Day 194

Horse rides no more

July 11th, 2012

After years of complaints from neighbors and revelations of animal cruelty, the collection of decrepit trailers that once passed for a stable here was torn down and hauled away in 2008 after the city discovered that it was actually sitting on DOT property.

A very strange, shifty-eyed shirtless man (the former proprietor of this fine establishment?) pulled his car into the driveway while I was walking around; he told me that the place still operates as a stable. That seems quite unlikely, given the information above, but perhaps he was referring to the couple of trailers parked on a small patch of dirt on the far side of the house.

UPDATE (Sept. 21, 2012): One horse still lives here!

UPDATE (Dec. 28, 2014): The owner and another guy live here too!

UPDATE (Apr. 29, 2015): NY Times — "A Squatter’s Last Stand at a Condemned Bronx Barn"

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  1. tom says:

    they are down to cockroach rides

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