Day 189

Portal of the day

July 6th, 2012


  1. David M says:

    I do not believe in Rhetorical Questions. What I have found in oberserving others is that when the person comes to a question that will have an answer that conflicts with their self image that person will delare the question as Rhetorical.

    I see that the question being asked is for the reader to look within and ask what they feel, or react, to the freedom that they have. The reader is not being asked to think about the idea of freedom. What is being asked of the reader is how they react to how freedom feels to the reader, and the reader only.
    The reaction to this and other Rhetorical questions can range from good to bad to something never thought of before.

    If you feel fear when this is asked, ask yourself why you have “fear”. Do you feel freedom as the liberty to ACT or as the thing to RESTRICT so that you can fit in?

    I see this question as a challenge to my own notions and ideas of how I act and how I think and view the world.
    Any other comments out there?

  2. David M says:

    keep up the good work yo are doing walking and recording NYC in 2012. This is a more important work than you may realize.

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