Day 206

9/11 memorial #85

July 23rd, 2012

In the days after 9/11, Lorrie Veasey created 5000 handmade ceramic angels, one for each person who was then thought to have died in the attacks, and she hung them on this chain-link fence surrounding the vacant lot next to her Village pottery shop. Over the following months and years, she's received thousands of tile contributions from all over the country, many of which are now on display here.

The memorial, known as Tiles for America, is so beloved that a local group temporarily removed all the tiles and stored them out of harm's way before the arrival of Hurricane Irene last year. The MTA, who owns the fenced property, is now planning to build a ventilation plant on the site. This will involve the removal of the fence, but the memorial will live on: the tiles will be incorporated into the facade of the new building.

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