Day 199

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July 16th, 2012

Almost every roll-down gate in the city is accompanied by at least a couple of these sticker advertisements put up by gate repair companies hoping they'll get the proprietor's business next time the gate malfunctions. The stickers generally go unseen by the public (I never noticed one until your webmaster pointed them out to me), but they are EVERYWHERE. For example: this, this, and this.

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  1. VvM says:

    I’ve always wondered if it was legal for the businesses to leave these stickers. Isn’t it defacing private property?

    Similar thing happens in office buildings too – delivery men will get paid to infiltrate the building and once inside go to the top floor and work their way down, leaving a sticker on every single door next to the lock. The super at my work building hates how difficult they are to remove and consequentially scrutinizes the delivery guys very closely.

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