Day 644

LoBaido in Brooklyn, Part II

October 4th, 2013

Staten Island Tea Party favorite Scott LoBaido decided to add some bite to one of his innumerable American flag murals (most are in Staten Island; this is the second we've seen in Brooklyn) after someone defaced it with the message "Patriotism Makes Me Sick", an act that LoBaido described as a "hate crime".


  1. Duncan B says:

    The concept of “hate crimes,” turns my stomach. Mostly it seems to be used against those of a conservative political bent, so when a con uses it as an accusation it’s even more sickening. Having said that the vandalizing of someone’s artwork is the biggest crime here. I’m patriotic, I understand though how to some patriotism is displeasing, however tagging someone’s artwork because you disagree with patriotism is wrong.

  2. Some guy in Queens says:

    Hard to think of the tea party people as patriots as all they really seem interested in is destroying an economic recovery just because it’s during the presidency of a Democrat. Their latest stunt (thank you Republicans who have coddled these folks) has actually cost this country billions of dollars.

    Also, the tea party would be nonexistent were it not for the continued behind the scenes support of the extremely wealthy Koch brothers.

    Economic monkey wrench throwers who are funded by billionaires looking out for only their own interests are not patriots to me.

    If anyone doubts anything I’ve written here please research it for yourself beyond the right-wing web sites.

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