Day 204

Just records

July 21st, 2012

House of Oldies


  1. David says:

    Great New Yorky store. Got to wonder if they make any money. No one has a record player and the music is “old” and is available through youtube and other quasi-legal avenues. To the right until recently was the Grey Dog Cafe which was a cafe/coffee house that catered to folks and their dogs. You could walk your dog, take a break at the cafe, and walk home. The Health Dept. outlawed dogs in restaurants and the place lost its purpose. A saxophone/reed instrument repair shop was to the left with saxophones hanging in the window.

  2. David says:

    Clarification to my previous comment. The Grey Dog Cafe closed on Carmine but now has 3 new locations opened. THey closed because of a tax dispute with the landlord, not because of losing its purpose or that dogs are no longer allowed. Great food and service.

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