all that y’all are doing…we are taking off for a week or so to Minnesota…well, first a stop in Branson…a show and stuff…then to Rochester, MN and Mayo Clinic…our Jeremy has a check-up to do…we always hope that is all…then on to the Twin Cities (Minneapolis/St. Paul, for general information)…our kids and grandkids…and we will go to the “Great Minnesota Get-Together”…the Minnesota State Fair…wish you could go with us…these middle of the country state fair’s are a mix of Agriculture/modern mix…but a heavy dose of farming tradition…but so much to do…can’t do it all in one day…but that is all we have…so much to see and do…but we have our favorites, and will do those…

    Have a great end of the summer…school’s on in many places…but good’ol Minnesota…you can’t start school until “The Fair” is over…still after Labor Day…that may seem odd to most…but it is part of the farming tradition still holding on…so many work at the fair…so many farm kids “showing” at the fair…and so many people who love to end their summer at the fair…sooooo, no school until after the fair…enough of that…just a local custom…and of course, you have them too…see you in a few days…”On The Road Again”…

    • Dorinda from Mentor, Oh. says:

      Hey Jim, our county fairs are like that here too, farming and 4-H is big here. School doesn’t start until after the fairs as well. The Great Geauga County fair is Labor Day weekend and that one is huge, or to me it is. Big on farming as it is more a rural community. Close to Amish country out that way. Love the fairs. Have a great time up there in MN. I always love to get the fries at fairs-that’s the best thing to me besides all the animals and exhibits. Enjoy your trip!

  449. Lisa in G, NC says:

    Hello out there in Hobo land! Hey Jeff, Dorinda, Saun, Brandon, Raymond, Julie, Jim, whoever is checking back in…… of the morning to ya, or top of the afternoon! We are getting prepared for Hurricane Irene down here and it’s looking like our beaches are gonna take a big hit. We had planned to go there this weekend, but change of plans now! Dorinda, we have wonderful pulled pork bbq down here, you should visit NC sometime. Lot’s to see and do, and eat. My new favorite food is sushi and sashemi (spelling?). Kinda had enough bbq for me! Heat spell has broken here we are now in the upper 80’s which is delightful. I also remember the olden days when school’s in NC didn’t start until after Labor Day, now we have year round schools in many of our counties. My kids are out of college so doesn’t affect me anymore. Just a retired mom, and my husband and I have a plant nursery business here on our property that keeps us busy year round. Everyone have a great rest of summer and enjoy those last vacation spots around our country!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Dorinda from Mentor, Oh. says:

      Yummmm!!!! Sounds good!

      Be careful down there please and hope you are able to stay safe and weather the storm. Hope and pray that you’re all safe and sound. Keep in touch Lisa and let us know when it’s all over that you’ve made it through safely.

    • RAYMOND in ALABAMA says:

      read below that you made it thru storm ok. Was wondering friday night if all of yall was ok, now that I know I feel better.

      Hope you had no damage or losses also. Good to hear from you and top of day to you got to check in with Julie and see if she got the cd’s I mailed her.

      Later Raymond

  450. Don In Tennessee says:


    Hard to believe Matt finsihed his trek across this vast nation 1 year ago today. I do hope everyone is well and that life is good.

    Now – Matt could SEAL the deal if he would stop by and say hello to everyone and not just “WALK ON BY”

    Enjoy this beautiful song by a talented artist! –

    I would also like to make a tribute to all those who have lost love ones to cancer – Almost everyone of you have probably been affected by this disease, especially breast cancer.

    My own mother died of breast cancer at the age of 44 when I was 12. This is a beautiful song- but it is about a different kind of walk and journey – so enjoy it and remember those loved ones who have been affected or lost to cancer!

    One more thing – only 4 months until Christmas!!!

    Everyone have a great day and celebrate the 1 one anniversary. THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES MATT!!!

    Mayor Don

  451. Dorinda from Mentor, Oh. says:

    Happy 1 year anniversary everybody!! Especially you Matt!!! What a challenge and accomplishment that was. And it was awesome to “watch” you along the way. Can’t believe it’s been a year already. Wow.

    If this site goes down now that it’s been a year I just want to say “thanks” and send out Love to all my friends here in Hobo Planet/Nation. It’s been so much fun and enjoyment for me. I love all and send out wishes of good will to ya all! Jeff, Julie and Raymond all have my email address so if you want to “speak” to me send it through one of them please. That is if they don’t mind?? Thanks. I won’t publish my email publicly because of personal reasons.
    Thanks everyone for a great year, again especially you Matt. Way to go!!!!!

    • Don In Tennessee says:


      I would like to continue to correspond with you. If you so wish you can send me your e-mail address at

      This invitation is also open to anyone else in the HOBO PLANET!!! I feel I have made some good friends over the last year plus.

      Would someone please send rain to us in East TN. We have not had any significant rainfall in over a month. My yard is parched.

      Hopefully, we will have the beautiful fall colors soon! I am ready for a break in the 2011 HEAT WAVE.

      Stay safe and happy!

      Mayor Don

      • Dorinda from Mentor, Oh. says:

        Well Don you may get your wish depending on how far of a reach Hurricane Irene’s outer bands of rain might go. I know whenever hurricane Dennis was we got rain all the way up here from him. Of course by that time it wasn’t a hurricane it was just a weather system full of rain. So hopefully you’ll benefit in this storm somehow.

        Thanks for the email invite once again. I keep forgetting that, have to email you and find out more about who Don is. Hope you don’t send a ton of forwarded emails. :0)

  452. Dorinda from Mentor, Oh. says:

    Hope and pray that all our fellow hobo’s that live along the East coast are safe and out of harms way of hurricane Irene. Please give a shout when you can to let us know you’re alright.

    • Lisa in G, NC says:

      Dorinda……….bless your sweet heart for caring! Whew! We are just getting ready in the next hour or so to be finally rid of this monster storm! Unbelievable for a cat 1 storm.. I have lived through many hurricanes, and you just never get used to it. Very frightening, driving rain and howling winds. All my loved ones are ok and as you can see, I still have power although many, somewhere in the neighborhood of over 500,000 people are without, here in NC alone. I will be praying also for all those still ahead having to go through this. God bless you all. Lisa

      • Dorinda from Mentor, Oh. says:

        Lisa-Thank goodness you’re okay! Wow, what a hurricane! The storm is so huge we have her outreaching clouds starting to swirl all the way over here in Ohio now! I looked outside and the clouds are coming around from the Northeast at a pretty good clip. Wow is all I can keep saying. Can’t imagine actually being in a storm like that. Glad to hear that all your family are okay.

  453. Lori in Ohio says:

    Hi everyone!

    Hope those of us who need rain and a break from the heat get it and those that where in the storms path remained safe. Labor Day weekend is here, I hope everyone has safe and memorable weekend with family and friends.
    I would like to say thank you to all who have stuck around forthe last year or so. It is amazing to see how a bunch of strangers from all corners of the world have hung out and touched each of us in some way or another.