Day 522

Long way home

June 4th, 2013

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  1. Dennis Harper says:

    This lady is smart to look up. Once a kid thought he would show off by rolling a car tire down these stairs. The dope said he made sure no one was on the steps. Not only could he not see some one comes along as we see here and thankfully no one was, he also couldn’t see an approaching police car. The tire hit its front edge. Needless to say they came roaring up the hill and grabbed the guy. He had many fingers pointing at him.

    Another time, at the 166th St steps, the sewers above were corked up with mattresses and a half dozen nearby hydrants were turned on. Water always goes downhill and this was exactly what happened. It was actually quite good for a hot summer day. I figured my younger brother would like a log flume ride so I put him in a junk filing cabinet and sent him on his way. It worked great and no one got hurt… just wet.

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