Day 188

Archaeological site?

July 5th, 2012

Obscured by all the overgrowth, that white sign on the wall reads:

Attention friends and neighbors,

The Brooklyn College Summer Archaeological Field School, under the guidance of Professor H. Arthur Bankoff, will be working this site on a regular basis. Dr. Bankoff is the head of the Anthropolgy Department at Brooklyn College, and is recognized as a leader in his field of archaeology.

With the property owner's consent, they will be carefully searching the site for any evidence which may connect these grounds to the village of Red Hook and its Revolutionary War heritage.

We request all persons to treat this property with the respect it deserves during and after this archaelogical mission.

Contact for any information.
Judging by the appearance of the place, you'd think it hadn't been touched in a decade or more (and the AOL email address does nothing to dispel this impression), but it turns out the dig took place just last summer! This site is rumored to have been a burial ground for soldiers who died in the Battle of Brooklyn; Dr. Bankoff and his students were searching for evidence to verify that claim. John B., replying from the aforementioned email address, reports that nothing conclusive was found, however. (See page 14 for more info.)

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